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This brain supplement is categorized as an all-natural nootropic compound. There’s no doubt that its ingredient list is exclusively made up of all-natural ingredients. You won’t find any racetams or amphetamines in it.

What happens when you show up at your workplace feeling fatigued, bored or uninspired? If you’re like most people, chances are that you’ll simply take a few cups of coffee hoping that the “crash” won’t be too bad. But what if you could use something more effective than coffee – one that doesn’t leave you feeling sleepy and confused a few hours later?

The entry of nootropic stacks like Brain Force Plus by Infowars into the limelight has been hailed as a major milestone in biohacking. Instead of taking the overrated mainstream stimulants, you simply pop a pill or two of this and are good to go.

And it gets even better – with a well-made stack, you wouldn’t have to worry about migraines, insomnia and the like. The following review reveals whether Brain Force is worth the hype or not.

Brain Force Plus Product Overview

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The product is produced by Infowars. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends and conspiracy theories, chances are that you’re familiar with the name Alex Jones. He is a renowned media personality and also a far-rightist.

If you’ve read his articles and watched his videos, chances are that you know how incisive and thorough he can get. Indeed, Alex admits that he takes this supplement before any hard-hitting show. “The stuff is over the top powerful,” says Alex.

What Exactly Is This Brain Supplement All About?

Basically, the science behind this product is that it contains herbal extracts that are categorized as adaptogens – whose main role is to help you better cope with stress. Besides the adaptogens, it also contains choline-rich nutrients which come in handy in providing you with brainpower.

Then there’s a whole load of ingredients some of which are meant to promote healthy aging and streamline the transmission of nervous impulses.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific ingredients included here and the exact role they are meant to play.

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1. Bacopa Monnieri Herbal Extract (200mg)

Some reviewers simply call it Brahmi (don’t mistake it for Gotu kola which also goes by the name Brahmi). This yellow-flowered plant is a common feature in the Ayurveda and has been used since time immemorial to manage anxiety.

Medical research shows that the nootropic substance can increase certain brain chemicals especially ones linked to:

  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Thinking

In fact, some experts even believe that it can protect brain cells from substances that are known to cause high cell mortality rates. As such, Bacopa can also be used in the management of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Alpha GPC (156mg)

Alpha GPC is either obtained from sunflower seeds or soy. It is a choline-rich ingredient with a unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. In other words, it does a better job than choline itself – as you might be aware, choline itself doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier unless you go for Citicoline.

We really like the fact that Brain Force Plus contains Alpha GPC because it’s a really useful supplement in promoting mental clarity. It’s 100 times better than caffeine in our view.

3. Yerba Mate Leaf Powder (150mg)

This extract is highly recommended for dealing with physical tiredness and mental fatigue. However, it contains caffeine – something we really don’t like to see on any nootropic stacks that are marketed as “premium.”

If you’re ultra-sensitive to caffeine, the inclusion of Yerba Mate in this list of ingredients might make this product possibly unsafe for you. Fortunately, Yerba Mate contains smaller quantities of caffeine than coffee and, therefore, has a minimal risk of causing a crash.

If anything, this product contains L-Theanine (more on that later) which helps stabilize the brain. You probably already know that caffeine stacks quite well with L-Theanine.

4. Theobromine (100mg)

Do you often experience jitters and a raised heart rate when you take caffeine? Well, theobromine might be all you need. Naturally found in the cacao plant, this particular ingredient is renowned for its ability to lower blood pressure.

It does this by blocking receptors that are commonly associated with the production of the norepinephrine which causes blood pressure to rise. And while at it, this natural extract also improves your brain’s ability to respond to signals.

5. Phosphatidylserine (81mg)

Phosphatidylserine, also known as PS, is commonly used in the management of age-related mental decline. How exactly does it do that? Well, it is rich in phospholipids which are needed in the formation of cell walls. When you supplement on PS, you provide your brain cells with thicker walls – and that increases their longevity.

6. L-Theanine (50mg)

This is a chemical that’s commonly found in green tea leaves – which probably explains why it stacks so well with caffeine. It basically is an amino acid and it does an incredible job of balancing out the alpha and beta waves.

Also, L-Theanine boasts a structure that’s closely related to that of glutamate. So, it indirectly also helps improve the transmission of nerve impulses.

7. Huperzine-A (300mcg)

Want to improve mental alertness and brain energy? You’ve got to love what Huperzine A has to offer. First off, it helps protect your nerves from the effects of harmful agents such as nerve gases. The herb is also thought to increase the levels of acetylcholine – a chemical that comes in handy in improving communication within muscles and the brain.

8. Pyridoxine HCI (5mg)

This is a highly bioavailable form of Vitamin B6. It’s a great vitamin to supplement on since it boosts the overall health of your nervous system. However, if you eat a normal diet, chances are that you do not really need it.

That said, there’s no harm in taking either. If anything, it can help improve the health of your skin and rejuvenate your nervous system especially if you’ve had a history of an overactive thyroid or alcoholism.

9. Methylcobalamin (20mcg)

If you’re a strict vegetarian or in old age, chances are that you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. A deficiency of this crucial vitamin leads to neurological changes and has often be linked to early onsets of dementia.

Again, if you eat a healthy diet, chances are that you really don’t need to supplement on it but there’s no harm in taking 500mcg of it daily either. If anything, by ensuring that you’re getting adequate quantities of it, you can significantly lower your risk of dementia.

10. Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

Whenever you see this ingredient forming part of your favorite supplements list of ingredients, think bioavailability. In other words, Black Pepper is meant to enhance the effects of all the other ingredients included in the blend. That’s because it contains a compound known as piperine which is a highly beneficial alkaloid.

Besides enhancing nutrient bioavailability, piperine relieves headaches, nausea and any issues related to poor digestion.

Check Out Brain Force

Try this nootropic supplement today!


This goes for $17.76 per bottle which is a price that’s been discounted from the usual $39.95. This is probably a price that’s meant to get as many people to give it a shot since it’s not as popular as other big boy nootropic stacks out there.

We happen to think that the kind of stuff you find in the bottle is definitely worth more than the current price. So, chances are that they’ll be raising the price tag soon once they get the attention of the mainstream market.

Potential Side Effects

Much as this is an all-natural supplement, it also comes with its fair share of potential risks. Please note the word “potential” – meaning it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll face any of these unfavorable effects.

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Insomnia (if taken hours before bedtime)
  • Nausea if overdosed

Luckily, we did not come across any life-threatening effect linked to it. So, we happen to think that it’s generally safe to use. But if in case you’re taking other drugs, pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s important that you consult your doctor before taking these pills.

Who Is Brain Force Best Suited For?

The hype aside, we’d recommend this as an entry-level nootropic stack. There are far more advanced ready-made stacks out there. So, if you’re a hardcore, this might not wow you. But if you’ve been taking coffee all of your life and want something cheap yet well-made, look no further.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Great packaging
  • Awesome customer support
  • Supports long-term brain health


  • Contains soy so if you’re intolerant to soy or simply hate it, this product might not impress you
  • As we’ve already mentioned, there are traces of caffeine in the product due to Yerba Mate

Final Thoughts

If all you want is to give your brain the extra boost it needs to become super perfect, Brain Force Plus from Infowar is probably all you’ll ever need. However, we highly recommend cycling it e.g. 5 days on-cycle and 2 days off-cycle. That way, you can avoid building up a tolerance to its caffeine content.

Other than that, this is a well-made supplement and at its price, we think that it’s a steal. This is not one of those products that promise and under-deliver. But of course, its results aren’t typical and so you need to approach it with an open mind – it might just surprise you.