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So what exactly is TruBrain? TruBrain is simply the name given to a nootropic supplement designed by neuroscientists at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to increase the mental input you use throughout your day. It is designed to increase your memory, break mental blockages, and increase the input of your brain.

We live in a world that relies on awareness, speed, and execution. Everyday there are billions of dollars being traded in the stock market with high-frequency trading machines, algorithms deciding what ad to show you, and people working in offices to meet a deadline while thinking about all of the chores they have to do once their workday is over.

Our society never stops and honestly doesn't care if you stop either, so we are always looking for that thing that will give us an edge, to get smarter, faster, and better. For that reason in this article we will be discussing the topic of brain food and nootropics, what the industry calls "smart drugs". 

What are Nootropics?

You may have never heard this term before and we don't blame you. Unless you're an overachiever looking to get an edge in life, you may not even be searching for cognitive enhancers. However, if you're like me, you're always looking for methods to increase productivity, which tend to make us smarter in the process.

The word nootropic is given to any and all supplements, drugs, and other substances that can increase an individual's cognitive function, motivation, creativity, memory, and executive functions. These can be natural or synthetic, but they work best in individuals who sustain a healthy lifestyle. This article serves as a review for one of the best nootropics (brain food) out there called TruBrain

What Is TruBrain?

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TruBrain is designed to increase your memory, break mental blockages, and increase the input of your brain. This nootropic drink has been tested to help you stay focused while removing distractions at work, when needing to complete a project, or simply to have a better day out in the city. Enhancing your memory can help you reach peak performance while the raw materials found in TruBrain feed your brain to remain sharp throughout your wakeful hours of productivity.

Trubrain has gotten reviews from credible sources like Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Techcrunch, and many other startups whose founders understand that working 100+ hour weeks puts a toll on the brain, and just like working out muscles in a gym, the brain needs fuel to work at its best.

What Is In the TruBrain Formula?

The TruBrain formula would remain a secret if not for the generosity of the creators at UCLA. TruBrain's ingredients contain the amino acids, minerals, and nutrients required to make a nootropic, which is used as fuel to feed the brain. Two other ingredients found in the TruBrain formula, which aid as fuel for the brain are the chemicals magnesium and choline.

Just like any other supplement, you might take, such as Vitamin C or whey protein, the reason we take these is because foods, in general, don't provide the required amounts. For instance, we could eat kale, artichokes, and spinach to receive the same types of nootropics, but you would have to eat a whole lot of these foods to get a small dose of nootropics.

For instance, as a hypothetical example, taking one shot of TruBrain may be the equivalent of forty pounds of artichoke (of course this is not a true statement, but you get the idea). The TruBrain formula is a concentrated supplement vital to your brain's performance.

Benefits Of TruBrain Nootropics?

Because the brain is what is keeping you alive right now, it would be a good idea to do anything in your power to keep it working at its optimal efficiency. By taking nootropics and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will reap the following short-term, and long term benefits.

Short-Term Benefits: The short-term benefits you will see right away when taking nootropics like TruBrain include memory enhancement, a better mood, a boost in your energy, increased attention span, better sleep, stress relief, learning enhancement, more creativity, and increased concentration.

These are called "short-term" benefits because there are many things that can throw you off during the day. For example, you may be extremely focused on an assignment when a colleague stops by your office to talk about his or her problems while you're trying to concentrate.

Nootropics are not the only solution to a better life, but if you manage these supplements correctly, and take them on a regular basis, you will see great changes in the aforementioned areas of your life.

Long-Term Benefits: The short-term benefits are easier to keep track of since they may happen in a few days or a few weeks, but the following long-term benefits will be seen only if you keep a detailed track-record of how the nootropic helped that specific area of your life through time.

These long-term benefits include neuroprotection, brain regeneration, and anti-aging. Again, nootropics are not the only solution and they should be used to enhance an already healthy life. They won't make you smarter, improve your memory, boost your mood, and help your attention if you're not maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How It All Works

So now that you've seen the benefits of TruBrain and nootropics, and understand that in order for them to have the effect you desire, you need to be healthy, you may be asking yourself, how does it work?

In simple terms, nootropics such as TruBrain increase the blood flow to the brain which gives it the glucose and oxygen it needs to operate. These two chemicals create neuroplasticity, which is the way in which your brain connects things inside of it to make decisions, predictions, and understand the world you're experiencing.

The formula also contains magnesium which most people are deficient in, and the brain desperately needs. This chemical is what allows your brain cells to be more energized and thus are able to do their job better.

The other ingredients in the TruBrain formula allow communication between cells to be much faster, which can be compared to you sending a letter to a friend through regular mail, or sending an instant text message to their cell phone.

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Why Is It Different Than Caffeine or Energy Drinks?

Because nootropics offer an increase in overall energy, some people may compare them to coffee and some energy drinks. Though caffeine is a nootropic of its own, the differences between caffeine and TruBrain are the following.

Caffeine is used to block the receptors in your brain which cause drowsiness. While this can be a good thing, suppressing anything in the brain is a bad choice. The TruBrain formula works so that you remain focused the whole day, and not experience crashes as you do with coffee. Coffee can become an addiction, nootropics cannot.

TruBrain actually has the opposite effect that coffee has. Let me explain. While coffee can work within an hour or so, it slowly degrades as the day goes on, hence the reason why you feel like you need another cup later in the day when you start to feel tired and unfocused again. The opposite is true of TruBrain and nootropics like it.

With nootropics, you will start to feel the benefits sometimes ten to fifteen days after you first started the supplements.

Once this occurs, you only need a small dose of nootropic to continue having the same effect. On the other hand, your tolerance to coffee increases, and like a drug, you feel like you need more and stronger coffee to suppress your desire for it.

Why Does It Work and How Do We Know?

But why does this work, and how are we so sure? Because there have been more than fifty years of research to back not only the findings of the UCLA neuroscientists who created TruBrain, but for the thousands of other scientists who have worked on other nootropics to create the best formula for cognitive enhancement.

The people at TruBrain have used real brainwave data instead of surveys and personal assessments to really see what is happening inside of the person's brain when taking nootropics.

Studies have been done, recording people's cognitive ability before nootropics like TruBrain, throughout the study, and after the study to see the effects with real data. Each ingredient that goes into the TruBrain formula has been tested for many years to include only those ingredients that the brain needs, and can use to give you the edge you need.

Side Effects and Safety

Because putting anything into your body is a danger, you should know that TruBrain has no side effects and it is safer than table salt. TruBrain is also safer than other things you may have already ingested previously like Vitamin D, cola, caffeine, and aspirin. Rest assured that your brain is safe and better than before.

Pros & Cons


  • Boost cognitive function reduces stress, increases productivity.
  • Easy to carry around
  • Created by a team of neurosurgeons
  • No serious side effects


  • More expensive than some can afford
  • You cannot choose flavors you like
  • The results are not immediate in all cases

Final Thoughts

In this article we discussed the topic of nootropics and gave our honest review of one of the best out there called TruBrain. This nootropic was created by neuroscientists at the University of California Los Angeles with you, your brain, and everything you need an edge for, in mind.

When unsure of a product, just look at who else is backing it to see how good of a product it is. TruBrain is backed by Sherpa Ventures, 500 Startups, Circle Up, and Brightstone Venture Capital to bring you one of the best nootropic brain food on the market. Have fun, and be great.