I have been looking for an effective colon cleanser for a long time, and I could never find an effective one that would have limited side effects and was made of only natural products. I knew it was important to find one, but there was too much choice on the market.

However, the modern diets we are used to following tend to create an accumulation of toxins in our guts, colons, or intestines. While a healthy and nutritious diet can already create some positive visible benefits, sometimes we need a little extra help. 

And what is better than using an all-natural, useful but not overwhelming pill? Here is the ultimate list that was born out of my in-depth research. Let's find out what are the best pills, ingredients, and dosage for you to see the best results.

Top Colon Cleanse Supplements (Pills & Teas) in 2020




Dr. Tobias


Health plus


Herbalist's Best


Dr. Natura


Blue Hawaiian Cleanse




Total Tea


Hey Girl Tea


Health Direct




1. Dr. Tobias

Dr. Tobias is one of the most popular products on the market, and thousands of users have tested it. All the ingredients in these pills are natural, and the formula used is one of the most traditional yet efficient out there.

Each capsule is filled with high doses of senna leaves, which are renowned for their natural laxative powers, oil-based salves, and high quantities of fibers. The combination of these three essential compounds helps you to clean and detox your colon. 

However, among the many benefits of this 14 days cleansing regimen, these capsules might be helpful if you are trying to lose weight or increase your energy levels.


  • It is 14 days regiment. Each pill is not particularly strong, but the treatment is effective.
  • It can help you to lose weight and increase your energy level.
  • It is made only of natural ingredients.


  • Some users have found that the treatment can increase palpitations.
  • It is not recommended to increase the recommended dosage.

2. HealthPlus

If you are after a natural remedy to constipation that will work fast and effectively in a short period, this is the best fix on the market. Aside from being made of only natural ingredients, these capsules have unique properties due to the herbs contained.

They can help you with constipation due to the gentle action of senna leaves, but they can also be taken if you are looking at improving your digestive health due to the fennel leaves in the capsules.

psyllium husk powder, a soluble fiber contained in the Super Colon Cleanse pills, ensures that the detoxing process happens smoothly and gently.


  • They can be taken as a quick fix for constipation
  • They are affordable
  • They are made of natural ingredients only


  • Not recommended for prolonged use
  • Some users have found the new formula to be too gentle

3. Herbalist’s Best

Since anybody looking at cleansing their colons is trying to improve the way they feel during their days. Herbalist's Best has packed each capsule with a multitude of herbs that act positively not only on your guts but also on your general wellbeing.

The "total-body" cleanse idea behind these pills is enhanced by the presence of turmeric and essential roots such as Dandelion and Yellow Dock. The many vitamins and seeds in the pills help you balancing your colon's bacteria.

This product shows better results if used regularly and introduced in a normal diet. It is not thought to be a reboot of your system, but rather a day-by-day supplement.


  • It is made of only natural ingredients and contains seeds and vitamins
  • Anybody in their normal diets can use it
  • It can help you improve the look of your skin and the wellbeing of your liver


  • It is gentler, so results might take longer to show
  • It is designed to be taken regularly for an extended period

4. Dr. Natura Colonix

If you were looking for a gentle, but long-term solution that can help you out through your day, Dr. Natura Colonix is the right one for you. This product is based on a three-step detoxing process that lasts 30 days.

The unique formula of these capsules is a concentration of 14 herbs, while the psyllium fiber consumed in the morning will give an extra kick to your digestion process. 

This product is the colon cleanse product of choice of anybody that does not want to undertake invasive treatment. With Colonix, you will be able to feel better, improve the wellbeing of your digestive system, and find a new regularity.


  • It is a gentle treatment that needs to be completed over 30 days
  • It is not too aggressive and can be started by anybody
  • ​It offers long-lasting results


  • If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight, this might not be the product for you
  • The results might take longer to show than for a more intensive strategy

5. Blue Hawaiian Cleanse

It is a completely alternative product from the ones we have just seen. The Blue Hawaiian brand has, in fact, created a unique formula that does benefit from all the unique laxative and detoxing properties of senna leaves and psyllium fiber.

However, along with these quite common ingredients, the formula includes Coconut oil, which is not a standard ingredient of Colon Cleansers, but it offers excellent surprises. 

