Alpha GPC Review – Its Effects, Dosage, Benefits, and Risks

As adults, falling prey to the distractions and exhaustion of everyday life has become normal for many of us. However, with our increasingly busy lives comes the need to maintain an active lifestyle - we simply don't have time to be easily distracted and tired anymore. This can be frustrating, and many adults are searching for solutions that increase our focus, mood, and overall energy on a daily basis.

Recently, research has turned to a popular subset of vitamins, otherwise known as nootropics. These compounds, whose name stems from the Greek word meaning "of mind and body" are known to help with the exact issues many adults are now struggling with - lack of energy, lack of focus, and low moods.

As more research on these types of vitamins and compounds has been completed, more information on the effects of different types of nootropics is readily available for individuals who are interested in becoming consumers of the products themselves.

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What is Alpha GPC?

The first thing you should be aware of when it comes to Alpha GPC is what, precisely, it is. Research has shown that this particular compound is a choline molecule compound. Choline is found, in small amounts, in the human body, and is attributed to increasing mental alertness as well as physical stamina and energy over an extended period of time. This particular molecule is also often found in red meat and muscles recommended for regular consumption in a well-balanced diet.

Another important aspect to note is that Alpha GCP is known to be one of the most effective derivatives of the choline compound, as it is able to cross the blood barrier and increase choline molecule distribution throughout the central nervous system.

Therefore, for individuals who struggle with issues such as lack of attention or energy, it is often more effective than other choline derivatives in providing a reprieve from those types of issues.

How Does Alpha GPC Work?

As previously stated, Alpha GPC is able to cross the blood barrier, therefore delivering higher levels of the choline compound to the bloodstream to be distributed to the central nervous system. A study of 19 college students who took this particular nootropic, in blended with other essential vitamins and minerals, reported increased reaction time, alertness, and memory retention.

This is due largely in part to the fact that research has proven that in many instances, the body requires at least trace amounts of the choline compound in the bloodstream in order to effectively process, utilize, and store information over long periods of time.

Therefore, increasing the levels of choline in the body has shown to have a positive impact on individuals who have taken it over a period of a week or more, with some individuals having shown positive side effects in as little as a day.

What Are The Benefits of Alpha GPC?

alpha gpc benefits

Nootropics are made primarily with positive impacts in mind - typically, they provide individuals with the ability to focus, have more energy and overall stamina, provide a positive mood booster, help relax and calm anxiety, and deal with other day to day issues, such as insomnia and depression.

Alpha GPC is a derivative of the choline compound, with the primary impact of this particular nootropic being focus and energy, otherwise known as mental alertness and energy. Therefore, individuals who take this nootropic have noticed an increase in particular functions including, but not limited to:

1. Increased Energy

Individuals found that their overall energy throughout the day was increased. Some stated that they felt as though they were more refreshed and needed less sleep to function, while others reported that they simply did not feel low and draggy throughout the day

2. Increased Focus

Individuals stated that they found it much easier to focus on tasks for longer periods of time, and were less likely to feel as though they could not channel their energy to one particular source. Due to this, some individuals stated that they found they were able to complete projects in a more timely manner.

3. Increased Memory Recall

Many individuals who took nootropics over the course of a week or more stated that they were more easily able to recall facts, images, and figures presented to them. This may be in part due to the increased focus, as individuals stated they were able to actively focus on the information presented to them.

4. Improved Mood

Due to the chemical reaction caused by choline, many individuals expressed that they experienced an elevated mood - with some individuals expressing that they experienced a more stable mood throughout the day, with fewer peaks and lows in their overall mood.

5. Improved Sleep 

In some cases, individuals stated that they had improved sleep habits due to better energy levels throughout the day as well as an improved mood. This side effect, however, does not have enough evidence to support that this may occur in all individuals, and may be due in part to better habits created by other side effects.

While these are only some of the positive side effects reported from individuals who have used Alpha GPC over a period of time, it is important to note that these side effects may not be the same for each individual who takes the supplement - in some cases, individuals may react differently to this particular nootropic.

As with many medications, the overall outcome depends entirely upon how your body breaks down and processes the chemicals associated with the supplement.

