Sulbutiamine Review – Its Effects, Dosage, Benefits, Risks & More

In today's world, people are experiencing an increase in stress. There are several sources of stress in our lives. This can lead to cognitive dysfunction, and a problematic condition often described as brain fog

Poor memory, a reduced ability to focus, and other issues may present. Nootropics are often advised as a solution. These substances are thought to help improve brain function and, in the process, provide an enhancement in cognitive performance. 

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic that has been suggested to hold additional benefits. People use this nootropic to alleviate fatigue, improve memory function, and to help preserve the well-being of their mental health.

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What Is Sulbutiamine?

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Sulbutiamine is not a new nootropic that you will find on the market. It was actually developed first in the 1960s. Japanese scientists were the first to develop Sulbutiamine. Since its development, there have been multiple companies interested in offering the formula to people who wants to use a nootropic substance. 

Two of the most popular brand names for Sulbutiamine include Arcalion and Enerion. 

The drug consists of thiamine primarily. Thiamine is the name for vitamin B1. Two thiamine molecules are synthetically bound together. 

Sulbutiamine’s formulation makes the two thiamine molecules that are attached to each other a fat-soluble substance. The main reason for this is to enhance the chemical’s ability to cross your blood-brain barrier. This means the thiamine molecules that are used in Sulbutiamine is able to reach your brain more easily compared to a standard thiamine supplement. 

A study published in the BMC Pharmacology Journal showed that there is a more significant increase in thiamine concentrations within the brain when Sulbutiamine is taken. 

In another study, researchers injected Sulbutiamine into rat subjects. The animal subjects of the study experienced an increase in the concentration of thiamine triphosphate in bodily tissue. 

Thiamine, or vitamin B1, has an important role to play in the body’s ability to produce energy. It is involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates. For most people, carbohydrates form the basis of their energy, acting as a fuel source for cells. 

The vitamin is also important for heart function, nerve function, and muscle health. Glucose metabolism also largely depends on the presence of thiamine in the body. 

The Effects Of Sulbutiamine

There are several effects that Sulbutiamine may have on the human body. You should educate yourself on the effects of the synthetic type of thiamine. This gives you an opportunity to understand how the drug will interact in your body. It also ensures you have a better idea of what to expect. 

To better understand the mechanism behind Sulbutiamine, we have to consider the effects of the drug, as well as that of the thiamine used in the formulation of the nootropic. 

As noted previously, taking Sulbutiamine may help to elevate levels of thiamine in your brain more effectively. This comes into play when comparing Sulbutiamine with a regular thiamine supplement. The reason for this is the combined thiamine molecules that are used in this nootropic drug. 

A scientific paper by researchers at the Centre d’Innovation in France also shows that Sulbutiamine has specific effects in the brain. The study was conducted on a group of laboratory rats. In the study, the dopaminergic cortical transmission was improved in animal subjects. This essentially means that dopamine, particularly D1, activity was improved. 

The improvement in dopamine activity was seen in the prefrontal cortex. This is known as the decision-making region of your brain. Additionally, the study also found an improvement in glutamate activity within these particular regions. 

Both of these activities may hold the potential to provide an improvement in certain cognitive functions. This includes your ability to focus on specific tasks. When glutamate and dopamine activities are improved, you may also notice an enhancement in your memory function. 

Sulbutiamine also effects the way that glutamate affects dopamine. With this in mind, you may not only notice improvements in cognitive function. Your general mental health may also be enhanced with the use of Sulbutiamine. 

One study explains that thiamine triphosphate activity is improved with the use of Sulbutiamine too. This means the energy used by your brain is increased. The result is a further enhancement in your general cognitive function. You may also find that you experience mental fatigue less frequently. 

Another effect of Sulbutiamine lies within your hippocampus. This is an important part of your brain. A study published in the Journal of Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior was the first to show such effects. The study tested the effects of Sulbutiamine on laboratory rats. 

