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Performance Lab® MCT is the ultimate MCT oil upgrade: Beneficial C8+C10 MCTs only, sourced from 100% organic non-GMO coconuts, extracted with hexane-free technology and 3X distilled for purity.

You are probably here because you are struggling with weight issues, sticking to the keto diet, lack, of energy, or brain fog.

Whatever it is, we want to assure you that you are in the right spot. We are here to give you our honest opinion about the Performance Lab MCT Oil.

Essentially, it is oil derived from coconuts but it is not coconut oil. This particular product is purer and delivers benefits to your muscles, brain, and body in general.

Read on to find out if you should spend your money on this product or not.

What is an MCT?

Before we get into the thick of things, we’d like to explain what this product is. MCT stands Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are tiny fat molecules also referred to as lipids.

MCTs are usually found in coconut and palm kernel oil. Contrary to popular belief, triglycerides, oils, and fats are not necessarily unhealthy or bad for the body.

MCTs play various crucial roles in the body and are instrumental in providing energy as well as manufacture steroids and hormones.

Performance Lab MCT Oil Overview

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What comes to mind when you think of supplements? Probably pills, capsules, or powder jars. However, when it comes to the Performance Lab MCT, we are talking about an oil-based supplement.

This multipurpose supplement claims to enhance metabolism and brain function especially if you fast frequently or work in highly demanding job environments.

That is not all; this oil also increases mental clarity and lowers cholesterol as well.

How should you Take It?

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When it comes to taking the Performance Lab MCT, there are numerous ways to do it and only your imagination can limit you.

Of course, the easiest way to do it is by drinking the oil straight from the bottle, but this can upset your stomach not to mention that it tastes bland as well.

Our recommendation would be to add the oil to your drinks or food or blend it along with your favorite fruit to make a smoothie.

Some people use it as a carrier oil especially when taking racetams or choline-rich nootropics.

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can use to incorporate this supplement into your diet and the fact that its flavor is neutral makes it even easier.

How it Works

The Performance Lab MCT contains C10 and C8 which work to burn body fat without dieting or exercising.

Needless to say, this is why MCT oil is the most preferred supplement for most dieters. Although there is significant subjective evidence that links coconut oil, it is important to remember that oils generally contain many calories.

In this case, a single serving of this supplement contains about 130 calories. As such, you may want to use it as a replacement of your daily oil intake and not add to it.

What it includes

mct oil ingredients

The oil derives its oil from non-GMO coconuts and contains C10 (Capric Acid) – 5.1 g and C8 (Capric Acid) – 7.1 g as the main ingredients.

With only these two ingredients, you can tell that the supplement is as pure as it gets.

1. C8 (Caprylic Acid) – 7.1 g

This is the easiest ingredient in the MCT oil for your body to use for energy ketones and digest.

It has three major benefits.

It Improves Mental Clarity and Energy 

Since your body is able to rapidly break down C8, you are able to use the same for your energy through ketones.

Ketones typically a more effective source of energy compared to glucose particularly if you are on the keto diet.

Having a separate fuel source works perfectly to increase your energy as well as mental clarity.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

C8 an active ingredient in Performance Lab MCT’s also helps in fighting infection. In some cases, it has helped in the management of psoriasis, acne, and yeast infections.

Good for Gut Health

The antifungal and antibacterial properties in C8 have been linked to reducing bad bacteria in the stomach.

In so doing, you get to avoid conditions like IBS and maintain a healthy gut. C8 is also known to diminish cytokines that cause damage to the bowel and other digestive issues.

2. C10 (Capric Acid) – 5.1 g

C10 makes up 40% of Performance Lab MCT. Besides that, it offers numerous benefits to the body when used as a supplement.

It is absorbed almost as fast as C8 is by the body. Here are some of the benefits of C10 to the body.

Antimicrobial Properties

In some cases, C10 has been seen to promote the immune system. Lactating mothers who eat foods rich in C10 pass on the ability to fight infections through breastfeeding.

Apart from that, C10 has is known to fight a fungus that causes yeast infections known as Candida albicans.

Robust Digestive Health

C10 (Capric Acid) is known to enhance cholesterol metabolism and bile secretion. In other words, C10 can help increase your digestion speed and its efficiency as well.

Try this supplement today!

About the Manufacturer

Opti-Nutra is the company behind the Performance Lab MCT Oil. This is the same company behind highly popular supplements among them Performance Lab Mind, Mind Lab Pro and the likes.

Although they have their main headquarters in London, UK, they have a fully-fledged warehouse right here in the US (New Jersey).

Who Can Take the Supplement?

Now that you know everything there is to know about this supplement, it is important to know if you are eligible to take it or not.

Well, we are happy to let you know that Performance Lab MCT can be taken by virtually anyone. However, persons with malabsorption syndrome and pregnant women should get clearance from a doctor before taking it.

The supplement is suitable for anyone with allergies and even vegans because it does not contain any additives. It is gluten-free, soy-free, and caffeine-free.

If you are on the Keto diet, this supplement will work perfectly for you. This is because it does not contain any carbs.

The MCTs are transformed into ketones once they get to the liver and this promotes nutritional ketosis.


When you purchase this oil, the following are the benefits you should expect to enjoy.

  • When you take the oil, you feel fuller for longer. This means that you do not have to keep snaking every few hours. Of course, this means you will be less likely to gain extra weight.
  • The MCT supplement makes you more alert and sharpens your mind. It gets rid of brain fog and provides you with mental energy so that you can concentrate on your work for longer.
  • The oil promotes better digestion. When you take this supplement, you will experience less digestive discomfort even after overfeeding.
  • Performance Lab MCT oil promotes faster metabolism. This will help you fight hunger pangs and make it easier for you to lose weight.


We have talked about all the benefits that this supplement comes with but just like with everything else under the sun; it has its own flaws.

These include:

  • The Performance Lab MCT Oil is more costly compared to other MCT oils in the market.
  • For the supplement to deliver desired results, you have to commit to taking it religiously. Failure to do that may cause it to fail.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an MCT oil to help you with your diet, your training, or your cognitive performance, then you can’t do any better than this product.

As far as we’re concerned, Performance Lab MCT is the single best product of its kind on the market right now.

It provides a healthy dose of the two most beneficial MCTs.

In doing so, it closely resembles natural MCT sources, but without providing any of the nasty, indigestion-causing MCTs like lauric acid or caproic acid.

Performance Lab MCT is packaged in a BPA-free bottle that is 100% recyclable. The shipping boxes used to transport Performance Lab MCT are also recyclable.

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