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Modafinil XL offers much better value for your buck because their generic Modafinil and Armodafinil prices are based on manufacturing costs in India.

After the closure of Modafinil Cat, Duckdose, and Afinil Express, finding alternative places to buy modafinil online might seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, vendors like Modafinil XL have (somehow) managed to defy the odds.

By the time of compiling this review, this supplier was still going strong – selling any kind of Moda you can think of (even combos). But for how long will they survive? And are they worth trusting?

Modafinil XL – An Overview

One unique thing about this company is that although located out of the US, its main focus is the American market. The downside to that is that it takes more than 7 days for most orders to arrive owing to the distance and logistics involved.

Another downside is that in some cases you might be called by the customs guy to sign your package in. Fortunately, you can always opt for Standard Shipping which doesn’t involve signing (the trade-off being that Standard shipments are difficult to track).

Now, that might sound a bit worrying but from our experience, it works quite well. That’s because Modafinil XL packages everything so discreetly it’ll be difficult for anyone to tell what’s in the package unless you choose to tell them.

Free Shipping

This point might seem contradictory to the paragraph above – I know right. The kind of free shipping that ModafinilXL provides is whereby you make orders exceeding 80 bucks.

However, for bulk orders, the company typically splits up the shipments. This results in several packages which are normally shipped after every 5 days or so. As such, shipping bulk orders from them might be quite inconveniencing especially if you’re importing to re-sell.

Another quick point worth noting is that the free shipment for 80 bucks only applies to standard shipping. Otherwise, if you opt for Express Shipping, complete with tracking, you’ll need to increase your order value to $150 to qualify for free shipping.

Free Samples

The company has a really unique selling point (or “USP” as they call it in marketing). They provide you with a 10 day supply of Moda free of charge. Yup, you read that right.

In other words, they provide you with the opportunity to try their products before you buy them. And that’s kind of cool if you ask us.

But there’s a catch – you’ll still have to pay the shipping fee of at least $29. So, the product isn’t really free. The world badly needs someone to invent teleportation!

Good Website

Most modafinil vendors are known to have some weird looking websites but Modafinil is clearly cut from a different cloth. Their website has a clean design and is easy to navigate. Plus everything is laid out clearly for you to see.

Information about shipping, products, and guarantees is available within one click if you’re on the homepage. And that’s a really cool arrangement as far as user experience is concerned.

Lastly, the checkout process is also quite well-thought-out. You won’t have to spend minutes trying to figure out how to get anything done.

Payment Methods

Although Modafinil XL accepts credit card payments, they seem to prefer Bitcoin payments more. They provide a 35% additional discount on Bitcoin payments.

While it’s clear that they want people to shop using cryptocurrencies, we think that it’s unfair to punish credit card buyers.

Product Variety

Here you’ll find both generic and original forms of modafinil. At the same time, you’ll find combos on sale. This wide variety of product offerings make the platform awesome for anyone looking to experiment with new types of the nootropic compound.

However, if you are highly specific on what you want to order, you might find the wide product variety quite confusing to deal with. Some of the popular forms of Modafinil that they currently stock include:

  • Modalert
  • Modvigil
  • Artvigil
  • Wakalert


It’s important to note that the current minimum order quantity for ModXL is 10 pills. A package of 10 pills would cost you $29 but if you pay via Bitcoin, they’ll apply a 35% discount and so you’d have to pay $18.85.

The higher your order quantity gets, the cheaper the cost per pill also gets. You can order 500 pills at $449 and that’s roughly $0.90 per pills plus free shipping.

So, we are of the opinion that if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with the customs guys, you’re better off going for 300 pill bulk options. The company typically ships such quantities in one package.

Anything above 300 pills is split into two or three packages.

Delivery Guarantee

Owing to the controversy surrounding Moda, you might not always be assured of receiving your order even after making the payment. The customs and security guys who handle your package along the way might decide to confiscate your package.

To take care of this gray area, Modafinil XL provides you with a 100% delivery guarantee. If the product does not reach your doorstep, they’ll either re-ship it or refund your money.

That said, it takes time to convince them that your product didn’t arrive. We honestly think that their customer support team needs to up their game when it comes to handling refund requests.

Although we’ve not had to request for a refund from them (our orders always arrive), we came across a complaint from a Reddit user that they gave him a difficult time trying to follow up for a refund after a failed shipment.


  • Great prices
  • Accept Bitcoins and credit cards
  • Wide variety of products and combos
  • Some shipments are trackable
  • Awesome website


  • Customer support inconsistencies have been reported
  • Too many combos to choose from equals confusion

Final Thoughts

This vendor still has a long way to go to win our full confidence and backing. And that’s because they’re based outside the country plus their customer support has been flagged for being sluggish at attending to issues to do with refunds.

Other than that, we do consider ModafinilXL as legitimate modafinil vendors. They might not be as fast and efficient as ModafinilCat, Duckdose or Afinil Express were but they sure are capable of getting the job done 99.5% of the time.