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Shroom TECH Sport was shown to promote gains in training volume during high-intensity cardio and strength training. It is designed to help the body with cellular energy and cardiovascular endurance.

Designed to be a power booster before exercise or for daily energy, Shroom Tech Sport from Onnit sounds like rather controversial product especially in an era when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) appears keen on controlling the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The product claims to improve oxygen utilization and provide energy on the cellular level. And rather surprisingly, it doesn’t contain caffeine which is a pretty common ingredient among products meant to stimulate the body and mind. So, how exactly does this relatively popular formula fare when put to test?

All about Onnit & Shroom Tech Sport

Onnit is a company that was founded in 2010 with the objective of promoting total human optimization. They pride themselves in producing some of the well-known health and fitness supplements out there in the world. Which as they claim are as a result of a combination of earth-grown nutrients and time-tested strategies.

The brand particularly stands out with its bold approach to marketing. They have since received endorsements from top athletes and medical professionals among them:

  • Joe Rogan (Comedian and Entertainer)
  • Ken Blackburn (IKFF Champion)
  • Dr. Martin Lazar (Neurosurgeon)

On top of that, their products, among them Shroom Tech Sport, are taken through rigorous testing and clinical trials at the Florida State University.

The founder of this fast-growing brand is none other than Aubrey Marcus. He is a graduate of the University of Richmond in Bachelors of Philosophy and Classical Civilization. This probably explains why he chooses to work closely with scientists as his degree has nothing to do with medicine or biotechnology.

Important Details about Shroom Tech

The details on its bottle confirm that this is a dietary supplement and that it is specifically formulated to promote energy and endurance. So, basically, it’s your go-to product when you’re about to step into the gym and you’re feeling fatigued. Besides enhancing your energy, it seems to shorten your recovery time meaning that you can give those treadmill sessions and bench press reps your best.

What if you don’t exercise and all you want is a product that can keep you going and boost your productivity Well, if you’re looking for an alternative to that addictive cup of coffee, this might just be the perfect replacement for it.

The idea behind this product seems to be all about promoting productivity either in the gym or in everyday life. So, it’s more or less a multi-prong health supplement.

Does It Work

There’s no doubt that the company behind this brand has really done a good job of marketing it. The product’s packaging is also quite well-made. But does that translate into better results for the consumer?

Our first stop to confirm this was on Amazon where the company lists its products for sale. As you know, Amazon is one of the most trusted online platforms where buyers are allowed to post their experiences with different products.

From what we observed, this product offers mixed results although 84% of those who used it agree that it indeed works. That said, there’s a 16% of its past consumers who complained that it didn’t stun. Some termed it as an overhyped common multivitamin.

To dig deeper and beyond the online chatter, we decided to take an even closer look at Shroom Tech Sport’s list of ingredients. Is there any evidence to support its efficacy?


shroom tech sport supplement facts

The ingredient list comprises of three different blends. One is what we’d like to call the multivitamin blend which brings together Vitamin B12 and Chromium. Then there is a patented blend known as the Shroom Tech O2 Blend which is basically a combination of Cordyceps extract and Cordyceps whole.

Lastly, there’s the Adaptogen Blend which basically comprises the like of Green Tea, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, and Rhodiola Root. One more thing – there are some inactive ingredients used here among them:

  • Rice Hull Concentrate – An inactive filler
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Mineralized Red Algae
  • Maltodextrin
  • Vegetarian Capsules

So, clearly, if that list of ingredients is anything to go by, it’s possible to conclude that this is more than just an average multivitamin.

1. The O2 Blend (1.2 g)

Cordyceps is the active ingredient behind this patented blend. So what is Cordyceps anyway? Well, it is a fungus that’s found in the flesh of mountainous caterpillars found in China. The WebMD lists this ingredient as “possibly effective” for promoting longevity, reducing fatigue, ending dizziness, promoting sexual desire among others.

Clearly, more research about Cordyceps supplements and their use in promoting athletic performance needs to be conducted.

