Onnit’s Instant Melatonin Spray Review

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Instant Melatonin Spray helps regulate your internal clock. Increased levels of melatonin help signify that it is time for your body to sleep.

Whether you work hard all day or not, the fact that you have to be awake for most of the day means that you deserve to get enough sleep. Did you know that sleep disorders are the cause of many health complications?

Your body needs adequate sleep to regenerate and repair any damage that it may have undergone throughout the day. Moreover, as you remain awake during the day, your brain tends to accumulate toxins, which are flushed out when you get enough restful sleep.

Lack of adequate sleep can cause poor skin, mood imbalances, reduced motivation, inability to focus, and fatigue. The Onnit Melatonin Spray is a product that promises to help you relax and get enough sleep for your body’s general wellbeing. Let us find out more about this product.

What is Onnit's Melatonin Spray?

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It is common knowledge that the body needs to manage its sleep patterns and regulate its internal clock. Well, Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for doing that.

For years, Melatonin supplements have been used as an actual and dependable sleep supplement. However, the distinct spray delivery technique presented by Onnit Instant Melatonin Spray permits better bioavailability and improved action speed compared to other supplements.

About the Manufacturer

Onnit is a unique and innovative health product manufacturer and one of the products from its stable is the Instant Melatonin Spray. The company seems like a breath of fresh air when it comes to supplying healthcare products.

It commits itself to provide functional and fact-based advice on the best techniques of living a lifestyle that can improve one’s health through a dietary supply of essential nutrients.

Ever since its inception in 2010, Onnit has launched innovative cognitive enhancers as well as performance improving pre and post exercising stacks. They offer an array of solutions formulated by certified nutritionists to deliver particular functions such as the Instant Melatonin Spray solution.

Ingredients and How It Works

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The Onnit Melatonin Spray comprises 3mg melatonin as the active ingredient.

As previously mentioned, the work of Melatonin in the body is to standardize day and night cycles or sleep-wake series. The body produces more Melatonin when it is dark and this sends a signal to the body for it to prepare for sleep.

On the other hand, light reduces the production of melatonin and signals the body to stay alert.

Therefore, people who have low Melatonin levels will have trouble falling asleep.

It is for that reason that most people with sleep disorders take melatonin supplements to help them sleep.

Other Ingredients

While this product contains 3mg of melatonin as its active ingredient, it is important to keep in mind that it comes in two variations:

  • Lavender
  • Mint

Now, each one of them comes with extra ingredients (i.e. apart from 3mg melatonin) and these include stevia leaf extract, glycerin, water, lavender oil, natural extracts, and natural citrus extract that acts as a preservative for the lavender flavor.

For the mint flavor, the ingredients include natural flavors, glycerin, water, ethyl alcohol, and natural citrus extract that works as a preservative as well.

Optimize Your Sleep Today

How to take it

While the recommended dosage for this product is three milligrams or six Sprays, it has been proven that one, or two sprays are enough to push your body to sleep.

Melatonin can be taken safely for more than two years and this is an indication that it is well tolerated by the body.

Potential Side Effects

Indeed, some people can safely take melatonin for up to two years. Nonetheless, it can still bring about a few side effects such as:

  • Irritability
  • Dizziness and daytime sleepiness
  • Short-term depression
  • Stomach cramps
  • Headaches

Who can Use It?

As long as you are looking to get quality sleep, you can use the Onnit Melatonin Spray. Moreover, it is NSF-certified meaning it can also be used by professional athletes.

The NSF is a self-governing and recognized non-profit body whose aim is to safeguard and develop global human health. They achieve this by aiding the improvement of safety and public health standards, and by analyzing and verifying products.

Pros & Cons

Presently, you may find it hard to fall asleep because modern lifestyles expose you to blue light wavelengths from electronic devices. These wavelengths have been proven to interrupt the production of melatonin.

If you are struggling to get into a regular sleeping pattern, you might be lacking melatonin but that is nothing to worry about because this product has got you covered. Check out some of its benefits.


  • It is Very Easy to Use
    All you have to do is purchase the product and the rest is a walk in the park. The dosage is easy to administer, as you will only be required to spray the recommended amount. Spraying the bottle is something that even a child can do.
  • It is made with All Natural Ingredients
    With all the lifestyle diseases on the loose nowadays, you want to use natural products as much as possible. This spray is made of all-natural ingredients, which is a good thing for your body.
  • It has Minimal Side Effects
    The benefits of this product outweigh the cons. The side effects of the spray are not very serious and they include irritability and headaches.
  • Safe to Use
    It can be used safely for a long time so if you use it for a few days and you feel like you have not achieved your desired results; you can always continue to use it until you are satisfied.


  • Results Not Typical
    This product is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Its results aren’t typical.
  • Limiting Ingredients
    It contains Melatonin as the only active ingredient. It could perform better if more ingredients that are active were added.

Final Thoughts

The research that backs up this product is thorough. The difference between the Onnit Melatonin Spray and other conventional supplements is that it can improve melatonin levels effectively and enhance sleep health with no side effects.

The product also comprises lavender extract, which also acts as a sleeping aid. Therefore, if you want an effective, natural, and certified supplement that will also be beneficial for your overall health, this is a reasonably priced supplement that you should consider getting.

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