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CILTEP’s premium natural ingredients work as fuel for your neurotransmitters, supporting greater signaling between brain cells.

You are looking to purchase CILTEP because you do not want to take a lot of different supplements at once. It makes much more sense for you to take one stack because all the products contained within will work together.

Look below at all the ingredients in this product because they provide something that Natural Stacks is calling long-term potentiation. This means that you will be more motivated, have a better memory, and be able to focus more.


ILTEP is a nootropic supplement stack that allows you to improve your mental performance. It comes with many different features that can make you into a better version of yourself, and you need to be aware of them all as you embark on a mission to improve your memory, focus, and concentration. This supplement from Natural Stacks will give you enough energy to be productive during the day.

You pronounce CILTEP as sil-tep, and it is nothing more than a blend of nootropic compounds that will help you feel a change in your mental state.

You could use this product every day, and it is very safe because it is all natural. You will read below about many ingredients that are all safe for you to use, and they will be good for anyone in your family.

You are not limited in your use of this product because it could help kids in school, seniors, or adults who are going to work every day. CILTEP was designed to make your life easier.

Who Developed CILTEP?

Abelard Lindsay from Natural Stacks developed this product because he wanted to help people unlock their true potential. This is a product that comes from some of the best in the industry, and it has been lauded by others for its power.

This is a product that can solve all the problems you have from a lack of focus to a lack of energy. You can concentrate for hours, remember more details that you need to live your life, and it will provide you with the boost of energy that will even make you more active.

The development of this product came with the idea that it could do more than just work on memory. It wants to give you much better mental performance across the board. You can remember more things, and you can use that information to work on projects that require your complete attention.

You can use this product when you have to focus or study, and you could use this product when you have had problems with ADHD that make it hard for you to keep your mind in the right place.

Artskolin Inhibits Your PDE4 Production

You probably have not heard of PDE4 before, but it is an enzyme in the brain that will break down the connections between neurons. Some people have a very small amount because their body does not produce much, to begin with.

Other people have too much because their body is overactive in this area. You need a little bit of PDE4 to help wipe your brain of memories that it does not need. The brain can selectively forget unimportant things, but you need to have PDE4 back off if you want to have a better memory.

There is 900 mg of artichoke extract in every serving of this product, and that alone makes it possible for you to inhibit the formation of PDE4 which is causing your memory to slip.

You are not getting old, and you are not losing it because you have been through stressful events in your life. Your brain is producing too much PDE4, and you simply need to make it stop. A steady dose of CILTP every day helps you get past this problem.


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Rising CAMP Levels

The Coleus Forskohlii herb is a supplemental plant that can help you increase your CAMP levels. This specific enzyme helps neurons find one another to create better pathways in your brain. Someone who is trying to improve their overall cognition should include this herb in their supplement regime. 

This is an enzyme that you might be lacking because your body has never produced enough. If this is the case, you will solve that problem by using the CILTEP pill. You can get this enzyme in the original Indian Aryuvedic medicine that also featured forskolin, but that is hard to come by because you need to buy your own oils, herbs, and spices.

However, you can get what you need in just one supplement by working with the CILTEP brand to infuse your body with someone that can increase overall cognition. Problem-solving, creativity, and extending thought processes improve instantly.

You get 4mg of forskolin in every dose of the CILTEP pill, and you should remember that you are now combining the PDE4 inhibition and the improvement of your CAMP production. These to things together help with the long-term potentiation that the CILTEP team is looking for. You can think clearly, and you have a memory that can remember all the important details.

What About Dopamine?

Dopamine metabolism is a very big deal for you if you want to have more energy during the day. Most people who are on some kind of dopamine regimen will lose their ability to concentrate because the dopamine regimen will cause the PDE4 to increase while their CAMP is dropping.

This is the opposite of what you need. You can get the right kind of dopamine metabolism from the CILTEP pill, and taking it every day can create a balance in your system that you really need.

Vitamin B6 and L-Phenylalanine are both included because that is the only way to keep CAMP up while you are also getting the amount of dopamine metabolism that you need. You might not realize why this is important, but you need to remember that all these systems are connected.

Someone who is taking the CILTEP pill every day will start to see their energy levels increase along with cognition. Keep in mind that, not all nootropic products on the market may work as well as CILTEP does.

The mixture that has been placed in these pills makes it possible for you to get all the artichoke extract in your body along with the forskolin and artskolin that you need. This blend of ingredients will raise your level of memory recall, cognition, and energy levels.

Improved Energy Levels

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Someone who is trying to improve their overall quality of life has to have more energy. You cannot be more functional during the day if you have no energy, and the CILTEP pill can give you the energy that you know you need.

You simply need to start thinking about how you would use this pill at the beginning of the day to get ready for the gym, to get ready for work after a long lunch break, or at night so that you can remain creative while you get all your work done.

The energy levels that you get from these pills occur because of the way that the dopamine is released and then metabolized. You have more energy because you actually remember things, and you can stay active because you have the capacity to think for long periods of time.

People who are worn out at the end of the day cannot think, and they do not have any desire to do anything else. You can have a life outside of work because that energy carries through to the evening.

Pros and Cons

Weighing the pros and cons of this product is interesting because they are not so cut and dry. There are many people who want to use it because they need to get more mentally acute, but there are others who are concerned because they do not know if they will be allergic or will see results. Consider these pros and cons as you begin shopping for supplements for mental acuity.


  • The pills are made from all natural ingredients that anyone could have in their diet
  • The ingredients that are used in the pills are listed in case you have an allergy that you need to be careful of
  • The pills use artichoke extract to help with the memory recall that you need.
  • You get forskolin in this product that will help with your mental acuity
  • You get better dopamine metabolism so that you do not lower your CAMP levels
  • CAMP levels stay high so that you can focus for long periods of time
  • You get a burst of energy that can be used at the beginning and end of the day to stay productive


  • The product itself might have things in it that you are allergic to. As with all products of this type, you need to be careful
  • You will not get the massive amounts of energy that you might get from an energy drink. You also might not want to mix CILTEP with an energy drink.
  • The product has a restriction on usage. You cannot load up on this product hoping to improve faster than normal

Consult your doctor if you want to start this program and want to be careful when using a new supplement. If you are planning on taking other medication alongside CILTEP then you might need to get in a better place with your health before you can start using the pills every day. 

You should consider all these factors before taking this supplement. Nonetheless, taking CILTEP will address all the mental performance factors that you think you need to improve on.

Final Thoughts

Using CILTEP is just one step in having a much healthier lifestyle. You are not just improving your mental performance when you use a product like this but also, completely changing how your body functions.

You will feel as though you have the energy to do all the things needed in a given day, and will also start to feel a difference in the levels of stress that you experience.

You will see your performance at work change, your memory improve, and probably have closer relationships with your friends because you can keep up with all the things going on in their lives. Make the life changing decision today, because you know you need something that will help you get kickstarted.

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