Top 2 Best Fasoracetam Vendors To Buy From

It’s a relatively new member of the racetam family but Fasoracetam stands out as far as affordability and effectiveness are concerned. However, given the fact that this is a brain supplement that most biohackers are yet to know about, you need to be choosy when deciding where to buy it from.

A good Fasoracetam vendor, in our view, is one who meets the following requirements:

  • Has been there for several years
  • Provides COAs for each batch
  • Has good packaging & handling
  • Preferably located in the US of A
  • Operating in cGMP and FDA accredited facilities

You don’t have to spend the rest of your day trying to figure out which vendor ticks all the right boxes. The following few paragraphs compare the big 3 online platforms that supply what’s (probably) the best Fasoracetam pills on the markets currently.

Where to Buy  Fasoracetam Online in 2023




Nootropic Source


Pure Nootropics



Nootropic Source

nootropic source emblem

The first time we came across this vendor, we almost dismissed them as just another supplier of lab-use products. That’s because they claim that their products are meant for lab use and not human consumption.

Upon further prodding, we learned that the company deliberately says that to avoid issues with the FDA and other authorities.

So, it’s safe to say that Nootropic Source is a vendor who knows how to play safe. And indeed, the Tampa-based company offers no compromise as far as the supply of quality Fasoracetam is concerned.

They sell their product in powder form, though. So, you probably will need a weighing scale for the job. If you’re thinking of stacking Fasoracetam e.g. with a choline donor, then this would be a fantastic place to buy it from.

A 1 gram sachet of the powder would set you back some $19.95. 1 gram equals roughly 50 servings of 20mg. So, you’d be paying $0.399 per serving.


  • Quality stuff
  • Fast shipping
  • 3-rd party tested product
  • Good packaging


  • Only available in powder form


Pure Nootropics

pure nootropics

Of all the companies we have come across, Pure Nootropics has been there the longest. You know, it’s not unusual for nootropic vendors to close shop after being bullied by the authorities. Pure Nootropics seems to have defied the odds and so far, they’ve been around (uninterrupted) since 2013.

That’s probably because of the company’s long-standing track-record of supplying quality pills. They have a good in-house team and above all, all of their products are taken through third-party testing.

Above all, each product from them is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. And if you’re ordering from the US of A, they’ll ship your order for free (no matter how tiny it is). How cool is that?

Shifting gears to the company’s Fasoracetam, we can confirm that just like other vendors, they provide their pills in servings of 20mg. That, once again, is an optimal and healthy dosage.

What’s more? The company has a good customer support team that handles all queries via email quite well.

However, we feel that their packaging isn’t as good as that other companies. Their pills are also slightly larger than other options.

Other than those two teeny-weeny concerns, this is an excellent vendor. They typically sell their Fasoracetam at $0.4 per pill. Of course, you can get it cheaper if you order in bulk. For instance, if you order 5 bottles at once, you’d get a good deal at $0.36 per pill.


  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Awesome customer support
  • US-based vendor
  • Provides COAs


  • Packaging could have been better

Final Thoughts

As powerful as it is, Fasoracetam should be taken responsibly. One way to ensure you’re doing that is by getting it from a trustworthy source. We hope that you have found the reviews above useful in your quest for quality stuff.