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Nootropic Source behaves just like your typical nootropic vendor who is constantly avoiding a run-in with the FDA. The company remains tight-lipped about its operations, ownership or even history. All we can confirm for now is that they have been in operation since 2016.

What are some of the qualities you look for in your preferred supplements vendor? Pricing, quality assurance or customer support? Well, the truth of the matter is that those three factors matter quite a lot and a good vendor is one that combines all.

Talking about good vendors, Nootropic Source is one of the names constantly mentioned whenever cheap nootropics are concerned. And although the company issues a disclaimer that its products are intended for lab-use only, our background research confirms that a majority of those who shop from them actually use the products for consumption.

Indeed, the vendor seems to have taken all the measures necessary to ensure that their final products are safe for consumption. With lab testing measures in place, the Tampa-based company seeks to attain the highest possible quality standards. This is probably the reason why more and more consumers and even some of the top online vendors order directly from them in bulk.

All About Nootropic Source

nootorpic source

According to their certificates of analyses, their offices are located in Tampa, Florida. Another thing we can confirm about them is that they supply supplements in different forms as follows:

  • Powders
  • Solutions
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Peptides
  • Mushrooms

So, unfortunately, they don’t provide capsules. Given that most nootropic supplements like piracetam and phenibut taste quite bad, it seems you’d need to repackage their powder form nootropics at home. Fortunately, this isn’t a big deal if you are a DIY person.

The nasal sprays are, in our view, the best alternatives for folks looking for a ready-made, easy-to-use stuff. For instance, you can buy noopept nasal sprays from them instead of the powder form of it.

Quality Assurance

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Supplements can be quite delicate as far as quality is concerned. Indeed, you want to ensure that what you end up with is safe to consume and also properly handled all along for your own wellbeing. In that regard, Nootropic Source claims to take all of its products through rigorous lab testing.

Each one of the products appearing on the shop comes with a COA under a letter-head simply written Nootropics Source. So, we’ll assume that they have an in-house lab testing team and that all the tests are done at their plants.

Another measure the company takes to provide you with extra safety is to ensure their products are checked prior to shipment. They even take photos of the products just before shipping them as an extra measure of safety to the consumer.

As far as quality assurance is concerned we’d say that what this company has done is satisfactory although a lot more may need to be done in the way of 3rd party testing and so forth.

Customer Support

Their customer support offers a mixed bag of fortunes. Whether they do it deliberately to cover their tracks or due to incompetence isn’t clear to this end. But one thing is for sure if there is something this company needs to work on it has to be how they handle their customers.

Fortunately, their system is quite easy to navigate through and it’s also quite easy to place orders on their platform. The only challenge is that they are quite strict with returns and charge-back – in fact, they have a zero-tolerance policy for those. So, you really don’t have much control over the order once you place it.

You just have to trust that the team will get the order right and that you’ll like it because there is no way to get compensated if you don’t like any of their products.

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Marketing Model

They are not on any social media platform and neither did we spot any evidence of them conducting paid search engine marketing. To this end, they mainly seem focused on referral marketing. Our view is that they have adopted a laid-back approach to marketing choosing instead to have their products market themselves.

Their prices are also quite competitive. That’s in addition to the fact that they offer a price match guarantee. This is a great policy that’s based on their cheap pricing. The company guarantees that if you find similar products selling cheaper on any other platform on the net, they’ll match that price to meet you at the lowest price point possible.


Thanks to their price match guarantee, you can rest assured to find some of the best-priced nootropic compounds under them. Unfortunately, their packaging is quite different from that of their competitors and that’s because they supply most of their products in powder form.

Just to give you a rough idea of their prices, a 2-gram sachet of Noopept goes for $6 excluding shipping and handling. If you’re a beginner, that’s just about enough supply for a month or two. So, indeed, their stuff is really cheap.

Shipping & Returns

The company provides free shipping for all domestic orders valued at more than $150. As usual, the company has a zero-tolerance on returns and all sales are final. So, your best bet is to invest in them what you can afford to lose. Otherwise, there is no way to get your money back or a reshipment even if you accidentally receive the wrong order.

Fortunately, the company has done a lot to prevent issues where wrong products are shipped. That has seen them even capture photos of products prior to shipping them for verification. Still, quite a few people complain of the lack of an opportunity to launch a refund claim or return defective products.

So, this is an area the company needs to look into if they want to attract a wider market especially one mainly made up of skeptical shoppers.


  • They have the cheapest nootropic prices on the markets
  • The company provides in-house certificates of analyses for their products
  • You’ll find a wide variety of nootropic supplements on supply here
  • Their powders are well-packaged and sealed in Mylar Bags
  • They offer free shipping for US orders exceeding $150 USD


  • They only provide in-house tests no 3rd party tests
  • No returns or chargebacks

Final Thoughts

If all our top preferred vendors e.g. Nootropics Depot, Pure Nootropics, and Absorb Health were to go under (of course, we pray that never happens), Nootropic Source would be a great place to run to. They seem to have all the necessary security measures in place for now. That said, they still need to work on the quality of their customer support services and be more transparent if they’re to attract a wider clientele.