Fasoracetam Review – Its Effects, Dosage, Benefits, and Risks

Fasoracetam has garnered a reputation in the nootropic users’ community for its ability to counteract anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Many of its users say that they experience a lift in mood, in addition to heightened motivation after using fasoracetam.

As such, fasoracetam has become the go-to fix for people with tasks that they have been dreading to go through with. Once the drug takes effect, that dread is lifted and gets replaced by a calm, determined attitude. Additionally, it also enhances certain cognitive abilities, such as memory functions.

What’s more, fasoracetam’s users do not seem to develop a tolerance or dependence on the drug. This article will let you in on everything you need to know about fasoracetam.

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What is Fasoracetam?

As you can tell, this nootropic is a member of the racetam family. Fasoracetam is showing tremendous promise not only as a great nootropic but also as an effective and non-stimulant medication for ADHD. In studies done on rats, fasoracetam has demonstrated that it can prevent amnesia as well as other memory-loss impairments, particularly those associated with cholinergic dysfunction.

Also, there is growing evidence on the brain benefits to be derived from using this drug as a nootropic. For example, it can be used to offer anxiety relief or alleviate depression and plunge the user into a calm, yet determined state.

Fasoracetam has a relatively short half-life of about two hours. Nonetheless, it remains potent for that duration. As such, you can take small doses severally throughout the day. Experts recommend that you do not exceed 50mg of fasoracetam in a single day.

Brief History About This Racetam

Fasoracetam was developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical company, Nippon Shinyaku, in an attempt to develop a treatment for vascular dementia. Nonetheless, the company was not able to achieve its original goal.

In 2013, however, NeuroFix, a US company, purchased the rights to fasoracetam. In 2016, they began clinical trials to examine its effectiveness as an ADHD treatment. The results were very strong and encouraging.

At the moment, clinical trials are yet to show any concrete evidence regarding its short-term or long-term side effects. Additionally, there’s no evidence that one can overdose or develop an addictive dependency on the drug.

Benefits of Fasoracetam

Some of the most commonly experienced effects of using fasoracetam include:

1. Lifted Moods

Almost every fasoracetam user has reported experiencing a carefree attitude immediately after using the drug. Any feelings of dread or helplessness quickly dissipate and things that previously seemed terrifying no longer seem that big of a deal.

This puts the user in a state where they feel like they can seemingly handle anything that comes their way.

2. Reducing Anxiety and Depression

The one thing that sets fasoracetam apart from any other type of anxiety medication is that it offers a smooth and non-addictive relief from nervousness without the associated ‘buzz.’ It does this through its actions on the receptors of your two primary mood-influencing neurochemicals – GABA and glutamate.

Anxious people tend to have an over-active glutamate system. Fasoracetam balances that system. Additionally, it upregulates the GABA receptors, thus resulting in a calming effect that is not accompanied by feelings of drowsiness.
The impacts of fasoracetam are not limited to humans, as animals have also displayed an ability to handle stressful situations more calmly after consuming the drug.

3. Improving Focus and Facets of Cognition

The focus that fasoracetam gives you is unlike the intense and fiery concentration that other types of racetams, such as phenylpiracetam provide you. Fasoracetam gives you a calmer focus that allows you to exploit your cognitive abilities fully.

As such, you are able to ward off distractions and temptations easily. Additionally, your thought processes become more fluid. A combination of improved mood and a calm, clearer focus results in enhanced lateral thinking and verbal fluency.

4. Boosting Memory Learning & Preventing Memory Impairment

Fasoracetam has also been shown to yield improvements in memory recall. Its users also report experiencing significant improvements in memory learning. Research done on rats has revealed that fasoracetam is able to improve their memory in addition to preventing memory loss and impairments, especially those arising from a lack of choline.

Fasoracetam is able to generate these effects by increasing the bioavailability of acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that is vital for a wide variety of cognitive functions, including skill acquisition and memory.

5. Alleviating Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Fasoracetam is in a class of its own when it comes to the efficacy in which it is able to manage symptoms of ADHD. ADHD medication has remained relatively the same for decades and consists primarily of general-acting stimulants that more-or-less result in off-target effects.

Experts believe that fasoracetam could be the solution to replacing the potentially harmful medications that are being given to hyperactive individuals across the globe.

How Fasoracetam Works

benefits of fasoracetam

Even though both studies, as well as fasoracetam users, agree that the drug can offer a state of pleasant calm, it is not quite well understood how this nootropic is able to achieve this. Nonetheless, based on findings from clinical trials, it seems as if it affects the systems that regulate GABA and glutamate in addition to raising acetylcholine levels in the brain.

People with ADHD tend to have abnormal activity in the metabotropic glutamate receptors. When you have malfunctioning receptors, you are more than likely going to have a glutamate deficiency. Malfunctioning glutamate systems cannot only result in ADHD, but have also been linked to epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies done on animals have already revealed that fasoracetam prevents the formation of forskolin-induced cAMP in the brain. It does this by stimulating mGlurs.

