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Qualia Focus is a product that brings together different nootropics. So, it’s more or less a ready-made, done-for-you stack. And as its name suggests, this product is entirely made to boost your focus, clear brain-fog and enhance mental clarity.

If you’ve been looking for a nootropic product that can help boost concentration and clear brain fog, chances are that you’d like to start out with something that’s gentle and contains the least amount of ingredients possible.

And, well, that’s what Qualia Focus does. Unlike its sibling, the Qualia Mind which features a long list of ingredients, this one features a paltry 24. And guess what? It’s also much cheaper to obtain.

On the flip-side, though, fewer ingredients and a far more simplified formula could mean compromising on the noot’s effects! So, how does Qualia Focus fare when put to the test? Is it worth trying out? Let’s find out in the following in-depth review.

All About Qualia Focus - An Overview

qualia focus

This is part of the products that dominate the Neurohacker Collective menu. It fights for a share of the market with its two other siblings – Qualia and Qualia Mind.

Neurohacker Collective is a company that has been around since 2015 having been founded by three biohackers – Jordan Greenhall, James Schmachtenberger, and Daniel Schmachtenberger.

The US-based company brings together a large team of experts comprising medical advisors, research scientists, marketers, technology gurus, data analytics engineers as well as customer-support staff.

So, you can rest assured that there’s a whole company working behind this brand and that they’re a legitimate name in the first place.

Ingredients - All The Twenty Four Ingredients

qualia focus supplement facts

Now that we have a rough idea of who is behind this product and why it was launched in the first place, it makes sense to dig deeper and expose the ingredients included per capsule. So, what we’re going to do is breakdown the ingredients and discuss what each one of them is meant to do (of course with respect to the science behind it all).

1. Artichoke Leaf Extract

This particular leaf has been used since time immemorial. It’s is known for its antioxidant effects along with the ability to boost cerebral circulation.

2. Alpha-GPC

If you’ve been researching about different kinds of nootropics, chances are that you have already come across this one already. Indeed, Alpha-GPC is popular owing to the fact that it boosts acetylcholine in the brain.

3. Bacopa Monneri Leaf Extract

Want to improve your memory? Bacopa Monnieri is the go-to natural ingredient for all that and more. It is an adaptogen meaning that it also helps you to remain calm and focused.

4. Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI

This is a nootropic that’s loved by many owing to its natural abilities to enhance energy metabolism. So, if you’re looking for a noot that can enhance your cognitive energy levels, this one would be a perfect bet. And if you’ve been feeling less energetic of late, this ingredient would help change how you feel.

5. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

Has stress been getting the better of you? Well, your natural tyrosine level might be lower than average. And, therefore, Qualia Focus has some top-up for you.

6. Taurine

Taurine is a common feature in most energy drinks and it works as a mild sedative as well as an amino acid. So, it helps you feel relaxed and enhances focus.

7. Uridine

In the world of science, Uridine is known for the role it plays in the development of babies in the womb. So, what role does it play in a mature person’s brain? You might be wondering. And well, it’s reputed for its neurogenerative potential and the ability to improve brain energy.

8. L-Theanine

We all love L-Theanine! Don’t we? And well, this amino acid does a remarkable job of reducing stress and anxiety. And, therefore, if you’re preparing for an interview or exam, this one would be a great tool to have around.

9. Organic Coffeeberry

Did someone mention caffeine? Well, if you’ve been battling the idea to reduce the number of cups of coffee you take per day, Qualia Focus’ 90mg coffee might be what you need. And as you know, coffee pairs pretty well with L-theanine.

10. Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

This is yet another powerful and fast-acting adaptogen. It plays a big role in improving physical performance and can be a great option for a late afternoon pick-me-up.

11. Benfotiamine

This is a more bio-available form of vitamin B1. It is known for its therapeutic effects and the ability to soothe neuropathic pain.

12. Theobromine

Also commonly referred to as the Love Drug, this nootropic is also commonly found in dark chocolate. It’s reputed for its vasodilatory effects.

13. Mucuna Pruriens Seeds

This seed extract stands out with its ability to lift your mood particularly by boosting the secretion of dopamine. It also improves your natural balance of sex hormones e.g. via LH and FSH upregulation.

14. Celastrus Paniculatus Seeds

Celastrus paniculatus is known as the “Intellect Plant” for a good reason. It naturally comes with brain protective features and the ability to boost brain function. On top of that, it boasts rich, antioxidant cognitive abilities. And to top it all up, it has the ability to boost your memory capacity.

15. Coleus Forskohlii

This is a root extract that improves LTP neuronal growth. This, in turn, improves the manner in which your nerves function and basically speeds up the transfer of signals across the brain.

16. Gingko Biloba Leaf

Containing 24% glycosides, this traditional plant has been a popular bet for the elderly in the east. It is renowned for its ability to reverse aging effects, increase blood circulation and also enhance your working memory. Most importantly, it slows down your path to old age.

