Lost Empire Herbs Review

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Lost Empire Herbs is a family owned and operated herb company created by three like-minded brothers who have a passion for living a healthy, athletic lifestyle.

Brain supplements come in different colors, formulations, and sizes, but unless you’re careful where you get them, you might end up getting more than you bargained for i.e. pesticides and fillers. The Lost Empire Herbs is one of the enterprises that have set themselves apart from the competition through quality-assurance.

And as their name “Lost Empire” suggests, their goal is to help bring people up to speed with supplements that have gotten lost over time as societies advance. But how exactly do they measure up to the sky-high expectations pegged on this niche? We investigate.

Lost Empire Herbs Review – All about the Company

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Based in Watsonville California, Lost Empire is a company that has fast grown to claim global repute. They previously used to trade under the name Super Man Herbs – that was back in 2012 to 2016. However, they were forced to change their trade name owing to copyright issues with DC Comics, the owner of the Superman brand.

Behind this brand are three awesome brothers – Logan Christopher, Cloud Christopher, and Zane Christopher. And so far the three brothers have kept this business as tight-knit as it can be, particularly running in line with family values.

Over time, the team behind the brand has grown steadily owing to the need to provide better service to an ever-growing clientele. They have directly employed at least 15 team members, 3 of those being dedicated full-time members of the customer support department.

Quality Assurance

The problem with herbal supplements is that there is always the possibility of some jokers mixing up different ingredients and selling them as something different altogether. There is only one way to ensure that doesn’t happen – and that you end up paying for what is actually advertised. That is through third-party and in-house lab testing.

So far, the Lost Empire Herbs works with third-party testers - Alkemist Labs and Silliker Inc. Some of the tests done on their products including Identity Verification and Withanolides Reports.

All their products are also screened for heavy metals and microbiological contaminants as well. Best if all, the relevant certificates of analysis (COAs) are provided under the Lab Results tab located above each product listing.

So, as far as quality assurance is concerned, there is no doubt that the firm is doing a pretty good job. And, therefore, if you’re planning to order a product from them, you can be sure that you won’t get more than what you bargained for.

Customer Support

On this front, we’d give the Lost Empire team two thumbs up because they are available via email, phone, and social media. However, the response time is typically 24 hours on business days a fact that’s most likely attributed to the fact that they a sizeable clientele. That said, we hope to see them do more to increase the speed and quality of their responses.

The Marketing Model

The supplements industry is quite competitive and this often prompts some company to go over-the-top with their marketing campaigns. That’s, fortunately, not the case with this organization. They’re keen on building their referral channels through their online communities and affiliate marketing networks.

On top of that, they are a part of the 1% for the planet charity whereby they give back a percentage of their sales back to Mother Nature. This act of philanthropy showcases them as a responsible organization which pundit may view as a powerful outreach strategy for the quality-conscious market-base.


In order to understand if their prices are fair, we compared one of the product that they supply in common with the like of Absorb Health and Pure Nootropics. Indeed, the company sells a 60gram (2oz) package of Ashwagandha for $35. Pure Nootropics sells the same for $20 while Absorb’s Ashwagandha retails for roughly $16.

It seems that the Lost Empire charges a premium for their advanced third-party testing and brand reputation.

Shipping & Returns

Domestic (North American) orders valued at more than $100 are normally shipped for free via USPS. Otherwise, normal shipping charges apply. The company provides a 365-day money back guarantee for all their products.

This is a superb offer because it gives you the leeway to only pay for the herbs that are right for you.


  • 365-day money back guarantee
  • Great product variety
  • Great packaging
  • Free domestic shipping for orders exceeding $100


  • They are not a specialized nootropic supplier and their noot catalog is quite limiting

Final Thoughts

If you have serious issues with all the other leading nootropic vendors, Lost Empire Herbs can be a good place to run to. They have adequate quality assurance measures in place and a brand to keep. Most importantly, they provide a 365-day money back guarantee.

They, however, have a limited product selection. And, therefore, if you’re looking for some kickass nootropic stacks, you might want to look elsewhere.