Similar results have been found in human studies. Scientists hypothesize that fasoracetam is able to regulate all glutamate system receptors, thus bringing the entire system to a balance.

Upregulating GABA

Fasoracetam also achieves its objectives through increasing the activity of GABA receptors in the cerebral cortex. The purpose of raising GABA activity is because GABA is able to calm neural activity without putting the individual in a sedated state.

Glutamate, on the other hand, is a precursor to GABA. As such, the combination of enhanced glutamate activity and the upregulation of your GABA receptors is quite potent. Your entire glutamate-GABA system gets a kick that results in high levels of GABA in the brain.

Increased Bioavailability of Acetylcholine

As it is with the case of coluracetam and other nootropics, fasoracetam also affects a metabolic pathway referred to as the ‘high-affinity choline uptake’ (HACU). During this process, choline is absorbed into your neurons where it is transformed into an essential neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine.

Fasoracetam influences that process by increasing the synthesis of acetylcholine. It does that through the upregulation of HACU, thus drawing more choline into the cortex as well as the hippocampus. Fasoracetam also increases the rate of release of acetylcholine into the cerebral cortex. Acetylcholine is responsible for enhancing cognitive functions such as memory and learning. It also boosts positive emotion.

If you have had any interactions with nootropics, then you know that most of them are cholinergic. This means that they have a high affinity for choline. The danger to this is that they create a potential for depleting choline reserves in the brain. This can lead to symptoms such as headaches or brain fog.

If you experience such symptoms after using a nootropic, try and use a choline supplement immediately afterwards in order to replenish the possibly depleted choline stores in your brain.

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Optimal Fasoracetam Dosage

As mentioned earlier, fasoracetam is one of the more potent nootropics. This means that you do not need a lot of it in order to experience the desired effects.

Experts recommend keeping a dose-range of between 5 and 50 mg per day. For the average person, 20 mg per day should be enough. It is for that reason that most fasoracetam tablets come in 20mg doses. However, fasoracetam’s relatively short half-life of around 2 hours means that the effects will wear out within that period. This is why some of its users like to take it twice a day when they are about to embark on an activity they dread.

Fasoracetam users report that using the nootropic sublingually appears to be the best way of getting its full effects. Sublingual refers to placing the tablet or powder under your tongue and letting it dissolve. Nonetheless, some users find this technique to be quite distasteful due to the bitter taste that nootropics typically have.

During clinical trials on teenagers with ADHD, fasoracetam was administered twice a day in doses ranging between 100 and 400 mg. The findings reported no evidence of any serious effects, from what was potentially an overdose. Additionally, they did not observe any accumulative tolerance in the subjects. Dependence or addiction to fasoracetam was not observed either.

As such, based on clinical reports, it appears as though one is highly unlikely to overdose, or develop tolerance and dependency on fasoracetam. Nonetheless, more clinical trials must be done so that fasoracetam become fully understood.

Also, response to fasoracetam tends to vary between individuals. This is why it is recommended that you start with a small 5mg dose in the beginning, and work your way up gradually. With time, you will get to know the dose that is most fit for your biology. Consider maintaining that ideal dosage.

The consensus, however, is that you should refrain from taking more than 50 mg of fasoracetam in a day to avoid experiencing some side effects.

Side Effects of Fasoracetam

Based on anecdotal evidence as well as data, fasoracetam is a relatively safe drug. However, some users have reported of specific side effects, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Low mood
  • Temporary fatigue

These symptoms, however, are thought to emanate from the temporary lack of choline in the brain. This is why, as mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you supplement with a choline supplement such as choline bitartrate to avoid experiencing those side effects.

However, if you still experience the side-effects even when using a choline supplement, then you should consider ceasing your use of fasoracetam. Remember, your kidneys metabolize fasoracetam; thus if you have any pre-existing kidney condition, it is vital that you first consult your physician. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised against using this drug.

Stacking Fasoracetam with Other Nootropics

nootropics stack

As with other nootropics, fasoracetam tends even to work better when used with a complementary supplementary. In fasoracetam’s case, that supplement is phenibut. Using phenibut and fasoracetam together has been shown to maximize the anxiety-alleviating and mood-uplifting properties of both.

As such, fasoracetam + phenibut stack can be incredibly valuable to individuals who suffer from extreme or acute anxiety attacks.

Also, phenibut users tend to develop a dependency on the drug. Fasoracetam can help them through phenibut withdrawal. It helps minimize the withdrawal symptoms by restoring normal functioning to the individual’s GABA receptors.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a nootropic that can help you maintain a calm, steady focus, then fasoracetam is for you. It is also extremely beneficial to people who suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. It helps boost your spirits without creating any sort of buzz. Fasoracetam can also help improve your memory and speech cognitive functions.

Why don’t you give this revered nootropic a try today and let us know what you think.

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