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NooCube is a synergistic blend of nootropics which helps support and enhance your focus, mental speed and memory. Safely and effectively improve your cognitive functioning with this powerful blend of vitamins, amino acids and other essential building blocks for a healthy, well-functioning brain.

Whether you’re a busy professional, student, or an entrepreneur who needs to keep up with a demanding schedule, getting a brain boost can for sure go a long way in making your life better. And talking about a brain boost, NooCube is one of the few nootropic stacks out there that claim to help brighten up your mind and enhance your IQ.

But is it just another over-glorified stimulant or something that actually does what it claims to do? Let’s find out.

All About Noocube

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NooCube is a brand that’s owned by Wolfson Berg Limited. The said company is involved in the production of many other different dietary supplements. But when it comes to noots, NooCube is their best-known brand.

The company has been in operation for over a decade and prides itself in the ability to use pioneering scientific research to provide premium nutrition and supplements that harness one’s natural power. Our background check of this company revealed that it is based in Larnaca in Cyprus.

What NooCube Does

The company behind this brand makes big claims about it. But in our view, it’s nothing more than your usual nootropic stack – with the difference being that this one is expertly mixed by some guys with a deeper understanding of how supplements work.

Also, there is no doubt that NooCube is quite well packaged. Besides that, it comes with a clear label which guides you on all the ingredients included in it. What’s more? They actually provide a deeper explanation as to why they chose and used those particular ingredients on their website.

So, as far as transparency is concerned, we think that this company so far meets the grade. And also, when we take a look at its list of ingredients, we’re glad to say that there are quite a few familiar names in there (more about that later).

The product is claimed to achieve three objectives. And these are (1)Enhancing your cognitive function (2)Heightening your focus and concentration (3)Enhancing your learning power and boosting your memory.

Basically, NooCube works by enabling you to achieve a heightened mental state. And in this situation, you can focus better, react faster and be more aware of your surroundings.

The NooCube Ingredients

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On to the good stuff now – the ingredients. And the good news is that this product only comes with 6 ingredients. All the ingredients are quite well-known as natural nootropics on their own. In our view, fewer ingredients might make the product much safer to use but less effective for some people. But please note that quality always triumphs over quantity as far as noots are concerned.

1. Alpha GPC

We all know Alpha GPC – the whitish powder that has been used since time immemorial to improve wakefulness. So, what’s the science behind it? Well, Alpha GPC is claimed to increase the quantities of acetylcholine in your brain.

Acetylcholine is a renowned neurotransmitter – basically, it’s a messenger which sees your brain cells pass information much more effectively.

And, therefore, the moment you get more of Alpha GPC into your system, you’re likely to notice a significant improvement in your learning abilities. On top of that, you’re bound to have an easier time concentrating on complex tasks.

To crown it all up, Alpha GPC has been studied and shown to help reduce the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. So, not only does it strengthen your brain but also, it helps protect your brain cells in the long-haul.

2. Huperzine-A

Also known as Huperzia serrata, Huperzine-A is obtained as an extract from the Chinese club moss. It’s popular in most diet and fitness outlet particularly owing to its potential to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Inside Huperzine-A is something known as acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor. Basically, its job is to prevent the breakdown or depletion of acetylcholine. This, therefore, leaves you with surplus quantities of acetylcholine which as we all know improves the overall brain function.

Most importantly, this rare extract has the ability to improve memory performance along with enhancing your learning speed. It’s, therefore, recommended for learners undertaking complex courses.

3. Cat’s Claw

Its scientific name is Uncaria tomentosa and it’s found in the wild as a woody vine commonly available in Central and South America. Its name, Cat’s Claw, came from the fact that its thorns are claw-shaped. As a nootropic herb, this yellow-flowered herb excels with its antioxidant properties. It indeed can help improve your brain and cognitive performance.

On top of that, Cat’s Claw is believed to possess neuroprotective abilities. If that’s the case, then it’d be correct to say that this herb can help prevent cell damage. And it’s no wonder it is commonly used to help control the Parkinson’s disease.