This ingredient presents high quantities of anti-microbial lauric acid, which are essential to our health.

While the laxative effect of this product is very mild, it helps gently cleaning the colon over a few days of regular use.


  • The formula used to create this product is unique and includes coconut oil
  • It is only mildly laxative
  • It is perfect to be introduced in your lifestyle as a long-term solution


  • If you were looking for more aggressive treatment, this might not be your best choice
  • These capsules might take longer to show results

6. Kleen IQ

It is the best solution to help you fight many battles with just one pill. In fact, these veggie capsules can be introduced by anybody in their normal diets and show incredible positive effects.

Not only can they help you with occasional constipation, but they can be taken to complete a detoxing program while trying to lose weight, or if you are looking a getting rid of the toxins accumulated in your body over time.

Each high-quality bottle contains 30 capsules, which can be stored for an extended period, and they can help you in the moment of need. Best of all, all the ingredients are natural and plant-based!


  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • They are beneficial under many aspects
  • Helps to eliminate food waste more easily


  • They are designed to be only used occasionally
  • This product has been found to be too aggressive by some users

7. Total Tea

If you are not a fan of pills, but you enjoy your evening or morning hot herbal tea, this detox tea is the perfect product for you. Each of the 25 tea bags is designed to contain all the compounds you need to feel healthy and detoxed.

In fact, the echinacea, Jiaogulan, papaya, peppermint, cinnamon, Hibiscus, chamomile, and senna leaves are mixed to bring benefits to your overall health as well as clearing your colon.

This tea is excellent for the anti-inflammatory properties of the plants it contains and helps you develop healthy gut flora.


  • Perfect for anybody that is not a fan of pills and capsules and for vegetarians
  • It is a milder but effective solution than the capsules
  • It is beneficial for many health aspects


  • It needs to be taken for over a week to see the first results
  • The laxative effect produced by this tea is quite mild

8. Hey Girl Tea

Designed with women and their busy lifestyle in mind, this detoxifying tea is an excellent solution for anybody that needs a solution on-the-go. It provides a gentler solution then capsules, which means that it won't get in the way of your daily activities.

While it can be used at any time and contain some alternative herbs, among which honeybush, walnut, rose hips, and dandelion. The perfect mixture of these herbs supplies a solution to constipation and irregularity, which is gentle but effective.

If you are using this product while trying to lose weight, you should know that it also helps to suppress appetite!


  • It can help you lose weight as it suppresses appetite
  • It is a gentle way of controlling constipation and irregularity
  • It is designed specifically for women


  • It is not as strong as capsules, and it might take longer for this method to show results
  • It is better used occasionally

9. Health Direct

It is the perfect supplement for anybody trying to get the perfect bikini body or for passionate gym-goers. These capsules can help you lose weight while clearing up your colon from residual food waste.

However, among some of the fantastic properties offered by these capsules, you will be able to enjoy a reduced appetite, a higher level of energy, and reduce bloating.

While the laxative effects produced by these pills are not among the strongest ones out there, it is a perfect solution if you need to carry on with your busy lifestyle in the meantime!


  • It offers some incredible benefits, including reduced bloating, easiness to lose weight, and enhanced energy
  • It is suitable for vegetarians. It is also vegan, Kosher Parve, and NON-GMO
  • It is designed to be compatible with busy lifestyles and gym-goers


  • Some users have found the results to be quite slow to show
  • It is a premium product and can come at premium prices

10. BioSchwartz

This product is designed to ease your digestive and cleansing process. While its formulation might be including simple ingredients, it is done to perfection and therefore is effective but gentle on your body.

Anybody can use it, and it is made only with organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera and bentonite clay. Moreover, this product is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics, which, along with the soluble fiber contained, smoothens out your digestive process.


  • Made only with a few, high-quality, organic ingredients
  • It is easy to be introduced in your daily diet
  • It benefits your intestine and belly along with your colon


  • May be to strong for some
  • It needs to be consumed along with large quantities of water

Which Ones Do We Like Best?

There is an incredible number of products on the market, and it can be very confusing having to pick the best one for your needs. 

After testing many of those, my body decided that the one that would yield greater results without being too aggressive is Dr. Tobias 14-Day Colon Cleanse.

Have you tried a colon cleanser? Check these ones out and let us know what you think!