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GENIUS SLEEP AID is an innovative formula that helps you get to sleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. Designed to be non-habit forming with only half a milligram of Melatonin but supported with effective doses of L- Theanine, Glycine, & Inositol in this multi-benefit sleep supplement.

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night? Well, you could be suffering from insomnia and you’re not alone. Studies have identified insomnia as a common condition affecting about 33-50% of the adult population in the United States.

The good news? It’s still possible to enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up restored thanks to the many sleep aids available. One of them is the Genius Sleep Aid by The Genius Brand. This product claims it can help you fall asleep faster and even sleep better.

But does it actually work? And how good is it compared to other sleep enhancers on the market right now? Read our Genius Sleep Aid review to find out.

What is Genius Sleep Aid?

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It’s an innovative formula that is designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed. Apparently, this product contains scientifically proven ingredients that have been shown to improve sleep quality, calm anxiety, and support adrenal health.

But who is behind this supplement, you might wonder? The product is manufactured by a company known as The Genius Brand. This brand seems to be relatively new in the supplement industry as it was founded in 2015. But it’s also one of the fastest-growing supplement companies online.

The manufacturer claims to offer a wide range of quality supplements that are clinically dosed, safe, and effective. What’s more, their products are third-party tested and don’t contain banned substances, artificial flavors, fillers or artificial dyes. So, overall, while The Genius Brand is not a household name, we think they aren’t far away from that level.

How Does It Work?

Stress and anxiety are some of the things that may lead to sleep problems leaving you feeling tired the next day. So, this product contains natural ingredients like L-Theanine that helps minimize stress and anxiety

On top of that, Genius Sleep Aid works by increasing both GABA and melatonin synthesis. Consequently, this may force your body into a deep, restorative sleep.

Another unique way that this supplement claims to work is by supporting your adrenal health. It includes an ingredient known as rutaecarpine that has been shown to speed up caffeine elimination from the body.

Ingredients List

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This supplement is formulated using five well-researched ingredients which may help you get a better night’s sleep. According to the manufacturer, these ingredients are non-habit forming and are also effectively dosed. But is this really true? Here is a breakdown of what each ingredient does.

1. L-Glycine 1g

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that has long been known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This means that it can provide the central nervous system and brain with energy.

And since it’s capable of inhibiting or stimulating cells in the brain, this ingredient can affect cognition, mood, and even sleep. As far as sleep is concerned, glycine has been shown to increase the levels of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that aids in the production of melatonin, one of the famous sleep hormones.

In a 2015 study involving rats, a low dose glycine of around 3 g/day was shown to subjectively improve sleep quality in individuals with insomnia tendencies. It works by inducing non-rapid eye movement (REM) sleep with a simultaneous decrease in core temperature.

2. L-Theanine as TheaKalm 100mg

L-Theanine is also an amino acid that is commonly found in green and black tea. However, Genius Sleep Aid contains L-Theanine from Camellia Sinensis, a plant species from which popular types of tea are derived.

This ingredient is well known as an anti-anxiety supplement with proven relaxation benefits. It may also help reduce physical and mental stress as well as improve mood and cognitive function.

In a 2019 study, L-Theanine combined with GABA was shown to decrease sleep latency and increase sleep duration. There are also some clinical trials suggesting the effect of this ingredient in reducing sleep latency.

And with the typical dose being 100-200mg, we can say that this Sleep Aid contains an optimal dosage of it. However, the dose may not be enough if you normally consume a lot of caffeine.

3. Rutaecarpine Powder 100mg

Rutaecarpine is a compound derived from a fruit called evodia rutaecarpa. This herb has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for alleviating GI distress and pain reduction.

However, it has been shown in different studies to effectively negate caffeine by expediting its excretion from the body. This helps you fall asleep faster.

In one study published on ResearchGate, the researchers concluded that rutaecarpine may help increase the metabolism and urinary excretion of caffeine. However, this study was done on rats.

