Top 10 Best Hangover Supplements & Pills

If you ever had a hangover, you know they’re not fun. It’s like having a hammer pointed right at your noggin, making you wish you could just hide in a dark room all day long. 

Well, life can't wait - that's why we've rounded up the best hangover pills you can use to feel great. Our goal was to cut through the hype and get only the best products in one place.

You can't waste your money on stuff that's not going to work as intended. We made this article specifically to focus on hangover pills that can get your liver the materials it needs to metabolize alcohol.

We looked at what was included in the pills as well as the reviews to see what others were saying. The end result? The best 10 pills that can help after a long night out.

Let’s get started, bottoms up!

Top Hangover Prevention Pills & Cures in 2024




Flyby Recovery








LESlabs Detoxx


Purple Tree


HappyHour Vitamins


Toniq Ease


Flyby HangZero




1. FlyBy Recovery

Flyby Hangover Cure

It comes in a 90 pack, so you will always have this great blend on hand! The mix of DHM, milk thistle, Prickly pear, and a great Vitamin B and C complex will have you feeling great. NAC is also included, which is an amino acid hospitals use. 

It boosts glutathione, which is a helper to your body in the breakdown of alcohol.  Chlorophyll is also part of this great blend, and the pill is vegan and allergen friendly. Everything is totally natural and devoid of colors/flavors that are artificial. 

On top of this, it is a highly ranked choice for hangover pills, which is why we chose it to appear first. All you have to do is take three capsules with food and water before drinking and three after you drink.


  • Comes in a 90 pack
  • Easy to swallow
  • Features a money-back guarantee


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other brands.

2. AfterDrink

AfterDrink Hangover Support

It is a premium blend supplement that is aimed at helping drinkers to end their morning hangovers by way of herbal extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins. The liver is only able to process a single drink per hour! 

Thus, drinking leads you to have a massive buildup of toxins and free radicals that are not great for your innards.  

After all, your body has a plan in place to get rid of toxins before they hurt you. However, drinking too much alcohol pushes your liver to its limit and leaves you feeling pretty bad.

The solution? These helpful capsules. 4 nutrients of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and herbs work together to keep your defenses up and your body feeling good.


  • Made in the US of natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO and suitable for vegans
  • Easy to take-just do 3 capsules with water before going out and 3 before bed with water.


  • Only gives you 25 capsules in one pack

3. Cheers

Cheers Restore Hydrate e1582571080773

This is appropriately named because we all remember that bar in Boston, right? Or at least the TV show? Well, even if you're too young for that, remember these capsules. 

They were featured on Shark Tank, after all, so you maybe know them from there. They have lots of great benefits:

  • You will increase energy
  • Brain fog will be reduced
  • Acetaldehyde levels will be reduced
  • Glutathione levels will increase
  • You will enjoy a restful sleep

Everything is backed by science and makes use of all the classic ingredients you expect out of a hangover pill: Milk thistle, DHM, and Vitamins B C and E are all part of this.


  • Contains the most DHM per dose compared to other products
  • Refund offered in case you don’t feel at least 50% better
  • Uses Clean and safe ingredients


  • This product is not vegan

4. Drinkwel


You get 90 pills in this fantastic blend. It is a multivitamin on top of being a great way to feel like yourself after a long night out. Two doctors-one a naturopath and one a PhD in biomedical science-were hired to formulate this blend. 

It contains organic milk thistle, amino acids, including cysteine to process alcohol toxins, and reishi mushroom to help your body feel right. Other ingredients like Artichoke Leaf and Vitamins B and C also help you fight hangovers.

Take three capsules daily with food and water. Then, take three additional capsules with water before you drink. Enjoy responsibly and feel great!


  • Developed by two doctors
  • Suitable for vegans
  • ​Certified organic


  • The product is a bit more expensive than other brands.

5. LESlabs Detoxx

It is a pill that features some great stuff:

  • NON-GMO ingredients
  • Devoid of excipients
  • USA made
  • Vegan formula

This stuff is ideal for those common symptoms of hangovers and promotes liver function. The ingredients are all-natural stuff like prickly pear, milk thistle, and cysteine. 

It functions while you are drinking, actively metabolizing the toxins that lead to hangovers and supporting your liver. The cysteine works by increasing the body's glutathione supply, and the milk thistle and prickly pear fight dry mouth and nausea.  

It's easy to take; all you have to do is take three with a glass of water before you start drinking. Then, repeat the dose after drinking.


