Alpha Brain vs Adderall

Adderall is the granddaddy of all nootropics. Alpha Brain, the newest maverick that can get things done.

Which one is better?

Students, young professionals, and enthusiasts know just how effective Adderall is when it comes to supercharging the mind and its cognitive functions. With Adderall, you can potentially ace an exam, become more productive in one day than you've been for the whole week and complete the most difficult tasks with ease.

The only problem is, Adderall is so addictive that it ranks right on top of the most commonly abused drugs in the U.S.

But what if there was a way to still get the effects of a powerful nootropic without the addictive factor?

Onnit Labs' Alpha Brain can very well be the answer you're looking for. It's one of the most popular brain pill in the market due to its potency and efficacy for most users.

Alpha Brain vs Adderall- which should you get? We take a look at the differences and similarities so you can make an informed decision.

What Makes Alpha Brain A Great Nootropic?

Alpha Brain is a supplement that's endorsed by many notable figures, including Joe Rogan.

At its core, the product delivers what it promises. You'll get enough energy, focus, and concentration to complete the things you love to do (and things you don't).

Furthermore, you'll get laser-like mind abilities and a newfound interest in your day-to-day activities. Because you're locked in 24/7, you become more productive, more efficient and feel like you've really achieved something.

But you may ask, why Alpha Brain and not any other cognitive enhancers? Does it have something special?

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Well, the fact is that Alpha Brain isn't just a single-minded nootropic; it contains a stacked formula that has eleven(!) potent ingredients packed in one capsule. A quick look at the label reveals the following compounds-

  • Oat Straw 
  • L-theanine, 
  • L-tyrosine,
  • Pterostilbene,
  • Bacopa Monnieri 
  • Phosphatidylserine 
  • Vinpocetine 
  • Huperzine A 
  • Alpha GPC 
  • Vitamin B6

Take note that any of these produce a cognitive effect on those who want to improve their mind, but when combined they give off a synergistic benefit that separates Alpha Brain from the rest.

For example, Oat Straw is a known proponent in boosting mental health in individuals, as proven by the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. Also, L-theanine is considered as one of the best compounds that can restore youthful memory while enjoying better sleep cycle and reduced anxiety at the same time.

Best of all, Alpha Brain does not require a prescription. It's safe and 100% legal to use anytime, anywhere.

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How Are Adderall And Alpha Brain The Same?

First, Adderall and Alpha Brain are both considered nootropics, or supplements that help the brain improve its cognitive function.

As soon as you take them, you'll feel the brain fog lifting and experience having a clear sense of purpose. You're alert, calm and feel energized for whatever the task lies ahead. Doing becomes much, much easier, whether you're burning the midnight oil studying, completing a report or a thesis, working on a deadline or when you want to learn a new craft or hobby, for example.

Athletes can also benefit from brain pills as it can shorten the conditioning and training phase.

Alpha Brain and Adderall are similar in that they produce both long- and short-term effects. Pop a pill and you'll feel focused for about 6 to 12 hours. When you take nootropics for a long time, your mind becomes a well-oiled machine and you experience more clarity and less brain fog.

How Are Adderall And Alpha Brain Different?

Both Alpha Brain and Adderall can give you increased concentration, memory, and learning, but they are quite dissimilar in several important aspects.

Adderall is a notorious drug that has been around for decades. Arguably, the nootropic started the whole "brain power" trend, where it gained widespread attention via Limitless (the movie) and documentaries. As such, the drug found itself illegal to take without a valid prescription, which meant you had to visit the doctor and explain why you need it.

On the other hand, Alpha Brain is considered as a dietary supplement and thus, didn't warrant a prescription. You could buy it off the shelves or on the web without too much trouble. On the manufacturer's website, Onnit Labs say that their product is 100% legal and safe for everyday use.

There's also the issue of side effects. As we mentioned earlier, Adderall is addictive and chemically induces a sort of dependence on both physical and mental aspects. It's a drug that can make you physically ill and produce withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop taking it. Moreover, Adderall comes with a serious "crash" that will leave you feeling extremely tired, anxious and helpless.

Alpha Brain doesn't have any of the hangups that come with Adderall. This means you won't experience any kind of addiction and can quit anytime you like without going through nasty adverse effects. Onnit Labs has added natural ingredients that minimize or prevent crashes so you'll feel normal after the nootropic wears off.

Adderall Vs Alpha Brain- Which One Should You Take?

If it's cognitive power you want, then the clear answer is Alpha Brain.

The potent nootropic gives you long-lasting brain improvement without any crashes or side effects. Moreover, Alpha Brain is 100% legal and can be bought without needing a prescription.

The only thing that Alpha Brain can't do is treat the symptoms of clinical conditions such as ADHD. For that, Adderall is the only choice and one that can help.

Final Thoughts

Alpha Brain is an excellent nootropic that not only contains one, but eleven potent neuro-enhancers in the right dosage.

If you're diagnosed with ADHD, then Adderall can lead you to the path of recovery.

Thinking of trying out a nootropic to become better? Alpha Brain is your best bet.

For starters, order a bottle of Alpha Brain online and give it a test for a month. Track your progress and see how you've done during the length of time. Like the results? Buy more. It's that simple!

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