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Bulletproof Coffee is a powerhouse beverage adds a powerful core component to both intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets, helping observers of both diets feel satiated, alert, and focused.

You probably already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ask any nutritionist out there and they’ll confirm to you that you need to stick to a healthy breakfast to be in good shape.

But what about when you’re involved in intermittent fasting, paleo diet or the ketogenic diet and want to do everything possible to keep your caloric intake at a minimum? 

You see, the problem with skipping your breakfast is that it leaves you with reduced energy reserves for the day. You’re likely to experience a brain fog and unexplained fatigue – factors that can contribute to reduced productivity.

Bulletproof Coffee Product Overview

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Is there a way to stay energetic even when on a diet that requires you to take a limited number of calories? The Bulletproof coffee is a drink rich in coffee and saturated fats and is meant to provide a replacement for your breakfast meal.

The idea behind it is to provide you with a drink that’s not only filling but also energy-inducing. It comprises three components as follows:

The drink provides you with lots of fat with the objective of curbing your appetite and restocking your energy reserves after a long night. Of course, it also contains medium roast coffee Arabica which as you know is a stimulant.

According to the company behind it, it’s the quality of these three ingredients that makes the whole product special. While it’s possible to find these ingredients in nearby stores, it isn’t possible to ascertain that their quality standards will help meet its intended objectives.

For instance, while it’s possible to buy coffee from Walmart, it’s not possible to guarantee that such coffee is mold-free. That’s why Dave Asprey encourages folks to insist on finding quality ingredients at all costs.

About Dave Asprey & The Bulletproof Team

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Bulletproof Coffee or simply BPC is a company that was conceptualized in 2004 by Dave Asprey. He had just completed a high altitude trek of the Tibetan Mountains when he interacted with the locals and discovered the yak-butter tea.

One thing he realized about this tea was that it was an energy-booster. As a neuro-stimulant, it did a great job of clearing the brain. He also learned that the locals used this nutrient-rich drink to make up for calorie expenditure especially when facing harsh conditions.

This prompted him to study the idea behind it and several years later, he managed to come up with a more accessible version of it naming it the Bulletproof Coffee.

Initially, the formulation was made up of grass-fed butter and ubiquitous coffee. The discovery of the MCT oil and its ability to provide body energy without adding calories made it a perfect candidate for the BPC formulation.

To this end, the product has proven relatively popular among biohackers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Dave has gone ahead and published numerous publications detailing the entire idea behind this among other health products.

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

bulletproof coffee ingredients

The official recipe brings together the Coffee Arabica beans, Grass-fed Ghee, and Brain Octane. The three can be bought as a combo or separately. There are some people who prefer to go for the coffee beans alone just to get an idea of whether the product is worth the price or not.

1. The Original Whole Bean

This is mycotoxin-free coffee. It is obtained from high-quality Coffee Arabica plants. Also, it’s generally medium roast coffee which is described as “clean bean” particularly because it’s tested and certified to be mold-free.

We’d like to acknowledge the fact that the coffee is quite smooth and flavorful. In fact, you can use it to replace your current supply of coffee save for the fact that you’ll need to pay a premium for it.

What’s more? Different notes are available namely orange with cocoa hazelfruit finish, cinnamon, and plum.

2. Grass-Fed Ghee

Although it’s perfectly fine to use any kind of ghee for the blend, ghee that’s obtained from grass-fed cows seems to offer extra benefits. It’s a healthier alternative to butter plus it’s gluten-free. And if you like the idea of adding a buttery taste to your cup of coffee, this would be a superb alternative.

One thing you need to know about ghee is that it’s typically lactose- and caffeine-free. It also tends to be incredibly rich in CLA and butyrate. On top of that, it contains Vitamins A, E, and K which are important in the healthy uptake of food and reduction of inflammation.

What’s more? Ghee plays a major role in weight loss. Ancient Ayurvedic claims state that organic ghee, taken on an empty stomach can help boost weight loss.

3. Brain Octane Oil (MCT Oil)

Brain Octane Oil is one of the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are highly recommended for healthy weight loss. MCTs are saturated fatty acids. A good example of these oils is the coconut oil which is believed to have about 65 percent fatty acids.

Recent advancements have however made it possible to create even more advanced MCT oils and the Brain Octane Oil from Bulletproof Coffee is just one of them.

The patented oil contains important fatty acids which are believed to be missing from the standard Western diets. What’s more? The oil contains 100% caprylic acid (C8) which is harnessed from the rind of coconut fruits.

BPC claims that this particular ingredient can help boost brain power and rev up metabolism. Although those effects are not firmly established, it’s clear that the oil is meant to do more good than harm.

Does It Work?

To a large extent, this product works. The drink provides you with lots of healthy fats although, in our view, it lacks several essential nutrients.

Although it’s a reasonable replacement for breakfast, it’s not recommended to take it in the long-haul or rely on it fully. You may want to replace it with other more nutritious breakfast items from time to time.

