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Nootrobox® is a system of four nootropic blends designed to provide energy & focus, improve memory, protect your brain and body, and improve sleep quality.

So, is it possible to find a nootropic product that improves your productivity during the day and lulls you to sleep when bedtime arrives? Ordinarily, that would sound like asking for too much but with the entry of Nootrobox into the limelight, you can actually get those two benefits in one package.

Created by a company known as HVMN, this stack comprises 4 different sub-stacks i.e. Rise, Kado, Sprint, and Yawn.

Nootrobox Overview: Insights Into This 4-in-1 Stack

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For a long time, our stand has been that there is nothing like an all-in-one supplement. What informed that position is the fact that different kinds of supplements exist out there. There are some which are designed for promoting memory, others are meant to boost energy and at the same time, there’s a special category of dietary supplements meant to improve sleep quality.

So, if you wanted to get all those benefits i.e. better memory, more productivity, and sleep, the ideal thing to do would be to order for different products. And since premium stacks don’t come cheap, you would probably need to cough out over $300 per month and pay separate shipping charges. That would not only be expensive but also dangerous as you’d end up wondering how to mix the stacks to avoid an interaction.

Nootrobox was, fortunately, formulated to address that challenge. So, whenever you order for it, you end up with 4 different packs. That way, you save on shipping cost and eliminate the guesswork as far as dosage goes.

Does It Work?

The product works but it’s not necessarily as good as some fly-by-night warriors might want to have you believe. Our brave testers tried the standard dosage (Rise, Kado & Sprint) of it and within 30 to 60 minutes reported having experienced positive effects among them – better ability to focus and feeling refreshed. There are, however, those who reported feeling mentally overwhelmed and experiencing feelings bordering on anxiety.

Better responses were recorded when we tested the Nootrobox Yawn stack. The melatonin-based product was described as a great product with subtle effects. And the best part is that there were no reports of grogginess associated with it.

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In order to understand why Nootrobox achieves the results it’s claimed to facilitate, we need to look at the kind of ingredients on its menu.

Ingredients In Rise

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This is described as a stack meant for daily use. It contains mind-boosting and memory-enhancing ingredients and is often recommended to folks yearning for long-term cognitive resilience.

Bacopa Monnieri (300mg) - This is a relatively popular memory supporting nootropic which is sourced from a perennial creeping herb. Heralded for its anxiolytic effects, Bacopa has also been found to contain a high concentration of bacosides which are key to boosting concentration and long-term potentiation.

Ashwagandha (250 mg) - Just like Bacopa, Ashwagandha has been since time immemorial and has been considered a key part of Ayurvedic medicine. It is actually an adaptogen – or simply one of the natural supplements meant to help the body adapt to stress. The best part is that the type of Ashwagandha found in this stack contains 10% withanolides which is simply another way of saying that it is the purest form of Ashwagandha available.

CDP Choline (250 mg) - CDP Choline or Citicoline has really taken the world of biohacking by storm. This is due to the fact that it’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier and that it helps protect the integrity of your neuronal structures. Besides boosting your mental acuity it also supports neuroplasticity and long-term potentiation.

Ingredients in Kado

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Kado is simply a multi-vitamin but that does not make it an underdog. The idea behind it is to optimize your brain and body particularly by boosting your cardiovascular health and promoting healthy physiology.

Omega 3 (470 mg & 235 mg) - If you have been researching about the many wonders natural supplements can do, chances are that you’re already familiar with Omega 3. Commonly found in krill and fish oil, it provides the much-needed neuronal building blocks. If taken at an optimal dosage such as the one provided in Kado, it can improve memory, reaction time, and reduce depression.

Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) - The modern life has conditioned a majority of us to spend their lives indoors meaning that we hardly get enough Vitamin D. A lack of this vitamin is commonly associated with a higher likelihood of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases in old age. Therefore, by supplementing on Vitamin D3, you effectively prevent any incidents of cognitive decline from taking place.

Vitamins K1 & K2 (500 mcg & 100 mcg respectively) - These two are essential co-factors in the production of neural cell membranes. They are particularly involved in the synthesis of “sphingolipids” which are required in the formation of brain cell membranes.

