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By the time of compiling this review, they had more than 20 different products on offer. From the well-known CILTEP to the little-known Prebiotic+, Natural Stack’s menu seems wide and dynamic enough to cater to the needs savvy and non-savvy supplement shoppers alike.

The name Natural Stacks may not be the most creative one for a nootropic vendor but this Seattle-based company continues to prove its critics wrong with its fast-growing market presence. So, what’s the secret behind its success?

A quick background check of the company reveals that it has been around since 2013 and within that time it has managed to grow its product portfolio quite fast.

Natural Stacks Review – An Overview

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As we have already mentioned, this company was established in 2013 – about 3 years after their arch-rivals the Onnit Lab. In a past podcast interview, Roy Krebs, one of the company’s founder claimed that the company made a 7 figure revenue within the first year of doing business.

If Roy’s statement is anything to go by, then it’s possible to project that this company has been doing quite well in recent years. And with the nootropics market estimated to grow by almost 6 times between 2015 and 2024, one can only predict greater times ahead for this brand. But what has kept them going?

Why Choose Natural Stacks

One thing that makes this supplier quite unique is the commitment to the use of natural ingredients in all of their products. There has been an insurgence of half-baked pharmaceutical drugs on the markets so far and, therefore, it’s quite encouraging to see that there is a company here that’s committed to providing earth-based nutrients instead.

In fact, not only does Natural Stacks pride itself in going all natural but it also sticks to an open-source formula. What’s an open source formula and why does it matter?

An open source formula is one where all the ingredients used are laid bare for all to see. Unlike other companies out there, this one steers clear from the use of proprietary blends. Instead, they provide highly specific lists of ingredients detailing the exact quantities of each ingredient used.

1. Transparency

Although their products aren’t exactly the cheapest ones out there, the company backs up all that by providing you with awesome value. First off, as we have already said, they have stuck to the use of open-source formulas all along. Besides that, they only use ingredients that have been clinically tried and tested.

What’s more? They do conduct thorough in-house and third-party tests on their products. That’s of course, in addition to the fact that they ensure to use a traceable supply chain. This way, they are able to ensure that the ingredients you get in the bottle are grown and harvested ethically.

2. Marketing

The company has, for a long time, relied on podcasting to market its products. The CEO himself, Roy, is a Silicon Valley person so he knows his market quite well. On top of that, the company works with a fast growing network of health practitioners who recommend their products.

These are renowned doctors drawn from across the world include the like of Dr. Christine Rosche, Dr. Michael Fossel, and Dr. Joe Tafur.

That said, the company seems to be struggling on the social media front. They probably need to invest more in growing their social media communities going forward.

All in all, we’d like to acknowledge the fact that this company doesn’t seem to focus as much on hyping up its product as it does on emphasizing on quality and transparency. To us, that’s all it takes to tell a good company from one that’s out there to make a quick buck from unsuspecting shoppers.

3. Philanthropy

It is always awesome to know that part of the cash you use to purchase a product will eventually be used to make the world a better place for everyone. Indeed, Natural Stacks is one of the companies that subscribe to this philosophy as well.

The vendor has joined hands with the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund which is a non-profit organization that focuses on Alzheimer’s research. So, we really like the fact that the good guys behind this company are not just focused on enriching themselves but are also keen on play a part in supporting charity organizations particularly ones in the brain health research niche.

About The People Behind The Brand

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The most outstanding name whenever background research of this firm is done is that of Roy Krebs. He is the founder of the company an Ex-College footballer who later became a Silicon Valley geek and chef (Sushi Chef). Roy has been in this business since the late 2000s and that’s when he decided to go into it full throttle.

In early 2013, he met up with Abelard Lindsay (real name: Justin Kofoed) who shared the same dream. Abelard was a software developer then but very keen on conducting research into biohacking and stuff. So, the two came together and launched their first product, CILTEP which became an instant hit almost immediately after its launch.


Besides committing to full label disclosure and third-party lab testing, this company operates in FDA and GMP certified premises. On top of that, they don’t shy away from publishing the certificates of analysis for their products. They also currently boast well-established relationships with well-known independent laboratories such as Intertek (accredited by IEC, ANS, and ISO).


  • A highly transparent approach to brain supplement manufacture
  • Awesome customer support
  • Products are third-party tested
  • Wide variety of products to choose from
  • Operate from GMP and FDA certified facilities
  • Commitment to using 100% natural ingredients
  • A laid back marketing strategy that lets the product’s quality speak for itself
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for all orders made from within the US


  • Some of their products easily run out of stock
  • They are strictly natural so no Noopept is found on any of their formulas
  • Their products are not exactly cheap though competitively priced

Final Thoughts

If you are keen on quality and want to do anything it takes to avoid lab made supplements, this would probably be the best supplier to work with. They are quite strict on the kind of ingredients they use and we really like the fact that they are highly transparent in everything they do.

For now, they only need to increase their speed of production to avert product shortages which happen from time to time.

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