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Qualia Mind is one of the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance products available. Its fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition while supporting long-term brain health.

Qualia Mind is more than just your ordinary ready-made nootropic stack. It contains a wide variety of ingredients meant to act on all the internal pathways that influence your memory, focus, and creativity.

But is there more than meets the eye? Today, we’d like to narrow down our focus to this 28-ingredient dietary supplement.

About Qualia Mind

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Qualia Mind is a product of Neurohacker, a company that was founded back in 2015. There’s no magic behind it save for the fact that it brings together many different natural ingredients. In other words, this supplement seems designed to tackle multiple pressure points at once. This is unlike standalone nootropics which only tackle one issue at a time.

Owing to its large amount of ingredients, it tends to work for most people. But then, the more the ingredients you have, there higher the chances of developing stomach complications get.

That being said, the company behind this product seems to work really hard at meeting all the necessary safety requirements. Part of their staff is made up of medical researchers, biochemists, and nutritionists who see to it that everyone who use their products benefits at the end of the day.

Inside The Qualia Mind Ingredients List

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As we’ve already mentioned, Qualia Mind brings together 28 natural ingredients. That’s 4 more ingredients than its sibling, Qualia Focus. Here’s a closer look at some of the key ingredients that make this stack stand out from the pack.

1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

This can be a powerful addition to any biohacking toolbox out there. Basically, ALCAR is a tiny molecule that’s categorized as an amino acid. It has two effects. First off, it boosts your brain power and enhances memory, learning, and mood. Besides that, it is a well-known source of power which can come in handy in the bodybuilding process.

2. Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Bacopa Monnieri is one of those natural nootropics that have been used for centuries. In fact, its extract is commonly used to manage dementia, depression and even epilepsy. Therefore, by having this ingredient within your stack, you have a sure-fire way to boost your recollection abilities.

3. Rhodiola Extract

Rhodiola is an herb that’s sourced from the hilly countryside of Europe and Asia. Its root is renowned for its many benefits. In fact, it is widely considered an adaptogen meaning it can help calm you down. Simply put, Rhodiola can reduce stress and fight fatigue.

4. Artichoke Leaf & Stem Extract

This is a potent plant that some communities use to treat snake bites. Yup, you read that right. Basically, Artichoke does a great job of lowering pain, managing blood pressure and clearing up toxins.

If you’ve been experiencing bloating after taking your noots, this ingredient found in Qualia Mind can help you fight that. Most importantly, this ingredient goes a long way in lowering cholesterol and protecting the liver.

5. Uridine Monophosphate

Uridine plays a vital role in the CNS particularly by improving the manner in which nerve impulses are transmitted. This goes a long way to improve your cognitive performance in the long-term. And what’s more? It can significantly help prevent cancer and heart disease.

6. DL-Phenylalanine

This noot helps increase euphoria and drive. And in some cases, it can be used to treat depression. On top of that, this noot contains some laxative effects meaning it can be used to reduce anxiety and manage sleep disturbance

7. Taurine

If you love taking your energy drink, chances are that you’ve already noticed that Taurine is a key ingredient in those. And well, Taurine is nothing but an amino acid – a conditional amino acid which helps improve the way the nervous system functions and also lowers blood pressure.

Most importantly, Taurine is an antioxidant meaning that it protects your cells from any damage that may result from oxidation.

8. Alpha GPC

This is a choline that’s naturally obtained from sunflower or soy. Basically, Alpha GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine which does an incredible job when it comes to improving your mood and boosting mental energy.

Also, Alpha GPC helps improve the effectiveness of your neurotransmitters in addition to optimizing your brain function.

9. L-Theanine

L-Theanine is perhaps one of the most popular noots out there. But what exactly does it do to you when you take it? First off, it promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness – which is more or less like hitting two birds with one stone.

On top of that, this noot can boost your focus, especially when faced with demanding tasks. And the best part, a regular dose of L-Theanine can help you feel less tired and more alert.

10. Citicoline (or Cognizin)

The first thing that should always come to your mind when you hear about citicoline is the egg yolk. Eggs provide a rich supply of this noot – and that’s why chickens are so smart (LOL, just kidding).

On a serious note, citicoline provides the building blocks for brain cell membranes. On top of that, it boosts ATP energy which is needed to maintain mental focus and boost memory.

11. Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine equals fluidity – and fluidity equals better transmission of signals within neurons. Simply put, this is your go-to noot especially when you want to boost your brain's ability to decode new information.

PS also plays a huge role in promoting healthy nerve growth factor something which eventually helps in long-term potentiation (important for retaining good memory right into the old age).

12. Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Can happiness grow on a tree? Well, if the Mucuna pruriens tree is anything to go by, then yes, you can always harvest happiness from a tree. The mucuna seeds are highly effective at boosting the secretion of dopamine in the brain.

This creates a feel-good effect in addition to many other downstream effects which make it a perfect bet for folks with the Parkinson’s disease.

13. Theobromine

Who doesn’t love dark chocolate? And well, theobromine is the magical ingredient responsible for the good feelings you experience when you get a bite of dark chocolate.