4. Bacopa Monnieri

You may know it by its other names i.e. the water hyssop or brahmi, but whichever way you look at it, Bacopa Monnieri is an invaluable herb. The Indian herb contains some powerful elements that go a long way in enhancing nerve growth.

And as you might be aware, the stronger your CNS system gets, the better your brain is likely to function. Simply put, Bacopa is your go-to herb whenever you’re looking to optimize your cognitive function.

And besides doing all that, it also harbors some protective benefits as well. It prevents your nerve cells from premature damage and helps you to retain a strong memory right into your old age.

5. Oat Straw

You may be familiar with the common oat – yes, the one we all like taking for breakfast – but what about the Oat Straw? Well, this is the green part of the stem which would otherwise be discarded after harvesting oats. But they no longer discard it since it has been identified as having numerous health benefits.

In the context of NooCube, it has been included specifically thanks to its brain-boosting functions. Apparently, it increases the frequency of the alpha-2 waves thereby promoting wakefulness.

On top of that, it seems to work as a vasodilator. And that’s to say, it boosts your veins’ capacity to transport blood throughout the body – and indeed to your brain as well. The Oat Straw extract on its own is recommended for folks looking to maintain task focus.

6. L-Tyrosine & L-Theanine

These wonderful ingredients are naturally found in tea (green and black tea). Both are amino acids although L-Theanine is all about relieving stress and stimulating the development of neurotransmitters. Experts believe that L-Theanine can create a relaxed, yet alert kind of feeling.

On its part, L-Tyrosine is involved in the production of noradrenaline and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters play a major role in promoting wakefulness and alertness. Also, dopamine is responsible for creating a feel-good effect. It’s safe to say that L-tyrosine is essential for reducing fatigue and stress.

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How To Use Noocube – Dosage Guidelines

The recommended NooCube dosage is 4 capsules per day. You can take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. And no matter the situation, you should avoid taking more than 3 capsules at once.

The best way to take these pills is on an empty stomach and with lots of water. But of course, you should avoid taking them alongside any other prescription drugs that you might be taking. Consider talking to your doctor first before introducing any noots to your life especially if you have to take other prescription drugs on a daily basis.

Side Effects

This product is largely safe all thanks to its all-natural list of ingredients. But even with that said, it’s possible to experience different results upon taking this stack as its results are not typical. So, in some rare cases, you may experience some minor side-effect resulting from the ingredients included in NooCube’s list.

For instance, Huperzine-A can cause a loss of appetite. So, like we’ve advised you on the dosage requirements of this product, your best bet is to retain your intake within the recommended guidelines. Too much of it can cause all manner of side-effects among them:

  • Sleep issues
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness

Fortunately, those side effects are rarely reported. And unless you have a history of tolerance or allergy to any of the above-mentioned ingredients chances are that you’ll not notice any side effect of using this product.

Pricing & Shipping

Each bottle of NooCube equals a 1-month supply of the product. This would cost you $39.99 with free global shipping and money-back guarantee. You can save more if you order for greater quantities. For instance, you’d get an extra bottle for free if your order 2 bottles. And if you go for the 3 bottle order, you’d also get 3 extra bottles for free.

So, the catch here is that you have to order for larger quantities if you want to save more. The good thing, however, is that free-shipping and money back guarantee systems are in place at whichever plan you opt for.

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Can help enhance cognitive function
  • Affordably priced
  • Free shipping
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not as powerful as other ingredient-packed nootropic stacks
  • Their dosage recommendations can be quite limiting

Final Thoughts

NooCube has earned its place among the top, best-made, ready-nootropic stacks on the market. It’s backed by quite a number of notable studies and on top of that, it’s reasonably priced. That said, it seems to lack the kind of oomph you’d expect from the likes of Qualia Mind and Mind Lab Pro. So, we’d recommend it to anyone looking for a gentle and sort-of laid-back approach of boosting brain power.