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This is a product that brings together well-known anti-aging agents. All of its ingredients are natural rather than lab-made ones. And of course, the idea behind it is to apply brakes on the aging process e.g. by: slowing down cognitive decline, preventing skin wrinkling, restoring virility and boosting energy

If you enjoy watching movies, chances are that you’ve watched “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” The film is based on the story of a man, Benjamin Button, who used to age backward. Much as that’s work of fiction, the good news is that the advances made in the world of anti-aging can at least help slow down your cognitive decline.

And that’s what Thrive Gold by Awakened Alchemy is all about. Launched in mid-2019, this supplement is popularly marketed as a game-changer for folks who want to invest in retirement (health-wise).

But does it live up to expectations? This review unboxes the product for you – ingredient-by-ingredient.

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Basically, it nourishes your body cells and strengthens your anti-aging genes. Other than that, it contains powerful properties that help support mitochondrial function which is an important part of energy production in the body.

The supplement is also believed to reduce oxidative stress. That can help reduce cell deaths. Besides that, lowered oxidative stress can reduce inflammation and lower the risk of chronic ailments.


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Thrive Gold has a relatively short list of ingredients. Six to be precise. To understand the kind of benefits you can reap from this product, we’d like to briefly review each one of them.

1. N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL (500mg)

Scientifically known to stop nerve and cell damage, this high-quality ingredient has earned a good reputation in the anti-aging scene. That said, some supplement manufacturers recommend it for mood support.

On the flip side, though, it can lower blood sugar levels. While that might be a good thing for those with high blood sugar levels, it might be awesome for those with hypoglycemia. So take note.

The recommended dosage for N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL is 500mg to 200mg. Thrive Gold has 500mg and that’s a good thing.

2. Nicotine Mononucleotide (125 mg)

Don’t let its complicated name intimidate you. This is actually an organic molecule found in the food we eat e.g. avocados and broccoli.

Its job is to increase NAD. And by extension, it provides you with additional physical energy and a better balanced circadian rhythm.

The recommended dosage for Nicotine Mononucleotide is 250mg – 1500mg per day. However, Thrive Gold contains a paltry 125mg per serving which is quite low in our view.

You’d need to take 2 capsules of it to get the full recommended Nicotine Mononucleotide dosage.

3. S-Acetyl Glutathione (100mg)

You’ll find it abundantly in veggies and meats. Its role is to support tissue building and repair. Besides that, it is believed to enhance male virility. You need at least 100mg of it per serving and fortunately, that’s exactly what’s provided in this Awakened Alchemy supplement.

4. Ubiquinol (100mg)

You probably have heard about CoQ10 and its many anti-aging benefits already. Well, Ubiquinol is nothing but an advanced form of CoQ10. Or as scientists would say “it’s an electron-rich form of Coenzyme Q10.”

This is a great ingredient as far as the reduction of cell damage is concerned. Plus in some cases, it’s used in the management of Parkinson's Disease. Its recommended dosage is 90 to 200mg. You get 100mg per serving of Thrive Gold.

5. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (50mg)

What you get here is a naturally occurring vitamin-like substance that’s believed to be of benefit to bodily functions such as the immune and nervous systems. Besides that, ALA can be of major benefit to your cells as it supports the metabolism of glucose.

More evidence is, however, needed to confirm conclusively its role in the anti-aging process. You need 100mg of it but the good guys from Awakened Alchemy only provide 50mg of it per serving.

6. L-Ergothioneine (2.5mg)

You’ll find this amino-acid abundantly in mushrooms. That said, you’d need to eat several plates of mushrooms per day to meet your daily L-Ergothioneine needs. In terms of benefits, this ingredient is believed to slow down cognitive decline.

It’s also found in some skin-care as it’s believed to prevent skin wrinkling.

More evidence is still needed to rate its effectiveness in regards to supporting healthy aging.

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  • All-natural ingredients
  • Exact quantities of ingredients are shown (no proprietary blends)
  • Made in the USA
  • Great packaging
  • Potent ingredients


  • Doesn’t come cheap
  • Under-doses on Nicotine Mononucleotide & R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Final Thoughts

Thrive Gold is a good anti-aging supplement but is far from perfect. For instance, we don’t like the fact that it lacks basic ingredients like PQQ and Polyphenols on its list. The good, though, is that the product’s gentle formula sets you free to take it with other PQQ- and polyphenol-rich supplements.

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