Add it to your nootropic stack and you have an alkaloid which stimulates your body but without the jitters typical of caffeine. And on top of that, it promotes vasodilation which improves the flow of blood throughout the body.

14. DHA

This is an omega-3 fatty acid component which is renowned for improving the brain’s natural signaling system. Besides that, it helps reduce cognitive decline which is an important part of preventing the Alzheimer’s disease.

Most importantly, DHA boosts the presence of the brain’s growth hormone in addition to promoting the growth of new neural pathways.

15. Anhydrous Caffeine

Caffeine is widely considered a noot because of its psychoactive effects. Its ability to improve alertness, reaction time, mood, and memory come in handy in helping you enhance your quality of life.

And to top it all up, anhydrous caffeine can also help improve athletic performance. The main benefit of taking anhydrous caffeine as opposed to just any other type of caffeine is that it’s pure since it undergoes a special lab process to filter out some chemical components.

16. Coleus Forskohlii

Also known as Forskolin, this is a nootropic that improves neural signaling in addition to promoting synapse growth.

On top of that, it does a stellar job of supporting Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) which is critical when one needs to conserve their brain power for many more years to come.

17. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Some prefer to call it the maidenhair, and whichever name you prefer to call it by, there’s no doubt that Gingko Biloba is a wonder drug that can improve your brain function and blood circulation.

On top of that, Biloba contains powerful antioxidants – flavonoids and terpenoids – which help neutralize any never damaging effects.

18. Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

PQQ is a highly potent antioxidant which also promotes the growth of new mitochondria. As you know, mitochondria are the main powerhouse at the cellular level.

And, that’ safe to say that PQQ has the ability to boost your brain power and directly impact your productivity. The icing on the cake is that PQQ has the ability to revive brain cells in addition to boosting your long-term memory.

19. Huperzia Serrata Extract (Huperzine A)

This noot remains incredibly popular especially owing to its unique design that makes it easily absorbable in the brain.

It’s an alkaloid compound which boosts the production of acetylcholine while inhibiting the cholinesterase action. It is worth noting that a shortage of acetylcholine is one of the key factors that contribute to memory loss.

And, therefore, Huperzine-A comes in handy in such cases enabling you to take better control over your long-term brain health.

20. Other Ingredients Include

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Organic Rice Concentrate
  • Organic Rice Extract Blend
  • Silicione Dioxide
  • Vegetable Cellulose

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How to Take It – Dosage

The standard dose of Qualia Mind is 7 capsules. That said, the effects of this noot are entirely dose-dependent and factors like body weight, chemistry and desired level of effect may influence the dosage. But no matter what, you should never exceed 12 capsules in a day (or take more than 10 capsules at once).

According to the feedback we received from the company, the optimal dosage of Qualia may vary based on your chemistry.

So, we’d recommend starting out with the least dosage possible i.e. 5 capsules and then you can take more capsules if you want to increase the effects.

About cycling, the rules are that you should always take 2 days off each week. The off-cycle days don’t have to be consecutive ones.

Who Is Qualia Mind Recommended For?

Qualia Mind is a great nootropic stack. However, it doesn’t come cheap. And, therefore, we’d recommend it for people looking to advance their noot’s game. Also, the product is of high quality and for that reason, we’d recommend it for any quality-conscious person.

So, in our view, Qualia Mind is a perfect option for the modern-day savvy Silicon Valley techpreneurs, entrepreneurs, innovators, and busy corporate executives. That’s also due to the fact that you need to have a stable income to sustain the Qualia Mind habit.

Side Effects

Are there any side effects to taking Qualia Mind? We would be lying to say that there are no side effects. And that’s because like any other drug the results of using it are not always typical.

First off, the fact that it comes with a long list of ingredients points to the possibility of it leading to stomach complications for anyone with a sensitive tummy. Fortunately, you can always choose to either take it on an empty stomach or along with your breakfast meal.

Also, if you react negatively to any of the 28 ingredients listed above, then this product may not be the best choice for you.

But generally, we’d like to say that Qualia Mind is safe, 99% of the time especially if one is keen enough to stick to the recommended dosage & guidelines.

The Cost of Qualia Mind & Where to Buy

You can either buy Qualia from Amazon or on the Neurohacker Collective official website. A bottle contains 154 capsules and typically goes for $139 for the first purchase and $119 thereafter. However, if you buy it from the official website and check the subscribe & save button, you’ll be able to get your first bottle for $69.50 (a 50% discount).


Is Qualia Mind better than Qualia Focus?

What labels does this dietary supplement come with?

Is this product made in the USA or imported?

Pros & Cons


  • Several doctors and scientists recommend it
  • It’s made up of high-quality ingredients
  • Can improve your focus and make you energetic
  • Meet the quality criteria
  • Its ingredients list is made up of natural noots
  • Great customer support
  • Fast shipping
  • Great packaging
  • They provide regular discount packages
  • A great deal of expertise has gone into this stack


  • Too many ingredients in one bottle
  • Pricey

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of taking the average stuff which hardly does anything for you, it’s time to give Qualia Mind a shot. It seems to target all the right places in your brain and body in general meaning you can rely on it for that much-needed energy boost, better memory and also long-term brain health.

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