Researchers found that hippocampus activity is increased with the chronic administration of Sulbutiamine. This, in turn, led to long-term improvements in memory formation. With this in mind, memory function may be significantly enhanced. Additionally, this effect could also possibly lead to a reduced risk of memory problems later in life. 

One issue faced is the fact that many of these studies were performed on animal subjects. This limited the evidence that is available. Further studies on human subjects are still needed for more accurate evidence. 

Sulbutiamine Dosage Recommendations

No specific dosage recommendations are available if you want to use Sulbutiamine. Still, you do need to consider the doses used by most studies and individuals. This will help you avoid taking too much of the nootropic. When you overdose on Sulbutiamine, there is a higher risk that you will experience unpleasant side-effects. 

In most studies, the daily dose provided to human subjects ranges from 200mg to 600mg per day. The dose is divided into two to three servings per day in most cases. This helps to ensure you do not get too much of the Sulbutiamine compound during a single dose. 

You should consider starting with a lower dose – perhaps 200mg per day. Divide this into two or three servings during the day. This helps you minimize the risk of side-effects. Gradually increase your daily dose if you do not feel the full benefits of the nootropic – but do not exceed 600mg per day. 

The Benefits Of Sulbutiamine

sulbutiamine benefits

In the last few years, several studies have been performed on Sulbutiamine. Many of these focus on animal subjects. Fortunately, a few human studies have been conducted too. This helps you better understand the benefits that you should expect when you decide to use this nootropic. 

A study in the Journal of the Association of Physicians of India showed how Sulbutiamine might be helpful in reducing symptoms of infection in patients. Patients were also treated with medicine to fight off the infection at the time. Asthenia was a primary symptom in these patients. 

Asthenia is an abnormal lack of energy, combined with physical weakness. The study shows an improvement in symptoms linked to asthenia among participants. Among the participants, a total of 52% reported such an improvement in their symptoms.

In another study, there was a 44% reduction in fatigue among participants. All participants experienced chronic fatigue symptoms. A total of 341 patients participated in the study. No placebo control group was used in the study, however. 

Limited evidence is available for the benefits of Sulbutiamine on memory function. One study did, however, provide some research on the topic. The study consisted of 26 patients previously diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Donepezil was combined with Sulbutiamine in the study. Memory improved were observed in the patients. 

There is a study that also showed Sulbutiamine might be useful in restoring nerve function in patients with diabetes. Patients in the study experienced diabetic neuropathy. The study provided a six-week supply of Sulbutiamine to the patients. A total of 15 individuals participated in the study. 

Each patient was asked to take 400mg of Sulbutiamine each day. There was an improvement in nerve function after the six-week period. Additionally, muscle function also significantly improved among the participants. 

One surprising find is related to sexual function in men. Even though often claimed to be a nootropic, one study found an improvement in sexual performance among men who used Sulbutiamine. The study consisted of 20 patients. A total of 16 had experienced symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction. 

Patients were provided a daily serving of Sulbutiamine over a period of 30 days. An improvement in sexual performance was observed among men who experienced erectile problems. 

Risks And Side-Effects Of Sulbutiamine

In many people, it has been found that Sulbutiamine is well-tolerated. There are a few mild side-effects that have been noted in the past. This generally includes headaches. Some people have experienced a mild skin-related allergic reaction to the drug. 

There are also cases where the elderly experience mild agitation side-effects when they use Sulbutiamine. 

High doses of the drug may lead to more bothersome side-effects. This could include disturbances in a person's sleep patterns. Euphoria has also been noted in some people who take a high dose of Sulbutiamine. 


Sulbutiamine has been associated with several claims. Manufacturers suggest the nootropic is helpful for reducing fatigue and boosting brain function. Research surrounding the use of Sulbutiamine is currently limited. There are some people who have experienced benefits while using a nootropic. You should also be aware of the possible risks you may be exposed to when you decide to use Sulbutiamine. 

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