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Onnit’s mission is to empower as many individuals as possible with a holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They believe that if people have access to the best tools and knowledge, they will be able to achieve their fullest human potential, leading to a global movement for the good of all.

Onnit Lab is probably one of the most popular manufacturers of nootropic supplements currently. But did you know that they do more than just producing smart drugs?

They also produce gym equipment e.g. the Primal Kettlebells known to have gorilla faces carved into them. Besides that, they also have a gym based in Austin, Texas where world-class athletes train.

Onnit Overview

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That the Onnit brand has grown exponentially since its establishment is not in doubt. In fact, the Forbes valued the company at $28 million USD in 2016. So, as you can imagine, with the continued growth in demand for premium-quality supplements, the company has seen its business grow even further.

That claim is supported by the aggressive marketing the brand has invested in lately. Indeed, they have a solid presence on all major social media platforms top among them Instagram where they have garnered a following of more than half-a-million believers.

A closer look at various Onnit reviews posted on different independent platforms further confirms that the company is faring quite well in regards to brand reputation. For instance, at the time of compiling this write-up, they had amassed more than 15,700 reviews on Trustpilot, 76% of those being 5-stars.

Are They Worth Trusting?

Looking at their background information and the performance track-record they have established all along, we are confident that this is a good company. However, it has not always been this rosy for them. A few years gone by, the company kept attracting mixed reviews from its customers.

Fortunately, the management took its time to listen to that kind of feedback. And as we speak, they have really improved the efficiency of their services particularly by fine-tuning their returns policy and investing even more in third-party testing.

To this end, there are three things that seem to have catapulted the Onnit brand to the heights it currently is in. These are:

1. Customer-Centric Philosophy

The company’s business strategy is quite well-thought-out. For instance, you’ll find that their products are mainly made up of earth-grown ingredients. And besides that, everyone within the company is an advocate of healthy living.

In fact, the fact that they run a gym and produce gym equipment attests to their commitment to providing solutions that attend to your full-body needs.

This is unlike the trend we have been witnessing lately whereby some fly-by-night companies seeking to leverage on the “nootropic” buzzword have been set up. Onnit isn’t just about noots! Their approach, for close to a decade, has been all about achieving the right nutrition, supplementation, and training.

2. Marketing Approach

For a long time, this company has resorted to the use of podcasts to market its products to potential customers. In addition to that, they have invested a lot in social media outreach and celebrity endorsements.

On the flipside, though, this rather aggressive approach to marketing has not gone down with some of their fans. There are some who think that the company is focusing too much on hyping up its products instead of using this effort to improve product quality and the efficiency of services offered to clients.

Fortunately, it’s only a small section of Onnit’s fast-growing clientele that seems to see it that way. And brings us to the next point – transparency.

3. Transparency

If there is something we really like about this brand, it has to be the fact that they are frank, accountable and straightforward. Each one of their products comes with a clear list of ingredients. Of course, we have picked an issue with them in the past owing to the fact that they tend to package some of their nootropics as proprietary blends.

Fortunately, the company has come out strongly to defend its position citing the need to protect its patent as a reason for the blends. And in case you are still in doubt, the company avails the necessary Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) for all of its products on request.

We also like the fact that they have an awesome customer support team in place. Not only do they respond to queries raised via phone calls, but also do the same via emails and even on public platforms such as on independent sites where clients post reviews.

About The People Behind This Brand

aubrey marcus

Behind the awesome brand is Aubrey Marcus. Contrary to our expectations, he isn’t a scientist or neurosurgeon. In fact, he only holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Classical Civilization. He is more of a fitness guy than a lab guy.

Aubrey credits his partnership with one Joe Rogan as the starting point of the growth witnessed in the Onnit Brand. Joe is a well-known comedian and sports commentator. His authority certainly goes a long way to add to the brand’s equity.

What About Scientific Backing

It is worrying that this company doesn’t seem keen on having a scientist, nutritionist or brain health expert at the helm of the organization. We think this could have been an important move to increase public confidence and confirming that this company pays attention to the core principles of science.

But to make up for that, they are very keen on ensuring that independent studies are conducted on each one of their products prior to their release onto the markets. All these important studies are published on the Onnit Academy for your perusal.

What’s more? The entire Onnit Lab is based in the US and operates as per the requirements of the GMP and the FDA. If they were engaging in unscrupulous practices, their offices would have been closed by now. The fact that they have been running this business publicly and with a traceable physical address speaks volumes about the level of confidence they have in their practices.


  • They have a 90-day money back guarantee in place
  • Awesome customer support
  • High degree of transparency
  • Clinical trials are done on each one of their products
  • 3rd party tests done
  • Great packaging
  • The promote the use of earth-grown ingredients


  • They should list the CoAs of their products along with the product listings for ease of access
  • They should consider breaking down their proprietary blends for more transparency
  • Some of their products are quite pricey

Final Thoughts

If you are considering buying some supplements, training equipment or signing up for their gym training sessions, we’d encourage you to go ahead and do so. They seem to have all the necessary measures in place to protect their clients’ interests. And even though their products are pricey, we think that the kind of value they offer in return is worth spending on.

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