17. Huperzine A

Well, this is the only semi-synthetic nootropic compound on the list. Huperzine A is obtained from the Chinese club moss. And basically, it improves your cholinergic activity particularly by preventing further production of acetylcholinesterase. Acetylcholinesterase is the element that blatantly breaks down acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter required for the brain to function optimally.

18. DL-Phenylalanine

This nootropic is reputed for its ability to help control anxiety and improve mood. In addition, it complements L-tyrosine in enhancing the catecholamine conversion pathway.

19. Other Ingredients Include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Pantothenic Acid

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How to Take It – Recommended Daily Dosage

The best way to take Qualia is by swallowing 5 capsules the first thing in the morning, particularly before taking your breakfast meal. For some reason, this stack tends to work better when taken on an empty stomach.

However, if you’re among the unlucky few who experience stomach problems when you take pills on an empty stomach, then you can always take it with your breakfast.

And as far as the daily dosage is concerned, your best bet is to never take 7 capsules at once. Also, you should never exceed 9 capsules a day.

That said, it’s worth acknowledging the fact that everyone is different. There are some people who achieve better results by either increasing or decreasing the standard dosage. Luckily, the manufacturer encourages one to experiment and adjust their dosage accordingly.

What about cycling your use? Well, Qualia is designed in such a manner that it works best when you take it for 5 days a week and then take a 2-day break. And another thing, it doesn’t matter whether the off-cycle days are taken consecutively or separately. The goal of taking this off-cycle is to prevent the buildup of tolerance.

Who Is Qualia Focus Recommended For?

In our view, while Qualia Focus is a great option for anyone looking for quality, its price makes it perfect for the savvy Silicon Valley type. Indeed, Qualia, as a brand seems to resonate better with those with a bit of cash and that’s because it takes quite some bucks to sustain a Qualia habit.

Side Effects

We didn’t come across any major side-effects associated with this product. That, however, isn’t to say that there are no side-effects to be worried about. For instance, its 24 ingredients are quite a few and if you have a sensitive stomach or food tolerance issues, there’s no sure-fire way to confirm that this won’t affect you.

We have come across quite a few people who take Qualia on a day-to-day basis and none of them reported any side effects. So, to a large extent, this product seems to be on the safe side.

But if in case you notice any side effects with it, don’t hesitate to share that experience with us.

The Cost of Qualia Focus & Where to Buy

The product is available both on the company’s official page and on Amazon. We generally prefer ordering it through the official Neurohacker Collective website. You can save quite a lot by ordering with the “Subscribe & Save” option checked.

In that case, you would get your first shipment at $49 which is roughly $2.45 per serving. For subsequent months, the price increase to $59 per month’s supply.

Otherwise, if you make your first order without checking then subscribe & save option, you’ll need to pay up $69 and $59 for subsequent purchases.

It’s worth noting that each bottle comes with 100 capsules of this dietary supplement. And that the company provides a 100-day money back guarantee.

Does Qualia Focus Work? – The Effects

Yes, it seems to work which is probably due to its wide range of ingredients. Therefore, you end up with an all-around approach which goes a long way in ensuring that your needs are properly catered for.

That said, Qualia Focus is no match for what Qualia Mind offers. And, therefore, if you’re looking to go “advanced” then we’d suggest the latter over the former.

If this is your first time taking Qualia or any other nootropic or stack, then Qualia Focus would provide you with a perfect starting point. It can also help you take better control of your health since it can help you avoid taking too much coffee.

On that note, Qualia Focus is a great choice for anyone who might be having stomach problems when they take Qualia Mind. Due to its fewer ingredients, it places less strain on your digestive system.


Is Qualia Focus shipped outside the USA?

What labels does the product come with?

How long after taking my daily dosage will I be able to know that it’s working?

What will I experience when I take this dietary supplement?

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Its wide list of ingredients helps meet different needs at once
  • 100-day money back guarantee
  • Awesome customer support
  • This product is cheaper compared to other Qualia stacks
  • High-quality packaging


  • Too many ingredients in one capsule may prove too much for some
  • Qualia products don’t come cheap
  • Limited international shipping services

Final Thoughts

To sum up this Qualia Focus review, we’d like to provide a quick recap of the facts uncovered in the paragraphs above.

  • Qualia Focus is made up of 24 natural ingredients
  • There’s no fixed daily dosage although the company recommends 5 to 7 capsules
  • It’s recommended to take a 2-day off-cycle per week
  • The product generally seems to work
  • No major side-effects have been reported so far

With those 5 points in mind, it’s our view that Qualia Focus is a good entry-level nootropic stack. It is made by a team that understands the science of noots. And most importantly, it’s cheaper than Qualia Mind, thereby providing you with a rare opportunity to get a taste of the Qualia goodness without breaking the bank (especially if you order via the official website).

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