Peak Nootropics Review

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Peak Nootropics is a professional nootropic supplement company that ships from the USA. Their main purpose is to provide quality memory products to their customers at reasonable prices. The company also understand customers often need their products fast and this is a top priority for them.

Peak Nootropics is one of the online retailers of nootropics that have been battling to maintain a good reputation all along. They have come a long way in a market that has humbled giants. What’s encouraging is that they are alive and kicking to-date and they have kept expanding their product portfolio and market presence.

Peak Nootropics LLC – Are They Worth Trusting?

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To a large extent, this is a great company. They do honor all their orders and we have not come across any major red flags on them throughout our research and interaction with the brand.

We particularly like the fact that they have a wide array of nootropic compounds ranging from the likes of Bacopa Monnieri, Piracetam, Caffeine, L-theanine, Aniracetam, Phenylethylamine, Rhodiola rosea, and even Noopept.

Quality Assurance

The company currently has a running partnership with Colmaric Analyticals LLC which is a third-party lab. That means they also conduct extra tests to determine the purity of their products. In particular, their products are screened for heavy & organic metals along with having HPLC tests done.

The company takes a step further and ensures that its products are shipped in bubble wraps and sealed in air-tight bags. On top of that, the packaging is normally sealed using an aluminum foil bag which is resistant to temperature fluctuations. This helps prevent contamination during the shipping process.

On the flipside, though, the Certificates of Analysis are only available on request and only when one orders large volumes of their products.

Customer Support

As far as customer support goes, this vendor provides you with all the basics you need to get your queries resolved. For instance, they have a 24 hours office telephone line which can only be used to send messages. That’s of course in addition to an email-based system and a live chat tool.

Yet another thing we like about their customer support is the speed at which they respond to queries. All our queries to them were responded to in less than 24 hours (of course, you can expect slower response rates during the weekends and public holidays).

Generally, the entire Peak Nootropics system is well-thought-out. And you will not have to make wild guesses at any step of the way. In fact, you can even track your order status from their website. So, if self-service is your thing, we think you’d love everything that this organization offers in terms of tools and functionality.

The Marketing Model

If there is a company that can benefit from a bit of marketing consultancy services, it has to be Peak Nootropics. They barely have a presence on social media. Unfortunately, that weakens the brand especially among the new age-y kind of nootropic users.

Honestly, these guys have got work to do on that front. Also, more needs to be done in regards to branding – for instance, their site looks outdated and their product labels might do with a bit of a revamp.

On a positive note, their laid back approach to hype creation means that they are left with no option than to let the quality of their products and services speak for themselves.

Otherwise, for now, they seem to be heavily reliant on affiliate marketing and email marketing to keep the brand growing.


In order to understand how exactly this company fares in terms of pricing, we’d like to compare the prices of a product that they sell in almost similar quantities to their main competitors i.e. Nootropics Depot and Pure Nootropics. That product is Noopept and in this case, Pure Nootropics supply 60 capsules of it at $19, Nootropics Depot supplies it at $18 and Peak Nootropic provides the same at $24.

So we think that their product is competitively priced especially considering that they provide 20mg capsules.

Shipping & Returns

The vendor offers worldwide shipping through the United States Postal Service. Free standard shipping applies for all orders valued at $150 and above.

Pros & Cons


  • Money back guarantee in place (you try the products risk-free)
  • Awesome customer support
  • Great product quality
  • All products are third-party tested
  • You get what you pay for


  • Sub-par branding
  • Clumsy-looking website
  • COAs not available for small orders

Final Thoughts

In our view, PeakNootropics is a great supplier and with awesome products. However, they fall short of expectations in terms of branding, navigability, and transparency. For that reason, we’d recommend Nootropics Depot or Pure Nootropics over them, any day.