Neuro Peak vs Neuro Ignite

Neuro Peak and NeuroIgnite are two very similar nootropic supplements that have the word "Neuro" in them.

But wouldn't you want to know which of the two is better, Neuro Ignite or NeuroPeak?

We find out the answer to the Neuro-Peak vs Neuro Ignite comparison and give you all the details you'd need for an informed decision. Without further ado, let's get started!

NeuroIgnite Overview


Havasu Nutrition's NeuroIgnite supports brain function mainly by improving clarity, memory, and focus. It's one main ingredient is a super popular Asian root, the Super Gingko Biloba.

The absence of caffeine will make you experience a "clean" burn as your mind expands and focus becomes sharper. In addition, Neuro Ignite offers a quicker way to get your nootropic fix. Their ingredients take a wide-spectrum approach that can affect mood and energy levels throughout the day.

Havasu maintains that each bottle is made in the US and within the highest quality standard and safety. Raw and finished product testing is done regularly to ensure maximum efficacy, including testing for toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Neuro Peak Overview

zhou nutrition neuro peak

Zhou Nutrition's Neuro Peak offers superb mental performance in pill form. It's an excellent nootropic for business professionals, students, athletes, gamers and practically anyone who wants to get a cognitive edge over the competition.

Nootropic staples such as Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri, DMAE, and others are in full force here. Moreover, Zhou has made sure that each vital proponent has the right dose in order to produce optimal cognitive benefits.

Neuro-Peak's mechanism of action is different from other brain pill products. It supports the protein network and its neurons, dopamine and serotonin production, nerve cell health, learning, and memory. The once-daily dose actually helps you become more productive since you won't have to take them a few times per day.

Comparing The Ingredients

NeuroIgnite has gone through several formula changes, and the one it has now is probably the best version to date. Some of the ingredients that did nothing was already removed, and the ones that work have been upped, i.e., Bacopa Monnieri.

St. John's Wort and DMAE are two main ingredients that pose significant problems on their own. DMAE isn't on everyone's nootropic list for a reason- its cholinergic effect is unreliable at best. Huperzine may be good, but users will need to cycle after a month to stave off diminishing returns.

The supplement facts on NeuroIgnite lists all the ingredients and the dosage, so there's full transparency for the buyer.

Neuro-Peak's ingredients are lab-certified and all-natural. Like NeuroIgnite, it doesn't contain caffeine. You'd be surprised to know that Neuro Peak has a shorter list of ingredients, which is actually a good thing.

All that makes up a pretty good nootropic is here, including Bacopa Monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea and Gingko Biloba. The DMAE content leaves a lot to be desired and could have been replaced with something better, but if there's one thing that Zhou Nutrition did right, it's the dosing.

Which Is Better?

All things considered, the battle between NeuroIgnite and Neuro Peak is a close match.

Nootropics live and die by the ingredients and dosage. This means that in order to be classified as a great brain supplement, the product must have proven nootropic ingredients at the right dose.

Neuro Peak gets the edge in this department, with PS, Bacopa and Gingko Biloba leading the charge. 300mg of straight plant Bacopa is better than 300mg of Bacosides, and 100mg of Gingko is better than 50mg. Phosphatidylserine is infinitely better than St. John's Wort in both uses and as a nootropic.

Questionable compounds are Neuro Ignite's downfall, with Carnitine, St. John's Wort and DMAE leading the charge. Unfortunately, these 3 are also NeuroIgnite's main ingredients, which make Neuro Peak the better supplement.

Final Thoughts

Neuro Peak wins the nootropic comparison game with a winning formula over Neuro Ignite. Those who want to get more nootropics at optimal doses should consider buying Neuro Peak instead of NeuroIgnite. You get more bang for your buck, thanks to Zhou Nutrition's Bacopa, PS, and Gingko Biloba formula. The once a day serving works as well, especially for busy individuals who want to get things done!