Viva Naturals MCT Oil Review

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Viva Naturals MCT Oil helped me become successful with the ketogenic diet. It makes it easier to stick to the diet by improving energy levels and mental clarity, and it also speeds up fat loss. When you see these results, it creates motivation to continue the diet.

Are you following a low-carb or ketogenic diet? Do you sometimes feel tired, lethargic, or have difficulty concentrating? You’re not alone – many of us who follow diets low in carbohydrates experience symptoms such as fatigue, trouble focusing, or a “fuzzy brain.”

I know that when I first started the ketogenic diet, I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to maintain it because every day just felt so difficult. I found myself completely zoning out and staring off into space at work. I wanted to follow the diet for health and weight loss purposes, but I needed a solution for these side effects.

After conducting some research online, I came across Viva Naturals MCT Oil and decided to give it a try. I began adding it to my coffee in the mornings, and I couldn’t believe how quickly things improved for me.

Suddenly I felt full of energy again. My head felt clear and I was able to accomplish tasks with ease. I’m here to share my positive experience with Viva Naturals MCT Oil because if it helped me, I’m sure that it can help others too.

Viva Naturals MCT Oil Overview

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You may be wondering: what is MCT oil? MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. In general, triglycerides are a source of fat for the body. However, your body utilizes MCT in a slightly different way from other fats.

MCT produces ketone bodies, which promote fat burning and also provide your body with an alternate source of energy. When adding MCT oil into your diet, not only does your metabolism increase fat burning, but your brain also has an extra source of fuel. This is why you will notice an improvement in mental clarity and energy levels with the introduction of MCT oil.

After I began using it, I started waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. My performance at work improved and I still had plenty of energy after work to go to the gym. It really made a huge difference!

Not only is it helpful, Viva Naturals MCT Oil is produced using organic-non GMO coconuts. Because it utilizes coconut oil instead of palm oil, the product is more sustainable than other MCT oils on the market.

The oil itself is flavorless and odorless, allowing you to add it into any food or drink you would like without even noticing. I personally like to add it to my coffee, but some people add it to tea, smoothies, and even salad dressings.

Viva Naturals MCT oil also aids in fat loss. Many people do the ketogenic or low-carb diet in hopes of losing weight. Adding in MCT oil can be a great way to get the scale moving again.

I used to get so frustrated with long periods of not seeing any progress, but not any more! Ever since I added Viva Naturals MCT Oil into my routine, I have been consistently losing fat.

Try this MCT Oil today!

Pros & Cons

As with any supplement, there are both pros and cons to using MCT oil in your routine. Here are some highlights of Viva Naturals MCT Oil.


  • Improvement in energy levels and mental clarity
  • Produces ketone bodies, which speed up fat loss
  • Sustainable product that is made with organic coconuts
  • Flavorless and odorless, it can be added to any food or drink
  • Oil form makes it easy to mix into liquids
  • Makes it easier to stick to a low-carb diet


  • The product contains maltodextrin, which some people on a ketogenic diet prefer to avoid
  • The product does contain carbs, so you must work it into your diet
  • Because it is a fatty product, some users may see a spike in cholesterol
  • It is common to get an upset stomach, especially when first using the product

Final Thoughts

If you want to try a ketogenic or low-carb diet but are afraid of the side effects, consider adding Viva Naturals MCT Oil into your routine. You’ll see quick weight loss results without worrying about the usual negative aspects of these diets. In my opinion, this product is a must for those who wish to be successful and healthy.