2. The Tech Adaptogen Blend (930mg)

Ashwagandha root has been under the spotlight of scientists for quite some time with lots of interest around its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and fighting depression. Then still within this blend, there’s green tea extract which is well known for its antioxidant effects.

The Rhodiola root is considered a powerful adaptogen which means it helps your body to better adapt to stress and fatigue. Lastly, the Astragalus root is popularly known for its immune-boosting properties.

3. The Multivitamin Blend

This is not really a blend but a combination of two vitamins and a well-known nutritional supplement. Vitamin B12 takes up 750mcg of the quantity per serving. Chromium, on the other hand, takes up 200mcg. Basically, Vitamin B12 plays a major role in increasing red blood cell production while Chromium is all about improving the rate at which various nutrients are absorbed into the body.

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Our Thoughts on Its Efficacy

After going through this list of ingredients, it’s pretty clear why this product has mixed reviews. There doesn’t seem to be a rock-solid strategy behind the inclusion of some of the ingredients in this list.

One would view it as a collection of a bunch of natural supplements some which are antioxidants and others which are simply anti-anxiety treatments.

In terms of promoting relaxation and ridding your body of toxins that might slow down your recovery time, this product seems to have just the right ingredients for the job. However, the same can’t be said about its ability to build endurance.

Therefore, while this product may help you become more consistent in your workouts, it may not rival some of the more advanced endurance-building supplements on the market. And of course, it’s not a protein shake or something, so don’t expect it to boost your muscles.

It’s just an anti-anxiety and antioxidant which also happens to promote red blood cell production and is fast absorbed into the body.

The Side Effects

What we like about this product is the fact that its list of ingredients features time-tested and proven ingredients. So, there should be no major side effects for you to worry about when taking it. But even with that said, an overdose of some of its ingredients may lead to the following side effects.

  • An excessive intake of Cordyceps can lead to an increased risk of bleeding
  • Too much Ashwagandha may cause sleepiness
  • An excess intake of Rhodiola extract may cause occasional headaches
  • Mild gastrointestinal effects might be caused by an intake of Astragalus extract
  • Too much of Chromium Picolinate might cause clay-colored stools

Fortunately, only small quantities of these ingredients are found within the recommended daily serving. And, therefore, if you stick to the rules, there really shouldn’t be anything major to worry about.

That said, it’s important to talk to your doctor if you’re using any other medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding before using the supplement.

The Recommended Dosage

As mentioned above, it is actually possible to take this supplement without experiencing any major or even mild side effects. But for that to happen you need to play by the rules. So, what are the rules?

The recommended serving size is 4 capsules. However, if you want to maximize the effects, you can take the maximum dosage of 6 capsules per day but don’t exceed that.

The pills should be taken at least 45 minutes prior to setting foot in the gym and preferably on an empty stomach. There are those who prefer to take it with a glass full of juice as opposed to just plain water and that’s perfectly fine as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Great packaging and sealing provided
  • Their customer service is above-board
  • The product contains earth-grown ingredients
  • The product is made in America and in line with the existing standards
  • The company behind it is legitimate and has been around for close to a decade
  • Its results have been backed by a study done in the Florida State University
  • The product seems to generally be of great quality


  • More independent studies need to be done to ascertain its effects
  • Some have complained that it’s just an overpriced multivitamin
  • Of course, it doesn’t come cheap

Final Thoughts

Exercise is, no doubt, one of the most important things you can do to improve your quality of life and health. Without adequate physical activity, one would be predisposed to all manner of health conditions. And besides that, if you want to grow some muscles, get all toned up and look better, it’s important that you hit the gym.

The same rule applies to anyone who has got a job to go to. If you want to be always in top form, you need to be energetic.

With such goals and targets in mind, Shroom Tech Sport seems like a product that’s best-placed to help you improve your productivity. It has its flaws, though, although generally, 84% of those who use it seem to like it.

In our view, it’s a product worth trying but you should have your expectations set right before giving it a go.

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