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Great for unwinding after a long day at work, or helping to support a normal daily stress response. New MOOD® is like a deep breath and a smile in a bottle.

We live in a world where success is glorified. Everyone strives to be the best they can be in whatever they do and for that reason, competition has also intensified. Unfortunately, this pressure to achieve and do more often comes at the expense of one thing that matters the most to our well-being – rest.

If you’re not getting adequate rest, your productivity is likely to reduce over time. What’s more? You’re likely to suffer from all kinds of medical conditions ranging from high blood pressure to depression.

The New Mood product from Onnit is designed to prevent that from happening and to promote recovery for those already struggling with low serotonin levels.

All about New Mood from Onnit

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Not much is known about the humble beginnings of Onnit except for the fact that they came to the limelight in 2010. And since then, they seem to be keenly focused on product innovation. This has seen them attract a wide and diverse clientele ranging from those in athletics to the typical 9 to 5 new age-y biohackers.

Their New Mood product is designed to promote rest by enhancing calmness and the ability to deal with anxiety. It works by boosting your natural levels of a neurotransmitter known as serotonin which is commonly referred to as the “happy chemical.”

Serotonin as naturally available in the brain but the problem is that its quantities may fall over time. The lower its levels get, the higher your likelihood of suffering from depression, anxiety and restlessness becomes.

What Are The Ingredients?

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Inside the package is a bunch of calming and relaxing ingredients. It seems like the idea behind this product is just one – to help you relax. And as you can imagine, a restful body is able to deal with day-to-day stress better. It also can get a good night’s sleep even better.

But as the old saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let’s explore some of the ingredients included here in order to get a better idea of how this product is meant to work.

1. L-Tryptophan (400mg)

This is a highly important amino acid which provides the building blocks of 5-HTP. It’s actually a direct precursor of key neurotransmitters among them serotonin. On top of that, it is capable of converting into melatonin which aids restfulness.

2. 5-HTP (150mg)

There are two main, active ingredients found within the New Mood formula these being L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP. One thing you need to know about 5-HTP is that it is a metabolic intermediate form of serotonin. Therefore, by supplementing on it, it’s possible to boost your direct supply of this all-important neurotransmitter.

3. The Onnit Tranquility Blend (450mg)

This is a proprietary blend that brings together many different relaxant and anti-stress extracts. As such, it’s not possible to establish the amount per serving of each one of the ingredients included in the blend. All we know is that there’s 450mg of it per serving.

  • Valerian Root Extract - This is a common over-the-counter sleeping aid. It’s obtained from a perennial herb commonly found in North America and Europe. Some of the benefits of having it as an ingredient are that it helps in the management of anxiety and tremors.
  • Lemon Balm Leaf Extract - Just like the Valerian, this herbal extract is a popular choice for easing mental stress and anxiety. Some pundits have even linked it with the ability to maintain a positive mood. It’s commonly grown in the Mediterranean regions.
  • Chamomile Flower Extract - This extract is highly sought-after in the management of ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia and even intestinal gas. It also adds a pleasant aroma to the blend.
  • Jujube Seed Extract - Obtained from a small deciduous shrub that’s native to most parts of Asia, this extract has a history that dates back 2,500 years. In fact, its potent benefits have been discussed in Japanese and Korean traditional writing. Its job is to improve digestion, improve appetite and also alleviate stress.

5. Magnesium (40mg)

The job of magnesium is to regulate muscle contractions. It also acts as a natural calcium blocker. One thing you need to know is that calcium tends to bind some essential proteins like myosin and troponin thereby interfering with muscle contractions. By introducing a bit of magnesium, it’s possible to overcome such limits and ensure that the heart, kidneys, and muscles function better.

6. Vitamin B3 (30mg)

This vitamin complements Magnesium by improving blood circulation in the body. It does this by opening up the blood vessels and capillaries. In so doing, you also get to benefit from the restorative power of oxygenated blood.

