Double Wood Supplements Review

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Let’s assume you’re faced with two different nootropic vendors selling exactly similar products, what factors would you use to choose the best company to work with? Pricing, quality assurance or customer service perhaps? From our experience, it’s the little things that matter and that’s why when we came across the little-known Double Wood Supplements vendor our interest was piqued.

The Philadelphia-based company has been in existence since 2014, they have a wide variety of products on their menu including:

  • Focus and motivation supplements
  • Memory support supplements
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Sleep aids
  • Antioxidants
  • Choline supplements
  • Anti-aging remedies
  • Cholesterol support products
  • Weight lifting supplements
  •  Stress management supplements

Before we delve deeper into the specifics, it’s important we understand who we’re dealing with. And in that case, let’s carry out a background check of the guys behind the brand.

Double Wood Supplements Review – All You Need To Know

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In 2014, two brothers, Evan Wood and Reese Wood had the idea of setting up an online platform where people could order and receive high-quality supplements. And since they both had the name “Wood” they thought like “Hey, why don’t we call the company Double Wood.” Long story short, that’s how this Philadelphia-based came to life.

It seems like the idea was to set up a small but neat business offering dietary supplements. And to this end, the company seems to have remained true to that objective. So far, they only have one branch which is their headquarter office in Pennsylvania.

Quality Assurance

Quality should always precede quantity when supplements are involved. And indeed, it’s quite encouraging to see that this company provides certificates of analysis and third-party test results for most of its products.

What’s more? They subject their products to both third-party testing and in-house testing. Some of the tests they conduct from time to time include: Assay, Microbiological contaminant testing, and heavy metal testing.

In our view, these are adequate measures given the possibility that some of their supplements are obtained from contract manufacturers based in China.

Customer Support & Shipping

As we have already mentioned, Double Wood Supplements (DWS) seems focused on retaining a close-knit business model. But don’t let their small size fool you, they have put in place adequate measures to ensure that the client’s needs are handled fast and professionally.

Their customer support team is quite fast at responding to emails. And on top of that, they are quite responsible even when contacted on issues related to refunds and so forth. This is a far cry from the trend whereby a good number of companies tend to frustrate customers who claim their refunds.

The Marketing Model

The fact that this company seems interested in retaining its tight-knit model means that more emphasis is laid on providing quality services more than anything else. As such, a significant portion of this company’s new clients come through referral channels.

The beauty of taking that approach is that it’s possible to guarantee the highest quality standards are attained. In the past, we have seen companies that fail the moment they start placing too much emphasis on running flashy ads.

So, to this end, we’re glad to see that this company seems highly interested in building loyalty. That’s priceless!


They may not be the cheapest suppliers we have come across but they impress with their free shipping services. A bottle of Adrafinil containing 30 capsules retails at $30 from them. That price, is, however, exclusive of taxes which means in total, you’d need to part with roughly about $33. That means a single pill of Adrafinil goes for $1 or thereabouts.

That’s exactly similar to what Absorb Your Health sells its Adrafinil at. That’s however, slightly expensive than what Pure Nootropics markets their Adrafinil at – typically cheaper than $0.9 per pill.

But considering that their shipping services are available at free of charge, throughout the US, we still think that their prices are quite reasonable. It’s also worth keeping in mind the fact that they offer a 15% off the first order for those who check the “subscribe and save” button. And what’s more? You can always look out for Double Wood Supplements coupon codes to save a few more coins off your next purchase.

Returns & Shipping

In case you use any of their products and happen not to like it, you can always ship it back to them within 30 days. The company can either provide you with a replacement or refund 100% of your cash back.

Of course, the challenge here is that you have to incur the cost of shipping the product back to the supplier. Also, it might be risky to ship back high-value products through methods that are not trackable. So, you’d ordinarily need to use priority shipping services which can be quite expensive.

Other than that, DWS offers you two shipping options. The first and most popular option is the free shipping one. You won’t need to pay a single cent for this although your parcel will take a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 days to arrive.

If you would like it to arrive faster, you can check the “Priority Shipping” button and pay an extra 12 bucks. That way, the product would arrive either in a day or two depending on how far you are from the company’s depot.


  • Third-party and in-house quality testing
  • Awesome customer support
  • Great product packaging
  • The company seems to prioritize quality of services over marketing
  • Their products are competitively priced
  • Free shipping provided for all orders made within the US


  • The company doesn’t seem keen on serving the international market
  • Some of their products don’t have COAs

Final Thoughts

It’s rare for online nootropic vendors to provide buyers with their certificates of analysis or any form of evidence that they conduct third-party or in-house testing. Therefore, the fact that this company has taken the initiative of providing such documents goes a long way to confirm that they are indeed a serious entity.

We like the fact that they provide free shipping services throughout the US and that they have a 30-day money back guarantee program in place. That said, they need to pay a little more attention to the international markets and also consider joining the big boy club by scaling up their operations.