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What Are The Negative Side Effects of Alpha GPC?

As with any vitamin, supplement, or medication, there are some potentially negative impacts that individuals may experience when they are actively taking Alpha GPC. While not all individuals may experience these side effects, and some may experience them to a different degree, it is important to note that prolonged negative side effects may have potentially harmful impacts on your overall health and wellbeing and that you should discontinue use of the nootropic if you experience severe negative side effects.

Individuals who experienced negative side effects while taking Alpha GPC reported negative side effects including, but not limited to:

  • Digestive Issues - In some cases, individuals reported upset stomachs or constipation while taking this particular vitamin supplement. However, it is uncertain whether this particular side effect was caused due to the Alpha GPC chemical, or due to the increase in levels of vitamins included in the blended compound.
  • Anxiety - In individuals who took more than the recommended dose over a long period of time, some individuals expressed they felt an increase in anxious feelings - this can often be attributed to an overabundance of energy provided due to the body utilizing the additional choline in the bloodstream.
  • Headaches - Some individuals experienced headaches while taking this nootropic. In many cases, it seemed that these individuals had exceeded the recommended dose when they experienced these issues, indicating that the particular compound, when taken properly, will not provide issues such as these.
  • Insomnia - While some people reported improved sleeping habits while taking Alpha GPC, other individuals expressed that they had a hard time falling asleep due to the increased energy levels. However, in some cases, it was noted that these individuals had exceeded the commended dose of Alpha GPC, which may be related to these particular issues.

Not every individual will experience these particular side effects. Some individuals may experience other side effects related to taking this particular vitamin supplement, and it is important to note that should you experience any long-term negative side effects that you contact your doctor to discuss alternative options.

While it should also be noted that unlike other choline based nootropics, Alpha GPC is safe to take over an extended period of time, new side effects may occur and it is important to consult your doctor in regards to any concerns you may have.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Alpha GPC?

alpha gpc dosage

According to individuals who have researched regular use of the nootropic Alpha GPC, it is advised that individuals begin with a 300mg dosage and work your way up to a 600mg dosage. Experts who have researched the effects of the nootropic on individuals over time have determined that taking the nootropic at this rate reduces overall negative side effects and increases positive side effects.

Furthermore, it accommodates for the body's reaction to the increase of choline in the bloodstream over time, allowing you to still benefit from the positive aspects of the supplement.

Research has shown that in many individuals who have taken the nootropic, exceeding a dose of 600mg on a daily basis may lead to an increase in negative side effects - especially those in relation to mood and insomnia, as the body has a difficult time processing an excess amount of choline in the bloodstream.

Does Alpha GPC React Negatively to Any Medications?

According to some research, Scopolamine may interact with Alpha GPC. This is because this particular medication is designed to block the chemical acetylcholine to the brain, whereas Alpha GPC has been shown to increase the chemical. While research has not determined if the use of Alpha GPC can counteract the use of Scopolamine, it is recommended that you consult your doctor prior to taking Alpha GPC is you are on this particular medication.


Ultimately, Alpha GPC has a plethora of positive side effects that many may benefit from. Classified as a nootropic, this particular vitamin, combined in a blended form with other vital vitamins, has been shown to have a positive correlation to increased mood, energy, mental stamina, and focus.

While the overall results can vary from individual to individual, ultimately, it has shown that many individuals who take this particular nootropic over a period of time will experience the positive side effects.

Furthermore, this is one of the only supplements of its kind that is safe to take over an extended period of time with no potentially negative impacts. While some individuals may face negative side effects from taking the supplement, in many cases, as long as it is taken as directed and the overall dose is increased slowly over a period of time, the negative side effects will be relatively minimalistic.

In essence, this is a great choice for individuals who are looking for a supplement that will help improve overall mental health by increasing their mood, energy, and ability to focus on a day to day basis. Of course, it is always recommended that if you have questions or concerns in regards to starting a new vitamin, medication, or supplement that you consult your doctor or primary physician first.

However, for many individuals, this is a helpful supplement that may help increase your ability to focus, along with your energy, on a daily basis.

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