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In a market that’s heavily regulated and an audience that has been made to believe the fallacy of “synthetic is bad and herbal is good,” Cosmic Nootropics seems to have defied the odds. Theirs has been a tale of rising against all odds. The Moscow-based company (with a warehouse in the US) primarily deals with the supply of some of the finest synthetic supplements from Russia.

All About Cosmic Nootropics

Given the strict measures put up by the FDA to the USA consumer, this firm seems to tread very carefully in order to avoid a run-in with the authorities. And though they have a fast-growing clientele, not much is known about their exact physical location or the guys behind the brand.

That said, they have an easy-to-navigate website and a friendly customer support team which is available via email and Skype. Their Facebook page is relatively new and they’re still struggling to grow their presence over there. To this end, they have managed to attract a bunch of reviews on the platform with most of them praising the company in one way or another.

Quality Assurance

One thing you need to know is that Cosmic Nootropic is just a distributor of supplements and not a manufacturer. For that, they claim to partner with the largest pharma distributors in Russia. It’s important to note that the nootropics market in Russia is probably one of the best-developed ones in the world as there are fewer regulations in that country unlike in the US.

A number of the highly effective racetams, noopept and other nootropics originate from that country. However, the fact that the authorities in the US are very strict means that a company that sells Russian supplements in the country has to do all it takes to cover its tracks.

But even with that said, Cosmic Nootropics does provide certificates of analysis (COAs) for its products. However, these are only availed upon requests and such request can only be made by individuals who are placing “several large orders.”

We really don’t know how “large” the order should be and so we think the company is at the discretion to decide who to provide COAs with and who not to. Once again, this seems like a tactic to avoid a run-in with the authorities. But even then, the company should strive to provide some form of evidence of testing even if that is done at an in-house level.

Customer Support

To make up for all the gray areas we have already talked about, this company seems to have one of the most powerful customer support teams on the market. They are available 24/7 and respond to queries quite fast.

Most importantly, their quality of services remains top-notch which really goes a long way to show you the kind of measures this company takes to protect their consumer’s interests. Most importantly, their social media presence on Reddit and Facebook is quite commendable – it just goes a long way to show you that this is a brand that’s committed to being in touch with its clients’ needs.

The Marketing Model

This is not one of those pushy, high-pressure sales-pitch kind of companies. They seem to rely more on their widespread referral channels to attract traffic. Plus they have a pretty decent presence on social media on the search engines.

We really like it when supplements companies tone down on the hype and choose to instead focus on quality assurance, good customer support and so forth. So, two thumbs up to Cosmic Nootropic.


This company supplies 10mg Noopept pills and as you know, the recommended dosage of this nootropic is 10 to 40 mg. Therefore, they offer the least possible and probably the safest levels of this substance available.

That said, they normally sell a 50 pill package at $15. This is slightly expensive than Absorb Health which sells 100 capsules of 10mg at $20 and Pure Nootropics which sells 90 capsules of 20mg at $20.

Shipping & Returns

The company ships to almost all parts of the world and particularly to the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Russia. Most importantly, the Cosmic Nootropics provides free shipping for all orders valued at above $100.

Pros & Cons


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    Great customer support
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    Awesome product variety
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    Highly powerful supplements


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    Some of their products are a bit expensive compared to similar ones from competing suppliers (e.g. Noopept)

Final Thoughts

They are not the most transparent nootropic vendor we have ever come across. They seem to be doing everything it takes to cover their tracks which is quite important for vendors that want to last long in this controversial marketplace.

But even with that said, the company has a rock solid customer support in place. And with their products being available in small quantities as well as large quantity ones, you can always buy the smallest quantity possible as a sample. Then if you like their services, you can go ahead and order larger quantities.

We’d give Cosmic Nootropic a rating of 7 out of 10. They only need to be a bit more transparent e.g. by displaying their COAs next to the product listing and so forth to get an even better rating from us.