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Clarity Daily Nootropic is the advanced supplement to enhance mental clarity, memory, focus, mood, and brain health. Each provides a month supply of the best natural nootropics, including clinical doses of Synapsa® Bacopa Monnieri, L Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitamin B Complex, and Zinc Picolinate.

If there is a supplement manufacturer who seems to tick all the right boxes in our quality criteria, it’s Thrivous, the makers of the Thrivious Clarity Daily Nootropic. With an A+ rating on BBB, clearly displayed Certificates of Analysis (COAs), and a vegan-friendly list of ingredients, there’s a lot to love about this brand.

About Thrivous Clarity and the Company behind It

thrivous clarity

Behind this product is a manufacturer of the same name. The company operates under the leadership of Lincoln Cannon who has been its CEO since it was founded in 2016. All their products are Made in the USA and they are based in Salk Lake City in Utah.

The first thing that attracted our attention to this brand is their high level of transparency. They are highly professional in everything they do and that includes providing the product labels and COAs on their website for all to see.

What’s more? They have an awesome customer support team in place. They respond to queries through email, SMS, phone calls and even on the social media handles. Most importantly, they have a built-in reviews platform which makes it easy for everybody to post their honest thoughts about their products.

In other words, if you order a nootropic from them, you’re almost assured that you’ll get what you paid for. And if not satisfied, you can always reach out to their support team or even drop a review on their platform. Above all, they have a 100-day money-back-guarantee period in place to protect you.

How Effective Is Thrivous Clarity?

If you’re looking for something to calm down your nerves this might just be the right nootropic for you. To be honest, there is nothing really fancy about it when you look at its list of ingredients. In fact, the only awesome noots appearing there are Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monnieri which are basically anxiolytics and memory enhancers.

There’s no choline or caffeine which are responsible for stimulating the mind and clearing the brain fog. But even then, you still get a bunch of vitamins and minerals.

So, once again, this is a great memory and brain function enhancer although in our view, calling it a stimulant or a focus enhancer would be a bit of an overstatement.


clarity label

In total, Thrivous Clary contains 11 ingredients 9 of which are vitamins 2 being nootropics. One thing that stands out about this list of ingredients is that they are all vegan-friendly – none of them is obtained from animals, just plant-based extracts which have been handled safely all along.

1. Bacopa Monnieri (320 mg)

What you find here is a patented form of Bacopa Monnieri known as Synapsa (55%). It’s a highly bioavailable form of the natural ingredient and is meant to play a key role in promoting neuroplasticity and generally improving how the brain works.

2. Rhodiola Rosea (300 mg)

Obtained from a perennial flowering plant that grows in the cold regions, mountains, and sea cliffs of the world, Rhodiola Rosea is associated with many benefits. The first one is that it helps calm you down. The second benefit is that it can significantly reduce your levels of fatigue. And just like Bacopa, there are numerous placebo-controlled, double-blind, and peer-reviewed studies supporting its efficacy.

3. Thiamine (25 mg)

This is a water-soluble vitamin that supports healthy brain function. It also can help in the management of chronic fatigue.

4. Riboflavin (25 mg)

Also known as Vitamin B2, this is an important vitamin in mist enzymatic processes in the body. It’s particularly important in energy production at the mitochondria level.

5. Niacin (100 mg)

Vitamin B3 is quite popular on different nootropic stacks. But why is this the case? Well, the first benefit of this vitamin is that it supports the transmission of electrons in the body. Therefore, it provides your cells with the fuel they need to operate optimally.

6. Vitamin B6 (25 mg)

Some call it Pyridoxine, and indeed, this nootropic compound is renowned for its ability to support memory development. It is also highly useful in protein metabolism which supports cell growth.

7. Folate (400 mcg)

You can simply refer to it as Vitamin B9 and indeed, this water-soluble vitamin is highly important in the body. Basically, the vitamin plays a pivotal role in amino acid synthesis and supporting the production of serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine.

8. Vitamin B12 (240 mcg)

You can simply call it Cobalamin if you like. Vitamin B12 comes in handy in supporting the synthesis of DNA and RNA. It also aids in the development of the myelin sheaths which safeguard the neurons.

9. Biotin (300 mcg)

Vitamin B7 or simply Biotin is a vital nutrient. Every one of us needs it to support neurological function and metabolism. Unfortunately, we cannot create our own Biotin in the body and that’s why it’s important to supplement it.

10. Pantothenic Acid (100 mg)

This is a highly important vitamin as it helps boost the production of Acetylcholine (ACh). As you know, ACh reduces brain fog and promotes learning.

11. Zinc (11 mg)

This mineral is a crucial part of many biochemical processes ranging from ones related to the brain functions to immune-boosting ones. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have it included in the list.

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Who Takes It?

We’d recommend taking it if you work in an environment that requires you to remain calm and collected. If you’re in the sales department or facing an interview, this would be a great supplement to settle for.

Potential Side Effects

This stack doesn’t have any major side effects. However, by taking huge doses of either of its ingredients, you’re likely to experience the following mild side effects.

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps

If you experience any intolerable side effects while taking the recommended dosage, talk to a health expert and also reach out to Thrivous to claim your refund.

Recommended Dosage

Take 2 capsules at least 30 minutes prior to attending that interview or meeting up with that client. Ideally, the pills should be taken on an empty stomach. No matter the situation, don’t exceed 4 capsules per day.

Pros & Cons


  • Great quality of ingredients
  • Awesome customer support
  • Amazing product packaging
  • Free shipping throughout the US
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Their Zinc quantities are too low to achieve any major effects
  • By looking at its ingredient-list, this is more of a multivitamin than a noot stack

Final Thoughts

It always makes perfect sense to think of safety when taking brain pills. And indeed, we’re glad to see that Thrivous has done a lot to ensure high levels of safety are achieved. That said, Thrivous Clarity is, to us, an entry-level stack. If you’re looking for a bad-boy kind of product, you may need to look elsewhere.