Noopept Review – All the Important Details You Need To Know

Nooopept is probably one of the most sought-after nootropics today. Originally designed and produced in the former Soviet Union (now Russia), many consider it a go-to drug for managing various mental health issues. But what’s the science behind it? And how exactly does it work?

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Is Noopept A Stimulant?

This is a rather broad question because this smart drug is technically not a stimulant. That said, it actually seems to have some qualities that mimic those provided by stimulants. However, unlike average stimulants like caffeine, this one doesn’t seem to have any major side effects or addictive properties.

In summary, noopept exists as a neuroprotector and memory enhancer which is thought to be up to 1000x stronger than piracetam (more on that late). The drug came to the limelight in 1996, which is almost 3 decades ago, after it gained the global reputation of being a cognitive enhancer.

Indeed, so far, different studies have confirmed its efficacy particularly in the management of cognitive decline. For instance, in a 2008 study appearing in the Springer Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine confirmed that Noopept held much promise in the management of mild cognitive impairment.

Therapeutic Effects

The researcher’s, further, concluded that more studies needed to be done to ascertain the therapeutic effectiveness of this nootropic. They also recommended that more light needs to be shed regarding the possibility of this noot in the prevention of the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Noopept is available both as a pill and in powder form. The idea behind this is to make sure that it is readily absorbed into the body system thereby reducing the amount of time one needs to experience its effects. It’s no wonder when taken as a pill, its effects can be felt in as few as 7 minutes.

How Long Does Noopept Last?

It’s one thing for a cognitive enhancer’s effects to be felt in just a few minutes after being taken, but another for those effects to last long. But generally, if one sticks to the recommended 10 to 40mg dosage per day, the drug’s effects can last for anywhere between 3 and 6 hours.

Of course, the duration which the supplements effects are felt may vary depending on factors related to your biochemistry.

You might be wondering – what on earth makes Noopept so effective? – and well, the best answer to that question lays in understanding the primary mechanism of this “smart drug.”

Working In Two Ways

In the same 2008 study posted in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, Dr. Ostrovskaya and his team confirmed that Noopept works in two ways . To begin with, it boosts your nerve-growth factor (NGF) something that directly affects the performance of your brain chemicals.

So, what exactly does the NGF achieve? The best way to understand this is by taking a look at a peer-review study posted in the European Journal of Neuroscience back in 1998. In that particular study, the lead researcher Dr. Sala R and his team managed to unearth the truth behind NGF and how it influences the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

The study further highlighted the fact that a decline in the NGF levels in the mind may happen due to blockages which occur over time. Most importantly, the researchers concluded that NGF is directly connected to brain effectiveness.

The second primary mechanism behind Noopept has everything to do with the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). BDNF has always been associated with memory performance. And this notion led four scientists led by Dr. Tharmegan Tharmaratnam to carry out a study on the effects of BDNF on the intensity of memory in the adolescent brain.

Some Take-homes From That Study

The study made two very important findings. One, it concluded that BDNF is pivotal to the achievement of various cortical functions. The second finding was that this component can also boost cerebral oxygenation which can boost brain performance and help prevent neurologic illnesses.

Keeping in mind the findings made in these studies, it is possible to conclude that Noopept works both as a memory enhancer and also as an agent that prevents further cognitive decline.

The so-called wonder drug is backed by years of research particularly owing to its contribution to brain development and the prevention of long-term damage to crucial cortical nerves.

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What Is Noopept Used For?

To this end, we can confirm that Noopept is not your average “smart drug.” Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier fast makes it quite a reliable mood enhancer which also takes its time to enhance your performance. Some of the effects of taking this relatively popular nootropic include:

1. Improving Memory and Cognition

This product can be relied upon to prevent amnesia and improve memory. But don’t take our word for it. In a study, scientists were successful in revealing that a group of rats that were fed on Noopept experienced an improvement in “one-session learning”.

Further, the researchers pointed out the fact that rats that were given tiny portions of the compound over time (repeated administration) experienced a steady improvement in learning abilities over time. And, therefore, the number of successful learners in this experiment was observed to increase over time.

This study, although done on rats, goes a long way to paint the picture of this cognitive enhancer as a go-to product for improving the ability to recall things. And this can be such an important ability especially for people who handle complex tasks on a day-to-day basis. It is also probably why this product has become quite popular among entrepreneurs and researchers alike.

In order to fully understand what goes on when you take this noot, it is important for us to understand the process through which it works. And to begin with, the moment the smart drug reaches your brain, it starts by activating or enhancing your alpha brain waves.

2. Helps Reduce Anxiety

It’s no secret that Noopept is one of the most reliable methods of managing anxiety. You know, it is normal to become anxious especially when facing key moments in your life. For instance, some people tend to become ridiculously anxious just a few hours before an exam or a presentation.