7. Vitamin B6 (20mg)

Commonly known as Pyridoxine, this is one of the most commonly demanded vitamin in the body. In fact, it is thought to be involved in more than 100 chemical reactions in the body. Its presence in the New Mood list of ingredients is because it plays a major role in the production of neurotransmitters among them serotonin.

8. Inositol (12mg)

Known precisely as myo-inositol, this is a form of sugar that’s commonly found in fruits, nuts, and grains. It is required for the healthy operation of the mammalian tissues and also mediates cell signal transduction especially in response to various growth factors, neurotransmitters, and hormones.

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Our Thoughts on the Ingredients Used

We really like the fact that this product’s ingredient list is entirely made up of natural products. And because these are obtained from herbs, they are generally safe – plus there’s a lot of scientific literature to back up their effectiveness.

That said there’s a gray area in the Onnit Tranquility Blend and that’s because the company doesn’t specify the exact amounts of each ingredient used per serving. The company has probably done this to protect its formula but the good thing is that all the ingredients making up the blend are 100% natural and mild.

Who Takes New Mood?

We’d recommend this product to folks suffering from insomnia, anxiety and mood swings. Do you meditate? This product can help you to relax better and unwind. It, however, may not be the best choice for a person looking for an afternoon pick-me-up kind of effect. If anything, it lulls you to sleep.

Side Effects

New Mood is probably one of the safest over-the-counter relaxing supplements you’re likely to come across. The reason we really like it is that it doesn’t contain caffeine or any artificial additives or fillers. It is clean as clean can get.

However, like any other serotonin booster, it’s likely to harbor some side effects to a few of the susceptible individuals. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Dizziness

The Recommended Dosage

What’s the recommended New Mood dosage? It’s recommended to take 2 capsules of this product just a few hours before going to bed. You can also choose to spread the dosage throughout the day and take a pill in the afternoon if you want to take a power nap.

However, the fact that it’s a relaxant means that it might make you drowsy and, therefore, you should avoid taking it early in the morning as it might slow you down for the better part of the day.

At this point, it’s important to make a disclaimer that this product can interact with other medications and, therefore, shouldn’t be taken with other doctor prescriptions. It should also be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers.

The Cost of New Mood, Free Trial & Shipping

The product is available in 30ct and 60ct packages. With a dosage requirement of 2 pills per day, it’s the 60ct package that’s the most popular since it provides you with a one month's supply and savings. Generally, the 30ct bottle goes for $30 and the 60ct one retails for 60.

You can, however, save 15% of your first-time purchase price by checking the “Subscribe & Save” button.
What’s more? The company provides you with free shipping for all orders exceeding $125. On top of that, there’s a free trial offer for the fence-sitters. So, if you still aren’t sure if this is the right product for you or not, you can go ahead and grab the free-trial product and see if it’s worth your time.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhances your neurochemical paths without disrupting the normal functioning of your brain
  • All the ingredients are entirely natural and also scientifically proven
  • Backed up by years of clinical trials
  • Great packaging and great customer support
  • Its effects can be felt in 30 to 60 minutes which is quite fast
  • It can improve the quality of your rest, and the quality of life as well
  • It can ensure that you enjoy mental clarity the next day
  • It can help you better manage anxiety and mood changes


  • It contains a proprietary blend whose exact ingredient quantities per serving are difficult to establish
  • Serotonin imbalance falling out of the 101-283 ng/mL might be detrimental to your health

Final Thoughts

Given the fact that this is meant to be an anti-anxiety and relaxation enhancer, we feel that New Mood is quite well-made. It, however, should be used sparingly given that it can lead to sleepiness and even cause difficulties in falling to sleep.

The product is generally safe to take and we find that it provides good value for money. However, it doesn’t come cheap and to sustain a New Mood lifestyle, you’ll need to cough out some $60 per month.

We’d rate it a 7.5 out of a possible 10-star rating. It might be beyond reach for people on a tight budget but is definitely well worth the bucks.

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