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Four Sigmatic foods are the 100 most nutrient dense, most studied foods on the planet. And now they’re easy to add to your daily routines.

It’s one thing to drink coffee but mushrooms combined coffee – that’s a first! But in a world where things change pretty fast, the markets have seen the introduction of reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane blended coffee beverages.

One of the companies behind this craze, Four Sigmatic, seems to have set its sights on promoting this new-found way of life. But why mushroom and coffee in the first place?

Insights into the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee & Elixers


Coffee is by itself a well-known beverage. From a brain-health perspective, coffee contains caffeine which works by stimulating your entire central nervous system (CNS). However, much as it is beneficial, the habit of taking coffee is often accompanied by various side effects among them:

  • Raising blood pressure
  • Restlessness
  • Stomach complications
  • Addiction (to mention but a few).

The entry of the Four Sigmatic coffee and mushroom blends is, therefore, meant to overcome such limitations. The idea here is to have you enjoy your cup of coffee without any of the usual health concerns. Most importantly, with mushrooms being added onto the blend, you are assured of accessing more health benefits with each sip.

  • Mushrooms are typically low in calories
  • They’re rich in vitamins, copper, potassium, and selenium
  • Contain significant antioxidant properties
  • Mushrooms can boost your immunity

They typically contain lots of antioxidants and help your body cope with oxidative stress. We can go on and on but one thing is clear – there are way too many clinically-proven benefits of taking mushrooms. What’s more? By creating a coffee and mushroom stack, the benefits are doubled up if not quadrupled.

Mushroom Coffee

four sigmatic mushroom coffee

The company has 7 USDA Organic Certified coffee blends including the Mushroom Coffee Latte, Ground Mushroom Coffee, Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane, Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps, Mushroom mocha with chaga, Adaptogen coffee, and Week on Shrooms.

The mushroom coffee latte mix contains organic coffee mixed with maitake and latter. It’s perfect for in between meals. The ground mushroom blend brings together the lion’s mane and chaga blends and is, therefore, meant to promote creativity and boost productivity.

The Mushroom Coffee mix is meant to provide you with the power you need to succeed throughout your workday. While the one with Cordyceps is designed to provide you with balance stimulation at the cellular level.

Want to tone things down? Well, the Adaptogen Coffee Mix with tulsi and ashwagandha has all it takes to even out the caffeinated jitters helping you keep calm while stimulated. There is also the Mocha Mix which is fortified with chaga is meant to help you kiss your 3 PM slump goodbye.

And lastly, there is the Week on Shrooms blend which is ideally created for anyone who might be into a daily ritual e.g. yoga, meditation and so forth.

The Elixirs

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An Elixir is a tincture or concoction that’s meant to achieve medicinal purposes. And in that regard, the Four Sigmatic company has prepared quite a few alternatives for you. Basically, what you get are organic mushrooms that are either mixed with adaptogens and herbs or both.

Unlike their Mushroom Coffee variants, the elixirs don’t contain coffee or any other form of caffeine (unlike the coffees which contain Arabica coffee plus extracted mushrooms).

The Lion’s mane elixir is our favorite. It’s capable to re-awakening your mind and boosting your creativity. It works perfectly when one is facing work-related pressure. The Chaga Elixir is yet another wonderfully made blend. As you might be aware, the chaga mushroom is reputed for its rich antioxidant properties.

There are also those who swear by the Reishi Mushroom Elixir mix which packs some 1500mg of reishi mushroom. Basically, Reishi promotes relaxation and improves your quality of sleep. Cordyceps Elixir on its part is packed with loads of power and can help provide any sportsman with the energy they need to conquer the world.

About Four Sigmatic

FourSigmatic is based in the UK (Hertfordshire to be precise) although they have a permanent presence in the US as well. This is a relatively small but fast-growing company that currently boasts an employee popular of 30+.

Behind this relatively successful brand is a team of 6 founding members who came up with the weird idea of combining mushrooms with coffee. That was back in 2012 and at that time, the founders were settling in Finland. As you might be aware, Finland is one of the highest consumers of coffee in the world – and they produce mushrooms too.

The origin of the name Four Sigmatic is a bit complicated to explain. It has something to do with mathematics and stuff – a story for another day.

For now, all we’d like to note is that this is a highly transparent company. They have a growing team and their track record is impeccable, to say the least.

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Who Uses FourSigmatic Mushrooms & Elixirs?

The products sound like they would be a perfect bet for anyone who is looking to improve their productivity. One good thing about them is that they have a huge list of items to pick from. For instance, if you want to get a good night’s sleep so you can be productive the following morning you simply need to go for the Reishi Elixir which is well known for its relaxation effects.

Likewise, if you’re an athlete, the Cordyceps Elixir. Looking to beat the fatigue and anxiety in the course of your working day? The Adaptogen Coffee Mix with tulsi and ashwagandha would be a perfect find.

Side Effects

There are no major side effects to worry about provided you stick to the recommended daily doses. But even with that said, it’s important to keep tabs with some potential health implications that would arise in the long-term or if you overdose on the products.

  • Addiction: Coffee tends to build a tolerance and, therefore, can be mildly addictive in the long-haul
  • Dry Mouth: Some mushrooms can lead to mouth dryness if taken in huge dosages
  • Extra-sensitive Reflexes: The can be experienced if you overdose on the performance-enhancing blends.
  • Insomnia: Any of the mushroom coffee blends has the potential to cause insomnia if taken just before bedtime


  • Well packaged
  • Great customer support
  • They ship across the globe
  • Awesome product quality
  • Third-party tested


  • No COAs displayed on the product listings

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few benefits to taking mushrooms and particularly if that’s combined with coffee, adaptogens or herbs. And, whether you’re looking for an energy boost or something to lull you to sleep, you’re could get your money’s worth by getting one of the many beverages under the FourSigmatic Brand.

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