The problem with anxiety, however, is that it can make you less effective in the things that you do. And, therefore, by banking on the effectiveness of drugs such as these ones, you can easily focus better and present your ideas in a better manner.

Any Evidence For This?

But is there any evidence to back all these claims? You might be wondering. And once again, we would like to make reference to a scientific study done to confirm whether anxiety and memory are regulated together and the role of cycloprolyglycine which is produced when one takes this “smart drug” in reducing anxiety.

Dr. Gudasheva TA and his team managed to link cycloprolyglycine to enhanced brain performance and an enhancement in what scientists refer to as anxiolytic activity. In layman terms, anything that’s anxiolytic can also be referred to as an antianxiety agent or anti-panic medication in the sense that it inhibits anxiety.

In order to get a better understanding of how anxiolytics work, watch this video:

Once again, this study successfully managed to link a decline in cognitive performance with a higher level of anxiety. This once again highlights the need for you to find a means to manage any anxiety issues you might be having as they can in one way or another influence your productivity.

3. Enhancing Emotional Balance

Simply put, emotional balance is your ability to maintain harmony between your body and mind even when in the middle of demanding situations and challenges. And indeed, provided you have a healthy emotional balance, you are also likely to experience good physical health and experience growth in your personal wellbeing.

So, what role does this famous nootropic have in all that? You might be wondering. We draw our reference from the study by Dr. Ostrovaskaya which contends that Noopept has selective anxiolytic effects which are not only helpful to memory functional but also in playing a neuroprotective role.

Keeping that in mind, this smart drug seems to have a central role in helping individuals gain more control over emotional sensitivity. This further helps counter the negative effects that are commonly associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.

4. Serious Brain Changes

We all know that such conditions and drug abuse have the ability to cause serious changes in the key parts of your brain. And, therefore, if you’re experiencing any issues related to emotional balance, it is worth keeping in mind the fact that this issue might be far deeper than you might think.

Take depression as an example. Some of the common symptoms of it include significant changes in mood, indecision and even difficulty remembering things.

Similarly, MRI scans done during brain imaging studies on depressed people indicate that abnormalities may arise in the hippocampus section of your brain if you lack a healthy emotional balance.

The Hippocampus is your “memory center” and it freezes or shrinks every time you’re having issues related to emotional balance.

So, Noopept may help reverse all those effects by providing you with greater control over your state of emotion. That’s particularly done through the stimulation of feel-good hormones such as dopamine.

5. Wards Off Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a condition commonly associated with a progressive loss of memory. In other words, it is a progressive process which can kick off right from your young age and get worse over time.

Parkinson’s disease, on the other hand, is directly connected to your central nervous system. It directly affects your movement and can cause serious levels of stiffness. Once again, this is a progressive condition which means it tends to get worse with age.

Unfortunately, there is no cure to any of those two conditions. But that said, Noopept seems to play a pivotal role in stopping the progression of these conditions particularly by improving the way your brain and CNS function.

6. Preventing the Death of Brain Cells

In a past test-tube study, this smart drug was shown to play a key role in preventing the death of key cells in the brain and CNS systems. This was thought to be as a result of its ability to inhibit amyloid toxicity which is commonly associated with the loss of membrane potential leading to leakage of ions according to a 2018 study.

In an earlier study, Noopept was shown to prevent ionic disbalance and the accumulation of inflammatory cytokines.

What’s more? The study concluded that if you take Noopept prior to the amyloid toxicity taking a toll on you, you can significantly increase cell viability and enhance something known as mitochondrial membrane potential.

Long story short, this can help you to slow down or even completely prevent the advancement of the brain and neurodegenerative complications among them Alzheimer’s and the Parkinson’s disease.

How Much Noopept Should I Take?

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Much as this is a powerful product, it is important that you take it in the right dosage so you can experience its potent effects. Ordinarily, if you happen to take it in the right kind of dosage, you can look forward to a significant improvement in your memory capacity as we have already noted in the paragraphs above.

And although it is not officially yet a member of the Racetam family, this particular noot is thought to be much more powerful than your average Piracetam or Aniracetam.

But that may not sound like much until you fully understand how exactly a dose of this noot works.
When you take your daily dose of Noopept, it goes right into the brain and stimulates the production of various neurotransmitters and that improves the speed at which information is transferred.

And for that reason, it is important to ensure that you get the right dosage of the product so you can experience its optimal results while avoiding its potential negative effects.

The Scientifically Recommended Dosage

So, what is the scientifically recommended dosage for anyone taking this “smart drug?” According to one Russian peer-reviewed study, Noopept is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam.

As you can imagine, it’s really powerful and, therefore, it is important that you are really keen on sticking to the right dosage. That being said, it is highly recommended that you limit your intake to 10 and 40mg per day.

Ideally, if you are going to resort to the optimal dosage of 40mg per day, you should spread it throughout the day rather than trying to take it in one sitting.

