Top 4 Best Oxiracetam Brands To Buy

Oxiracetam is one of the highly-sought-after racetams out there and that’s because of its ability to potentiate the positive effects of amphetamine and other stimulant-drugs. What’s more? The possession of Oxiracetam is legal in the US although it’s illegal in the UK. Before purchasing your favorite capsules or powder online, it is important to double-check and confirm that you’re dealing with trustworthy vendors. Below is a closer look at some of the leading vendors out there.

Best Oxiracetam Vendors in 2024




Absorb Health


Pure Nootropics




Peak Nootropics



Absorb Health

absorb health logo

Also known as Absorb Your Health, this is a company with a widespread presence in both the US and the UK. They’ve been around since 2011 and all along they’ve stood out with their ability to survive the choppy waters of the nootropic retail market.

The vendor, further, has a good customer support team in place and their prices are quite competitive. For instance, they sell a 100 capsule jar of 600mg pills at $38. That’s well below the $0.4 mark which in our view is quite pocket-friendly.


Pure Nootropics

pure nootropics

There’s no doubt that this Albuquerque-based vendor is a force to reckon. They have a pretty good customer support team in place and a free shipping deal for domestic orders of any amount. What’s more?

Their prices are quite reasonable in the sense that a highly potent 750mg Oxiracetam package comprising 60 capsules goes for $33. That’s an average of $0.55. The price may seem slightly higher than average but considering the high potency per serving, we still think that this company offers a pretty good deal.



nutrivita logo

With an easy-to-remember domain name and a widespread market presence in both the UK and the US, this vendor has cemented its presence at the very top of the markets. Their 300mg Adrafinil capsules are packaged in high-quality jars complete with an equally well-made box.

The packaging alone speaks volumes about this vendor’s ability to deliver premium quality. Best of all, they do provide COAs for all their products. In fact, the only issue we have with them is that they charge a premium for their products.


Peak Nootropics

peak nootropics logo e1555430675795

They are known for specializing in the sale of nootropics in powder form and to this end, PeakNootropics remains a popular go-to platform for those who like to make DIY stacks at home. The best part about dealing with them is that they take all their products through rigorous third-party testing.

That’s in addition to the fact that they provide a 100% money back guarantee for all their orders. In fact, the only issue we’d pick with them at this point is that they supply their racetams in powder form which might not be safe for sublingual intake.

With that in mind, we’d recommend shopping with them only if you really understand how to stack nootropics and you probably even have some capsules to use at home. Otherwise, if you’re a newbie or looking for ready-to-take oxiracetam, we’d suggest shopping with other vendors who sell ready-made stuff.

About product quality and pricing, you get to pay $30 for 50grams of the powder. That’s roughly $0.36 per serving of 600mg. That’s the cheapest price currently for 600mg Oxiracetam featured in this review.

Where Should You Buy Oxiracetam?

It’s recommended to purchase nootropics from credible suppliers with an international presence. That way, you can be sure to get the right kind of support and even refunds in case your products are confiscated by the customs.

The 5 companies we have reviewed above are just a few of the awesome ones we have closely studied or interacted with. We believe that if you spend your bucks on any one of them, you’re likely to get good value for money.

Our top favorite vendor thus far is Pure Nootropics. They have an excellent customer support team in place and their products are always of top-notch quality.