Astaxanthin (2 mg) - Found in small quantities in salmon, crab, lobster, and algae, this ingredient doubles up as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is also potentially protective against premature cognitive decline and neurodegenerative ailments.

Ingredients in Sprint

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Designed to promote alertness and focus, the Sprint stack is energy-packed and all set for folks with an active lifestyle. It also may decrease fatigue and enhance your mental flow state.

Caffeine (200 mg) - This is a rather controversial nootropic because of its likelihood to cause anxiety and jitters. However, the company has tried to tone down those effects by stacking it with L-Theanine. Caffeine is a popular option for promoting wakefulness and endurance.

L-Theanine (200 mg) - This is an amino acid that’s known for evening out the Alpha and Beta waves of the brain. It is a must-have for a streamlined brain function and works perfectly alongside caffeine.

Ginseng (400 mg) - Ginseng works quite well alongside L-Theanine in promoting calmness. It generally is recommended for bringing tranquility. Plus the kind of Ginseng found in this product contains 5% ginsenosides meaning it is quite high in purity.

Ingredients in Yawn

hvmn yawn e1554940388512

Its name says it all – this is a stack that’s meant to get you yawning in the shortest time possible. So, if you’ve been struggling with sleep quality, you might want to give it a shot.

Magnesium Glycinate (250 mg) - This has been used instead of the controversial Magnesium Stearate. Its role is simple – to increase the absorption rates of the other active ingredients. For this reason, you should expect the Yawn product to make you sleepy quite fast.

L-Glycine (500 mg) - This is a simple amino acid that’s commonly found in protein-rich foods. It’s a mood enhancer and can reduce the amount of time you take to fall asleep.

L-Theanine (100 mg) - As we have already mentioned, this is an amino acid that’s reputed for promoting calmness. It does so by streamlining the manner in which your brain operates.

Melatonin (1 mg) - The recommended melatonin dosage for folks with serious sleeping issues is 2mg and so we’re not sure why this manufacturer decided to provide 1mg per serving. That said, melatonin is a well-known sleep promoter which is also reputed for being non-habit forming.

Who Takes Nootrobox?

There is something for everyone in Nootrobox. So, whether you’re a sportsman looking for that extra dose of energy to perform better or a creative looking for extra motivation to keep going, this package should work for you. And of course, the Yawn stack is perfect for anyone seeking to improve their quality of sleep.

Potential Side Effects

It’s possible to experience a bit of anxiety when you take too much of the Sprint stack. Likewise, because of the huge number of pills involved per serving, this can cause cramping for folks with sensitive stomachs.


  • Great packaging
  • An all-in-one package
  • High-quality ingredients used
  • It’s an all-natural product


  • Too many pills to be taken per serving
  • You need over 100 bucks for the entire package

The Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for each one of the four stacks is 2 capsules per serving. Therefore, if you were to take all the stacks provided under the Notorobox package, you’d need to swallow 8 capsules per day.

If that sounds like a lot to you, we’d recommend going for the individual stacks. For instance, you can choose to order for Yawn alone if all you want is to boost the quality of your sleep.


The entire package goes for $109.95 bucks when you place a one-time order. That can fall by some 10 bucks if you check the “Subscribe monthly & save” button. Want to order either of the 4 stacks separately?

  • Rise – Goes for $34.95 for a one-time order and $31.46 when you subscribe for monthly orders.
  • Kado – It is priced at $34.95 for a jar containing 60 capsules or $31.46 for a monthly subscription.
  • Sprint – You can get a 60-capsule jar of this at $24.95 or $22.46 per month if you choose to subscribe.
  • Yawn – This one will also cost you some 24.95 bucks or $22.46 for a monthly subscription.

Final Thoughts

The Nootrobox package is in our view recommended for anyone who might be looking to address multiple pressure points. It, however, isn’t exactly the most powerful stack we have come across this far. With the entry of Noopept and other bad boys into this space, the good guys at HVMN still have some catching up to do in regards to creating a powerful brain-booster.

On a positive note, though, Nootrobox has all the basic stuff you need to get the most out of your day. It is generally a good product but it lacks the bells and whistles advanced nootropic users usually yearn for.

We’d, therefore, rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars meaning that it’s worth trying but not exactly a badass product.