So, for 40mg, you’d be better off taking 10mg four times a day. You can spread the sessions right from morning to evening. And that said, you should also be keen not to take this supplement just a few minutes before going to bed.

Keep The Following Considerations In Mind

Since it has some effects that mimic those of a stimulant, it may lead to a lack of sleep. Another thing you need to note is that your body weight can significantly affect the effectiveness of the dosage you take.

Therefore, if you weigh less than 140lbs, you should stick to the 10mg dosage per session. And if you weigh 140 to 200 pounds, be sure to stick to the minimum dosage of 20mg.

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How To Take Noopept

Ultimately, it’s up to you to divide your dosage and spread it throughout the day in line with your unique needs and schedule. The best idea is to start with the least dosage possible. And then you can always scale it up as and when your body needs more of it.

Likewise, if you happen to feel uncomfortable for any reason, you might want to lower your dosage, relax and also drink lots of water.

Keep in mind that this cognitive enhancer is mainly available in powder form (and liquid form lately). And, therefore, its effects tend to take effect real quick. As such the drug is highly potent.

That said, you may still want to take it on an empty stomach, the first thing in the morning. This would improve the absorption rates and ultimately enhance its effects on you.

Important Dosage Details To Keep In Mind

Just as it is the case with a vast majority of nootropics, the effects and potency may vary from one user to the next. So, it may take some time for you to find out which approach works best for you and why.

At the end of it all, this drug will gradually build up in your system and its benefits will become more vivid. Furthermore, the idea of stacking Noopept with other supplements is still quite valid. For instance, it is quite common for users to mix it with choline.

As you might be aware, Choline is quite effective when it comes to enhancing cognitive performance and promoting mental clarity. A clearer mind with strong memory retention power can give you a significant cognitive boost.

But there are also limits here as well. For instance, when stacking Noopept and CDP choline, the most common ratio is 1:30. Put otherwise, for every 10mg of Noopept, add 300mg of choline for a daily dosage.

An important point we’d like to make at this point is that if you happen to use this noot with any other supplement, stick to the minimum possible dosage of it. That way, you can prevent over-stimulation and also minimize any potential side-effects for doing so.

Potential Side Effects

Talking about side effects, below we’d like to provide you with a comprehensive list of some of the common side effects that commonly arise from overdosing Noopept.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach problems

Having conducted all-around research of this “smart drug’s” negative effects, we made the observation that so far no records exist highlighting any dangerous effects from taking it in normal doses. But even with that said, it is important to appreciate the fact that different people may respond differently to it.

Is Noopept A Racetam?

Although Noopept is commonly listed alongside racetams owing to its near-similar effects and mechanisms, it really isn’t one. As we have already pointed out, this Russian Study came to the conclusion that Noopept is up to 1000 times stronger than racetams.

That’s despite the fact that it rides on the modulation of the acetylcholine system which is more or less what racetams do.

Also, in order for us to get a clearer perspective on this debate, it is important to focus on the potential effects of either of the two. Some studies have shown that Noopept is 1.8 less likely to lead to side effects, unlike piracetam.

In a study published in the Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology journal, two researchers G. G. Neznamov and E. S Teleshova came to the conclusion that Noopept enjoys a clear advantage over piracetam when it comes to the management of mild cognitive disorders.

An almost similar observation was made in yet another study appearing in the Journal of Biomedical Science which heaped praise to nootropic compounds that take the Noopept approach. This is because the “Smart Drug” was shown to achieve similar if not better cognitive effects than piracetam but in much smaller concentrations.

Smaller Portions Needed

The fact that only small proportions of it are needed to achieve cognitive effects means less strain on your liver and kidneys. And for that reason, this particular nootropic compound stands out for being highly safe for most people.

Besides that, Noopept’s benefits go beyond brain stimulation and into anxiety relief as well. This may be as a result of its relations with the GABA receptor modulation which ultimately is more potent compared to what racetams can do.

Another thing to keep in mind is that racetams tend to take quite a while to work. And while Noopept’s effects can be felt in a few as 7 minutes, the average time for piracetam effects is 15 to 60 minutes (clearly longer).

However, it is important for us to also say that the conclusions above are still based on very limited scientific studies. And with time, we look forward to seeing more studies and anecdotal reports being submitted further comparing the two.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Noopept is one of the most powerful nootropic compounds on the markets currently. It came to the limelight some 30-years ago owing to its popularity in Russia.

Some studies have concluded that it is 1000x more potent than piracetam. Therefore, only a small portion of it is needed to achieve the effects one would expect from a larger racetam dose.

And since less of it is needed at any given situation, it also tends to place a minimal strain on your system. As such, some pundits view it as a much safer alternative cognitive enhancer.

With all those facts in mind, our view is that Noopept is a noot that can provide you with good value for money. And, therefore, if you’re looking for a “smart drug” that can keep you stimulated without the negative effects of caffeine or racetams, we think that this product might be worth checking out.

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