If you have three meals per day, making the BPC switch would help you cut your calorie count by at least 33%. That can play a major role in helping you keep fit.

On the flipside, though, the by mixing the coffee with the Brain Octane Oil, you would essentially be increasing your saturated fat intake. That alone increases your risk of the heart disease and that, once again, underscores the importance of checking your Bulletproof Coffee Intake in the long-haul.

So, it’s all about moderation. Regular or occasional use of this blend is probably harmless. Just be keen not to make it a routine.

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There is a specific way to make the perfect cup of this coffee. Although the rules for making it are not fixed, you are likely to get a better tasting cup and more benefits if you stick to this approach. You will need:

Requirements: Clean water, the Bulletproof Coffee combo (Coffee, Ghee, and Brain Octane), sweetener (optional, and preferably stevia).

  • Step 1 - Start by boiling the water to around 195 degrees Fahrenheit (91 degrees Celsius). The quantity of water varies depending on how many people you’re preparing this for. We’re going to use 500ml (6 oz) of water at the standard.

Note: Some coffee experts recommend filtering the water to improve the taste of the final cup of coffee.

  • Step 2 - Using a scale, measure approximately 35 grams of the coffee beans. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, you can use 2 rounded tablespoons of the coffee instead.
  • Step 3 - Get 2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted ghee, of course, you can increase the amount if using larger quantities of water.
  • Step 4 - Set aside 2 tablespoons of the Brain Octane MCT oil or roughly 20ml of it.
  • Step 5 - It’s now time to brew your coffee. Dave recommends using the French Press method but without the paper filter since it can remove the oils which are important for this recipe.

So, simply add hot water onto the coffee grounds, leave it to brew before finally releasing it into a cup. Alternatively, you can use the espresso method.

  • Step 6 - Add the coffee into a blender jar and combine it with the Brain Octane and Grass-Fed Ghee that you had set aside earlier. Set the blend to high speed and blend. At this point, we need to emphasize that it’s really important to blend at top speeds if you want to get the best final results.

You really don’t want to end up with a yellow layer of melted butterfat on top of your coffee! That’s why we strongly advocate for using a blender.

Extra Tips

  1. Consider preheating your French press, blender or coffee cup to prevent a loss of heat in the process.
  2. It’s always a good idea to use a double-walled cup or glass to keep the coffee hot without it being too hot to hold
  3. You may want to add stevia or any other flavoring variations to the original recipes but that’s entirely up to you

Benefits of This Coffee Blend

Although Bulletproof is full of saturated fats and caffeine, there is a lot more to it than just the “pick me up” effects. Think of it this way, a high-fat diet (like the ketogenic diet) is often linked to a lower risk of seizures among epileptic children.

Indeed, the idea behind this blend is to get as much potential as possible from the fat and not glucose. That alone creates the need for your body to turn to burning the stored body fat – which improves your ability to lose weight.

Indeed, the entire BPC is a package full of benefits. From boosting helping you detox to boosting your brain function, there’s a lot in it for you to experience. In a nutshell, some of the effects commonly listed include:

1. Improves Mood

A cup of this beverage has the potential to boost your feel-good-hormone levels. So, if you have been having mood issues lately, this might just be the game-changer you need to start feeling better. In particular, BPC is renowned to boost serotonin production which further helps improve digestion.

2. Boosts Your Energy Levels

When trying to lose weight through a low-calorie diet, it’s possible to feel tired and lethargic because of a decline in your energy reserves. Fortunately, by providing you with high-powered fats and caffeine, this blend is a sure bet in the restoration of the body energy reserves.

The quick-acting MCTs in this coffee blend are essential for sustaining optimal mental and physical performance. What’s more? The fatty acids also play an essential role in improving the energy reserves in your lean muscles.

3. Helps With Weight Loss

To begin with, this coffee boosts serotonin production which essentially fires you up and controls your cravings. By firing up your metabolism, the beverage makes you energetic. A high metabolism often leads to the breakdown of fat (glycogen) to glucose which, in turn, leads to weight loss.

Side Effects

Though generally safe, if taken in large dosages, this coffee can lead to the following non-life-threatening effects.

  • Jitters
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Insomnia

Fortunately, most of those effects can be avoided if the product is taken in moderate quantities. For instance, insomnia can be avoided if this product is only used at breakfast time as recommended.

Where to Buy

The product can be obtained either from the official website or Amazon. We are yet to find it on other notable eCommerce platforms.

Pros & Cons


  • Generally safe if taken in moderate quantities
  • Great coffee bean quality
  • Low on calories, high on energy
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by numerous positive reviews
  • Awesome customer support


  • High in cholesterol
  • Lacks some essential nutrients

Final Thoughts

All factors constant, Bulletproof Coffee can be beneficial to most healthy adults. If combined with a healthy lifestyle, it can aid weight loss and boost energy levels. It also contains mood-boosting properties which essentially means that it can improve your quality of life.

But just to be on the safe side, it’s important to take it in moderation and to also watch heart health as the product can elevate your cholesterol levels.