  • Totally natural formula
  • Can be taken even if you are not drinking for a healthy liver
  • Easy to carry in a purse or pocket


  • Not FDA Approved
  • No powder form is available

6. Purple Tree

Purple Tree

With a name like Purple Tree, we didn't know what to expect, but our standards have really been exceeded! It is an all-natural multivitamin that is for active and healthy adults who just like to have drinks with friends. 

It will help keep hangover symptoms at bay, promote a healthy liver, and help you regain vitamins you lose when you drink. The method? Well, it accelerates the alcohol metabolism in your body's liver.  It helps your liver with the detox process. 

It supports a good night's rest, which will help you recover from your night. And, it aids in replenishing the vitamins and electrolytes you lose while drinking. 

The key ingredients are willow bark, milk thistle, NAC, and B Vitamins, along with DHM, which comes from the Japanese Raisin Tree.


  • Safe, natural formula
  • Features money-back guarantee
  • Only 2 capsules needed


  • May upset your stomach.

7. HappyHour Vitamins

Happy Hour Vitamins

This one may not have a crazy name, but it works. All you have to do to avoid hangovers is take a single dose of 2 capsules before or even while you are drinking, and you should feel a lot better the following morning. 

Also, if you forgot to take them, and you wake up hungover, take two and some water to get back on track and get your day started. So how does this work, anyway?

  • Gets rid of toxins using a superfruit blend
  • Fight deficiencies in vitamins by providing you Vitamins A and C
  • Uses milk thistle for a healthy liver
  • Gets rid of acetaldehyde using cysteine
  • Uses prickly pear to fight inflammation

The bottle here contains 30 servings, so share them with friends and spread the good word. You even get a helpful eBook included with your purchase to help fight hangovers and stay healthy and safe while you drink.


  • Free eBook included
  • Safe, natural formula
  • Pills can be taken before or during drinking


  • Some users simply felt “OK” after using them-not totally themselves, but not sick either.

8. Toniq Ease

Ease Ultra High Strength Hangover Cure e1582575467761

This formula calls itself "the most effective hangover solution," and we think it does a pretty good job. It features a blend of highly potent nutrients that are super for your liver's good health.  

Red Duanwood Reishi and Milk thistle are the first two, followed by Dihydromyricetin. It might sound scary, but we guarantee it's not-and the high product ratings don't lie, either! 

All ingredients work to promote a healthy liver and boost its function, as well as put back nutrients you need. 

All you have to do is take the pills right before you lie down to sleep-hint, have a friend remind you, or set a bottle of water up along with the pills by your nightstand- and you will be ready to go the following morning.


  • Take these right before sleeping
  • Very potent formula
  • Only 2 pills needed


  • Some users experienced no benefits from taking these.

9. FlyBy HangZero


With a good blend of DHM, Milk Thistle, and a Vitamin Complex, these hangover pills are decently priced and have all you need to stay healthy. 

The DHM supports the body's ability to digest alcohol, and this proprietary blend makes it 5 times stronger than other blends out there. The milk thistle is your guard against free radicals, and it is the component silymarin that works it magic by providing antioxidants. 

Lastly, the vitamin complex comprised of vitamins B5, B6, B12, B1, and B2 support brain function and your metabolism, helping you stay alert and ready for the day. 

This product is made in the USA, is gluten and allergen-free, and is made in a GMP facility. Just take three tablets before you drink, or after your last one with water.


  • Totally allergen and gluten-free
  • Uses tried and pure ingredients to keep you feeling great
  • Price is very fair for 30 capsules


  • 3 tablets is a larger dose than some other supplements

10. Ivita


This company calls their blend a "magical mix," and we are inclined to agree. The DHM reduces the alcohol's harmful effects by guarding liver cells against damage caused by alcohol. 

Second, the essential vitamins work to boost your energy and get rid of next-day hangover symptoms, while the milk thistle protects the liver and aids in its repair. It increases the glutathione levels of the liver. 

Everything in this mix is chosen by science because when these ingredients come together, great things happen. The blend works to detox the liver and gets you feeling like yourself again. 

Electrolytes are included as well to keep your body feeling great and help kidneys function. Just take 4 capsules after your last drink or before you head to bed, and hangovers might be a thing of the past!


  • Contains a powerful blend of vitamins, DHM, and milk thistle to make you feel great
  • Ingredients work together to stop hangovers


  • The dosage is quite large-4 pills.
  • Pills contain gelatin-not suitable for vegans.

Final Words

It's best to drink responsibly and know your limits. NEVER drink and drive and always make sure you have a way home through a designated driver, ridesharing, or taxi service. Make use of these pills to feel your best and live your best life!

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