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This product is a combination of many natural ingredients which are meant to support your immune system, brain, energy, mood, and so forth. The best part is that each one of these ingredients has been clinically studied and proven to be of benefit to you.

There are too many supplements out there and yet only a handful of them seem to bring the benefits they are claimed to possess. You see, the success or failure of a dietary supplement is in its formula – not the packaging. The problem with most manufacturers is that they focus too much on stuff like brand positioning and packaging at the expense of the product’s formula.

Fortunately, the good guys at Onnit have been wearing their thinking caps all along. One of their inventions dubbed Total Human provides you with a highly advanced and re-imagined formula. With this product, you get two packages i.e. Total Human Day and Total Human Night packages.

As we all know, there is nothing like a one-size-fits-all supplement. The morning pills you take to remain focused during the day can easily cause insomnia. Likewise, the night smart drugs you take to sleep can cause drowsiness. And so, Total Human is designed to be an all-in-one package to help you strike a balance between those two extremes.

Total Human Product Overview

total human 2 pack

An awesome thing to note about this stack is that it includes vitamins and minerals at optimal levels. The problem with other hyped-up supplements out there is that they often include key ingredients at bare minimum levels.

The truth of the matter is that, indeed, if you want to get the most from your product, it should be designed to provide you with optimal support. Most importantly, it should be capable of meeting your recommended daily allowances (RDA). And this is just one of the reasons why Total Human promises to be a game-changer in this space.

Is It Worth Investing In?

Right from our childhood, we were told that multivitamins were the best ways to fill the gaps in our diet. And although that remains true to-date, the problem is that a vast majority of the conventional multivitamin supplements have remained in the Stone Age.

Those who manufacture them have hit the comfort zone. They never really care to find out more ways through which they can optimize the nutrients that you get in those pills. And that’s probably why there isn’t much to write home about whenever you invest in such products.

With the Total Human Formula, you get a no-nonsense, modern product designed to provide you with mega-supplement support and long-term health benefits. Indeed, it brings together the merits of Alpha Brain, New Mood, Shroom Tech Support, Total Human B Complex, Stron Bone, and a few more ingredients all meant to work in your favor.

So much as it doesn’t come cheap (more on that later) we are confident that it offers the best there currently is in the world of mesodosing. Here’s why.

Benefits Unique To the Total Human Product

Just a quick note – this product is also known as the Total Primate Care (TPC). So, you’ll constantly find us referring to it using either of its official names.

Back to the subject of this conversation, the Total Human package is designed to cover different micronutritional bases meaning that it can be used by athletes and ordinary folks alike. Some of the key aspects of it that we really like include:

Helps Meet Your Nutritional Needs

You may be eating a healthy and balanced diet but unfortunately, even the best-chosen diet might not have the optimal quantities of nutrients we need to live optimally. For instance, if you think of a superfood like turmeric, only a small percentage of it is made up of curcumin.

But thanks to the advances made in modern science, it is possible to harness more curcumin from each serving of turmeric – sometimes even twice as much.

This is exactly the same idea behind the Total Human product. While it’s possible to get some of these nutrients through a balanced diet, it is rare that you’ll get the recommended daily intake by just eating ordinary food. And that’s why it makes sense to supplement on the same.

Picture this;

  • The CDC reports that over 30 million Americans have a deficiency of Vitamin B6.
  • The National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey reported that we tend to take hundreds of milligrams below the RDA of calcium
  • Although your body can make Vitamin D on its own, a 2014 study concluded that what most American’s make in a day is barely enough to meet the 600IUs RDA

We can go on and on but we think our point has been made. That’s why even if you have been doing everything right, it still makes perfect sense to make use of a well-thought-out supplement formula.

Third-Party Tested

Even the best-made dietary supplements can be dangerous to you. For instance, if you take excessive quantities of B vitamins, you are likely to face an increased risk of lung cancer according to a 2017 study done at Ohio State University. The RDA for vitamin B6, for instance, is 1.3mg and if you happen to take 20mg of it, you’d be compromising on your safety.

To make matters worse, some manufacturers compromise when they import cheap ingredients. Think of it this way, a sixth of vitamin-rich ingredients obtained from foreign countries are contaminated with heavy metals owing to the environments they are grown in.

That’s why the only to guarantee that what’s contained in the capsules is just what your body needs to stay healthy is by solely relying on third-party tested and accredited supplies. And, indeed, we’re glad that Total Human meets that criteria as well.

High Bioavailability

It’s one thing to consume vitamins but another one altogether to ensure that those vitamins find their way into the parts of your body where they are needed the most. This is where the question of bioavailability arises. For instance, a study appearing on the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology confirms that methylated B vitamins are up to 3.5 times more bioavailable than ordinary ones.

Luckily, what you find within the Total Human product are highly bioavailable nutrients. So, you can rest assured that your body will make the most of each one of them.

Try this supplement today!

List of Ingredients

total human

The list of ingredients on the Total Human product label is quite long. What we really like about it is that the manufacturer provides all the details pertaining to “Amount per Serving” and “Percentage Daily Value” for even more transparency.

But there’s also the inclusion of proprietary blends such as the following.

  • Onnit Flow Blend – 325 mg
  • Onnit Focus Blend – 120 mg
  • Onnit Fuel Blend – 33 mg
  • Onnit Myco-Immune Blend – 500 mg
  • Onnit Nutri-Immune blend - 202 mg
  • Onnit Tranquility Blend – 225 mg

Proprietary blends aren’t really the best when someone is seeking transparency. But we also understand that Onnit like any other company out there has got to protect its inventions against fly-by-night companies that thrive by copying and pasting others’ formulas. If anything, the company has taken a step further by ensuring that its ingredients are third-party tested and certified as safe for use.


We are yet to come across a better alternative to Total Primate Care from Onnit. If we come across one, we’ll be sure to update this section of the post. But for now, all we’d say is that this product takes a really unique approach and remains unrivaled at that.


A box containing 30 servings will set you back some $137.95 USD. That’s roughly $4.6 per serving i.e. day and night support combined. And while that’s a little on the expensive side of things, looking at the kind of ingredients you get in return, we think the cost is justifiable.

In fact, you only pay the $137.95 if you’re only making a one-time purchase. You can save up to 15% off this cost if you subscribe for monthly orders or order in bulk.

Potential Side Effects

So far, we only have had positive things to say about this product. And that’s because we honestly believe that the formula is quite well-made. But it’s not perfect either.

One issue we have with it is that it contains a rather long list of ingredients. And while this is probably an approach meant to address multiple pressure points at once, we honestly think that taking too many ingredients at once can lead to gastrointestinal distress if you have a sensitive stomach.

So, avoid Total Human from Onnit if:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Taking other medicines that might interact with it

Otherwise, this formula is safe 99.99% of the time. We were able to test it successfully without any member of our team complaining of any side effects whatsoever.

Who Takes It

We’d recommend this supplement to anyone who believes in getting better and better every day. It is an all-in-one-package that guides you on the path to wellness while taking care not to expose you to any harsh side effects. That said, you need to be in a position to spend some $137.95 bucks at the end of each month to maintain this habit.


  • Only contains clinically tested ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Awesome customer support
  • Backed by a money back guarantee


  • Too many ingredients

Final Thoughts

Think of it this way; you can either choose to drive your car with ordinary gas or high-octane gas instead. If you choose the latter, your car will perform better and its engine will remain cleaner for longer meaning fewer trips to the mechanic will need to be made.

That’s the kind of value proposition you get with Total Human from Onnit and that’s why we recommend giving it a shot.

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