Therefore, this ingredient may come in handy for people who tend to consume caffeine in the evening and then regret it later.

4. Inositol 100mg

This a carbohydrate or a vitamin-like substance that is naturally found in our bodies, foods and dietary supplements. This compound has many potential health benefits including reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Researchers suggest that inositol can affect serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters in the brain that affects mood. By promoting calmness, inositol ensures your body is relaxed which helps in triggering sleep. What’s more, the body uses serotonin to synthesize melatonin which plays a fundamental role in regulating the sleep/wake cycle.

However, more clinical trials and scientific evidence are still needed to solidify the efficacy of this compound in promoting quality sleep.

5. Melatonin 0.5mg

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by our body’s pineal gland in response to darkness. It is often referred to as the “sleep hormone”.

In a 2013 meta-analysis study, melatonin showed significant efficacy in reducing sleep latency and increasing total sleep time compared to placebo. As such, taking a melatonin supplement may help normalize your sleep patterns.

What’s more? In another 2014 study, melatonin demonstrated promises to improve insomnia in healthy adults and prevent phase shifts due to jet lag. Therefore, when taken at night, this ingredient may help induce sleep and regulate wake cycles.

However, a melatonin overdose can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle thereby making it harder for you to fall asleep. Consequently, the National Sleep Foundation recommends taking a dosage of between 0.2 mg and 5 mg per day.

Genius Sleep Aid

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How to Take It: Suggested Dosage

Genius Sleep Aid is best taken at night when one needs a good night’s sleep. The manufacturer suggests taking two veggie capsules per serving 30 minutes before going to bed.

Additionally, it is advisable to take this supplement five days on in a row followed by two nights off. This is designed to help prevent individuals from building tolerance or forming a dependency on some of the ingredients like melatonin.

Is This Sleep Aid from Genius Safe?

Designed to be a natural sleep aid, this product seems to be safe. This means that it does not come with the same side effects as synthetic sleeping pills. So, you don’t have to worry about negative effects like sedation, nausea, addiction, intoxication, and grogginess.

Besides, The Genius Brand claims that all their supplements have been third-party tested. On top of that, they are free from artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial flavors, dyes, or banned substances.

However, it’s still advisable to speak to a qualified health practitioner before using this or any other dietary supplement.

Where to Buy, Pricing, Shipping, & Returns

The best place to buy your Genius Sleep Aid veggie capsules would be on Amazon. You can get it at a discounted price. However, you can also buy the supplement at the official website of The Genius Brand.

Genius Sleep Aid is available in containers with 40 capsules inside. This is roughly enough for one month if you follow the suggested dose.

As far as pricing is concerned, a single bottle may cost you around $19.95 if you buy on Amazon. This is equivalent to $0.50 per count.

On the other hand, the Sleep Aid by Genius is listed at $24.99 on the company’s official site. This is equivalent to $0.62 per count which is a bit expensive compared to buying on Amazon.

When it comes to shipping and returns, The Genius Brand offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more within the USA. They also provide a 90-days money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.


  • Backed by science and research
  • The pills may help adults calm anxiety
  • All-natural and drug-free with no major side-effects
  • Offers adrenal support by reducing caffeine from the body
  • No proprietary blends
  • Contains less than 1mg of melatonin making it non-habit forming
  • Capsules are vegetarian friendly
  • Relies primarily on proven amino acids and pure herbs to optimize sleep
  • May help restore your cognitive function
  • You can save up to 15% if you buy in bulk


  • Rutaecarpine is yet to be proven to work on humans
  • Has received mixed reviews
  • Like most supplements, it doesn’t work for everyone

Final Thoughts

Overall, Genius Sleep Aid seems to be a pretty good sleep supplement. Most of its ingredients are scientifically proven to promote quality sleep. What’s more? It delivers reasonable doses of some effective sleep enhancers.

On top of that, this formula covers multiple aspects of sleep. And while this product is far from perfect, it’s better compared to taking synthetic sleeping pills since its all-natural.