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This particular product is designed to revitalize your mind and equip you with the level of mental focus needed to ace complex tasks. The manufacturer claims that it’s capable of improving memory – a claim which is based on the scientific theory that lion’s mane slows down dementia.

Countless studies have shown that the lion’s mane mushroom is capable of improving your brain’s ability to form new connections. In a 2017 study appearing on the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, scientists reported that the mushroom, also known as Yamabushitake, is capable of “tranquilizing the mind”.

Yet another peer-reviewed study appearing on the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Dr. P.L. Lai and his team noted that the Asian grown medicinal mushroom contains hericenones and erinacines. Those two components, Dr. Lai emphasizes, are actively involved in promoting the growth and differentiation of neurons.

The reason why we are laying so much emphasis on Lion’s Mane and its potential benefits is that it’s the main active ingredient in a supplement known as Organifi Pure. Established in 2015, Organifi is a leading brand in the production and packaging of natural supplements.

An Introduction to Organifi Pure

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A rather unique claim made by Organifi is that this product works by “cleaning up the Vagus Nerve.” We did a bit of digging on that claim and came across a 2017 study by a Dr. Robert H. Howland talking about “Vagus Nerve Stimulation”.

The good doctor said that an under-stimulated Vagus nerve is commonly linked to depression, metabolic syndrome, inflammation and a high risk of heart disease.

So much as that claim from Organifi might sound outrageous, it seems to have lots of backing from the scientists so far. Nonetheless, more studies may still need to be done to ascertain the extent of the benefits and potential long-term effects of it.

The List of Ingredients

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We’ve already talked about the Lion’s Mane but the truth of the matter is that Organifi Pure contains more than just that.

1. The Baobab Fruit

Did you know that the Baobab fruit is one of the most resilient trees in the globe? Its sun-ripened fruit is rich with essential minerals and vitamins capable of improving digestion and providing antioxidant support. Besides that, the fruit which is ancient to Africa contains essential nutrients for repairing the brain and enhancing your overall brain cell health.

2. Aloe Vera

We all know this wonderful plant! It’s one of the best gifts from Mother Nature more so because it contains 75 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. The body-cleansing effects of Aloe Vera cannot be overemphasized.

3. Ginger Root

Versatility is the other name for the Ginger Root. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the root also helps regulate blood sugar level and ease menstrual cramping. Besides that, it safeguards the neurons effectively improving mental function.

4. Monk Fruit

Some refer to it as the mysterious vine because not much about it is spoken of despite the fact that it’s much sweeter than cane sugar. This natural sweetener is a fantastic source of energy and that’s in addition to the fact that it barely adds any calories to your diet.

5. Digestive Enzymes

Yup, you read that right. Within Organifi Pure are enzymes like lipase, protease, amylase, cellulose, and even lactase. These come in handy in preventing bloating and generally improving digestion.

6. CoffeeBerry

Don’t mistake it for the coffee bean. The coffee berry is the section that’s normally discarded when obtaining the coffee bean. Unknown to many is that this rind is a powerful source of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). BDNF comes in handy in improving brain cell communication.

7. Lemon

This is a low-calorie, high-fiber fruit. It’s rich in vitamin C and mainly boosts appetite. Its tart-sweet flavor makes Organifi Pure quite delicious.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

From weight loss to the regulation of blood pressure and detoxing the body, ACV is the badass when it comes healthy living. It’s actually the ingredient that according to the manufacturers of this supplement is responsible for “cleaning up” the Vagus Nerve.

9. Coconut Water

You can never go wrong with a bit of coconut water forming a part of your diet. It’s rich in potassium which also improves the bioavailability of the other nutrients on the list.

10 Tapioca Fiber Prebiotic

This particular ingredient is included in the formula to supply plant-based fibers. Besides that, it’s a prebiotic that boosts your supply of healthy bacteria to the gut.

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Who Uses It?

Anyone who wants to boost their memory and support healthy aging can benefit from Organifi Pure. In our view, the target age-group falls above 40 years of age – generally people who want to support their longevity. At the price of $2.83, it clearly doesn’t come cheap as such we’d recommend it to folks with a steady income.

Recommended Dosage

You simply need to take 1 scoop of this ingredient. Each scoop weighs 9.13 gram. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the actual measuring yourself as the product comes in ready-to-use, portable packs.

Potential Side Effects

This is a safe, over-the-counter supplement. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to take it. However, if you have any health concerns, reach out to your doctor before taking it. That said, its potential side effects are mild and rare if the product is taken in the right dosage.

  • There are fears that too much of lion’s mane may aggravate certain allergies and even asthma
  • The product may interact with some medications e.g. diabetes medication


  • The product is availed in convenient packaging
  • Full of healthy, natural ingredients
  • The company provides awesome customer support
  • You can save up to 15% of the cost if you subscribe
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free blend
  • The product so far seems to be attracting positive reviews
  • There’s a lot of scientific literature to back up its claims


  • It does not come cheap
  • It’s not energy-packed

Final Thoughts

While far from being a magical, energy-enhancing pill, Organifi Pure is a product designed to punch above its own weight. It contains a rich supply of nutrients and tastes way better than some of the mainstream supplements people often talk about. That said, we think it’s overpriced since apart from the Lion’s Mane, all the other ingredients aren’t supposed to be costly.

But if you don’t mind forking out some 70 bucks per month in exchange for a premium blend, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Organifi Pure a shot.