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Nootropics.com believe that nootropics are a powerful tool for the future of productivity and wellbeing. They see cognitive enhancement as part of a tentative next step in the ongoing process of human improvement.

This vendor has what probably qualifies as the best and easiest-to-remember domain name – nootropics.com – yup, just that! Officially launched in 2016, the platform provides over 10 different stand-alone nootropic supplements including Noopept.

With a menu ranging from vitality-enhancing to anti-anxiety products, this fast-growing company seems destined to provide buyers with the peace of mind they need to make informed choices. But does this translate into more value for their shoppers? Is there more than meets the eye?

Nootropics.Com Review – Background Information

The best way to understand whether a supplements supplier is serious is by closely examining the seriousness of its makers and handlers. Who are the people behind the brand? What do they believe in?

Behind the Nootropics.Com brand is a UK-based company trading by the name Cerelux UK Limited. Our background research of the company revealed that it was incorporated in May 2018 and their UK offices are located in Brighton in East Sussex.

Although they’re incorporated in the UK, the main office is in the US (Grandville, Michigan) – probably due to the sheer size of this market.

Their CEO is Marius van Voorden, a down-to-earth who seems to lead a laid back life if his social media presence is anything to go by. His LinkedIn profile notes that he holds an MSc. in Nanotechnology from the University of Twente.

Quality Assurance

To this end, we can confirm that this is a serious company with permanent offices and a good track record. This is further reflected in their commitment to ensuring that each product that comes from them is third-party tested. And for that, they sub-contract Ceretropic – a well-known laboratory.

What’s more? The company takes a step further and publishes all its Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) on its FAQs page and under its product listing as well.

Some of the tests they run include Appearance, Odor, Taste, Identification, Specification, and Assay Tests.
In our view, this company is doing all it takes to ensure its shoppers get what is advertised. And most importantly, they have taken the bold step of having an independent entity double-check their products, something that most wheeler-dealers normally shy away from.

Customer Support

Nootropics.Com ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the quality of customer support services. First and foremost, they make their physical addresses both in Michigan and the UK public showing that they are always ready for scrutiny.

Apart from that, they process most if not all of their customer support queries via email (you can email directly or fill a contact form). Inquiries are normally responded to in under 24 hours although that may take as long as 48 hours depending on their backlog of queries.

But still, they always do their best to respond to different queries and the folks who man this desk sound quite professional also. Last but not least, they have an FAQ page which pretty much answers all the general questions you might be having at any given moment.

The Marketing Model

This is one of the few supplements companies that let their products’ value speak for itself. A spot-check on their social media profiles reveals a rather low-profile approach to marketing. That said, they have a fast-growing email list through which they send constant updates to their subscribers. It’s a well-run list and they only send you the necessary emails once in a while (no spamming).

In our view, the biggest strength this company currently has as far as marketing goes is its referral network. They have an affiliate program which relies heavily on customer satisfaction and loyalty to thrive.


There are 10 products on offer currently at their website although they are likely to keep adding more products as time goes by. Some of the nootropics included on their list include Aniracetam, Citicoline, Adrafinil, L-Theanine, Noopept, Melatonin, Phenibut, Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, and Tianeptine.

To understand how exactly this vendor fares against the main competitors i.e Pure Nootropics and Absorb Health, we’d like to compare the prices of Noopept and Adrafinil across the Board.

Nootropics.Com sells Adrafinil for $69, comprising 60 capsules with free shipping. That’s the same price you’d get 70 capsules of the same nootropic for from Absorb Health but you need to pay for the shipping (free shipping starts at $75 here). The best Adrafinil deal, for now, is with Pure Nootropics who sell 90 capsules at $59.99 inclusive of free domestic shipping.

If you’re looking for high-quality Noopept, Nootropics.Com will sell you a bottle of 60x30mg capsules at $39. Absorb Health will sell you 100x10mg capsules of Noopept at $20 while Pure Nootropics will deliver 90x20mg capsules for $20. So you’d still pay more while shopping at Nootropics.Com although you’d get pills that are x3 more powerful than what you’d get at Absorb Health.

Shipping & Returns

The company provides free shipping services for all domestic orders valued at $50 and all international orders priced at $200 and above. They also offer a 90-day money back guarantee window for all unopened products. That sucks because there’s no way to return the product if it doesn’t work for you provided you’ve opened it.

If you’re skeptical, we’d recommend ordering the least quantities possible from them to try them out first.


  • They have what’s probably the best Noopept quality and potency right now
  • Great packaging
  • Awesome free shipping deal
  • Reasonably priced although they’re slightly expensive than Pure Nootropics
  • Great customer support
  • Awesome and easy-to-navigate website


  • They don’t provide free trials or samples
  • Their money-back guarantee terms are quite limiting
  • Limited selection of natural nootropics

Final Thoughts

If you are a quality conscious person who doesn’t mind parting with an extra dime in exchange for extra quality in terms of potency, packaging, etc, Nootropics.Com would be a perfect place to shop.

They, however, seem to have a preference for synthetic nootropics over earth-grown ones. Also, their money-back guaranteed terms are quite restrictive – but given their consistency in quality, there isn’t much to worry about here.

If we were to rate them on a scale of 10, we’d give them a well-deserved 8/10. They are awesome guys only that you have to dig deeper into your pockets to access quality products from them.